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u/grubas · 1 pointr/NYYankees

Depends on who you want. I love Age of Apocalypse. You could dig up the original Infinity Gauntlet series, I believe that's available in trade paperback.

If you can find a comic store they should have like 230 page books that are compressed comic series.

Like this

But if you go in theres these great mini runs that are only a few comics that range from dumb but funny or just weird. Like "Deadpool Kills The Marvel Universe", or "Marvel Zombies"

u/homemade_mayo · 1 pointr/NYYankees

Mark is so cool he didn't even shill his book in his post. You can buy it here:

or on Amazon

For fun, I'll pick someone who asked a question at random and buy them a copy of the book.

From Mark:

>An offer to anyone who buys the book. Tweet a proof of purchase to @msimonespn on Twitter and I will share 5 fun stats to know on your favorite player.

u/aks59 · 3 pointsr/NYYankees

Yankee Century by Glenn Stout details the entire history of the Yankees from 1903 to 2003, has amazing pictures, and will make a great coffee table book when you're done.

u/mallowciraptor · 1 pointr/NYYankees

Picked this up last year at a local thrift store for $3 and found it quite enjoyable. If you like the behind the scenes and legal side of Yankees baseball, try and find a copy of Courting the Yankees

u/ep29 · 2 pointsr/NYYankees

I read his first book translated to English, Six Four (amazing cover on that book, it's why I bought it in the first place) and fell in love with this dude's writing. He's got such an eye for mood and tone and detail that it's honestly infuriating to me as a writer.

u/ledbetterus · 1 pointr/NYYankees

Missing Links by Rick Reilly

It's sports related though. It's a fun little book about some golf shenanigans.

u/------___------ · 2 pointsr/NYYankees

I drunkenly bought this cookbook called Little Old Lady Recipes the other day. Just made the meatloaf. Easy and tasty.

u/stansfield123 · 3 pointsr/NYYankees

On a side note I think WAR treats first basemen unfairly as they are important in saving bad throws from the other infielders.


If you are implying that WAR does not take saving bad throws into consideration, it does: dWAR is an extremely sophisticated measure, that accounts for over 80 types of of them, of course, is catching balls in the dirt. From the infield, from the outfield, whether you're a catcher, first baseman, or any other fielder. I guess outfielders almost never have to do that, but sometimes they drift into the infield, and when they do, it is accounted for. EVERYTHING is accounted for. There's a whole book on how it works:

P.S. Don't know how this applies to historical numbers (frankly, I don't care, I'm only interested in current stats), but I'm sure they're doing things to account for good fielding at first. Maybe someone knows?

Another important note: no, I have not read that book. I'm not completely insane, my obsession with baseball stats has limits. Just saying, there's a book.

u/bobbyb9827 · 1 pointr/NYYankees

Loaisiga straight up does not look like the same dude in his Topps rookie card link

u/RockTheWall · 4 pointsr/NYYankees

This excerpt was the first I've heard of it, but apparently Bryan Hoch has a book with a jinx-tastic title coming out next week.