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u/isthatdomdom · 13 pointsr/NZXT

I woke up last Monday morning and had the urge to build a gaming PC out of nowhere. I literally reached over to my phone while laying in bed at 5 AM in the morning and started ordering parts off Amazon and a couple days later here's the finished product. I had 0 PC building experience before this but thankfully Reddit and Google had all the answers I needed.


MOBO: ASUS Prime Z370-A II (in case I want to upgrade to a 9th gen)

GPU: EVGA 2070 Super XC Ultra Gaming

Ram: 16GB Corsair Vengeance C15 3000mhz

Storage: 1TB WD_Black NVMe // 1TB Seagate SSHD // 128GB Unknown Brand NVMe (running windows on it)

CPU: Intel i7-8700

CPU Cooler: NZXT Kraken X62 (using the 2 NZXT 140mm fans that came with it as intakes)

PSU: Seasonic FOCUS Plus 850 Gold

Case: H500 (base model)

Rear Fan: NZXT AER RGB 2 120mm (exhaust)

Top Fan: NZXT AER RGB 2 120mm (exhaust)

Top/Bottom LED: NZXT Hue 2 300mm LED Strips

Monitor: Lenovo Legion Y27gq-20 27-inch WLED G-SYNC

Mouse: Logitech G903

Keyboard: Logitech G Pro

Headphones: Logitech G533

Cable Extensions: Asiahorse Customization Mod Sleeve Extension Power Supply Cable Kit

u/nuldabz · 2 pointsr/NZXT

Ahh i see.

You can get a fan hub or pwm splitter for pretty cheep

DeepCool Fan HUB CPU Cooler Powers up to 4 Fans
Rosewill Case Fan Splitter Cable, PWM Cable Splitter Duplicator, Case Fan Power Duplicator Converter, Dual Case Fan Power Adapter, Case Fan Y Cable

u/365Grateful · 2 pointsr/NZXT

I ordered these from Amazon...

I'm very happy with the results, I can't stop looking at my build haha

u/hartleyshc · 2 pointsr/NZXT

This will be your best bet. I have seen cheaper converters, where you can change the gen 2 connection to gen1, but no splitters where you can use both.

There might be 3.1 splitters, then you attach an adapter to the one end of the regular splitter. But at that point you'll be getting pretty close to the price of just getting the pcie card. Also with the pcie card you can actually take advantage of the gen2 speeds, for only about $10 more after getting a bunch of adapters/splitters.

u/DGTownsman · 1 pointr/NZXT

Something like this should work for the USB connection (you can also use a standard micro-USB to USB type-A cable and route it to your rear IO). The SATA/fan connectors are together on the same cable and is something you'll have to get from NZXT directly. Open a ticket on the support site, and might as well just ask for both the cables.

u/mymixtapes · 1 pointr/NZXT

Yes. Mine were also the 30mm screws so both x72 and x52 have the same size. Below is the link where I actually bought extra 30mm to do the push/pull method. They only give you enough to do one or the other. They work great for mine.

u/Env0i · 3 pointsr/NZXT

Well, there are adaptor cards for both of you.

You could buy an expansion card like this with the connector and your wife may adapt it to the internal 3.0 header (e.g., won't be as fast but it at least it would be usable) or use an expansion card with the internal header :)

u/SimpleJoint · 1 pointr/NZXT

They're unavailable now, but it's jot like they're brand specific. Any sinks with the same measurements should be fine.

u/elchet · 1 pointr/NZXT

Yes - it's available as a standalone product. Amazon (UK) has it, so I'd imagine it's available at retailers wherever you are.

u/SuperTongue · 3 pointsr/NZXT

I looked around and found some plastic / acrylic cleaner that's suppose to work well with case windows.

I ordered some and should have it Friday. I'll let you know how it turns out!

u/Miltronicus · 1 pointr/NZXT

I had the same issue with the h210. You have to buy one of these adapters. LINKUP USB 3.0 (3.1 Gen 2) Internal IDC 20 Pin Motherboard Header to A-Key 20 Pin Female Header Active Converter for Type C Panel Mount Adapter

To make it go from usb 3.0 to USB 3.0 gen 2.

u/Setai123 · 2 pointsr/NZXT

A few people seem to be confused here showing the outside of your case, but are you trying to say that you’ve found the adapter that allows you to connect the gen 2 usb header that’s on the cable from your front panel to your motherboard whereas most people only have the gen 1 header?

i.e something like this.... CY USB 3.1 Front Panel Socket to USB 3.0 20Pin Header Male Extension Adapter for Motherboard

u/IC3POs · 2 pointsr/NZXT

got the rear fan from here, the front two fans come with the case.

u/Furious_Cereal · 2 pointsr/NZXT


Molex to DC 5V:

The connection cable that connects the Hue+ to the LED strips would be hard to find, so idk. Also, these are just examples of what you need to buy, I would recommend looking into it further.

u/EternalCrown · 3 pointsr/NZXT

JeeperDon is right. AM4 has different hole spacing around the CPU socket. Otherwise, cooler companies would not be giving out adapter brackets... like this one -

u/zN8 · 1 pointr/NZXT

Well I got these shims . Also, I took off the foam block due to the backplate, the guy in the video I linked in original explains why he does that.

u/Talks_To_Cats · 2 pointsr/NZXT

> I have these items, kraken x72,

The Kraken x72 should come with 12 6-32x30mm screws, 12 6-32x5mm screws, and 24 washers. As long as you bought it new you shouldn't need to buy anything else.

If you ever need more hardware, pretty much all standard AIOs and all standard fans will use the same stuff:6-32 30mm screws and no.6 washers.

u/BeornCN · 1 pointr/NZXT

One is connected to

the other (it´s the one that is detected every time) on an internal connector of

It might take a while until I´m able to connect both to the motherboard, because there are quite some cables running around. And it´s no final solution, because the Grid+, the Kraken X62 and the front cable USB, a WLAN dongle and a XBox Wireless controller dongle want to be connected too and there are only 2 headers on the board...

u/gorbley · 1 pointr/NZXT

I had the same thing this week with my H510 and ROG Strix Z390-H, so I ordered one of these

u/NZXT_PrimeMMA · 1 pointr/NZXT

ya exactly your going to need some adapters to implement those fans into your build with the grid+. I went ahead and supplied a link to as an example

u/disorientedagent · 1 pointr/NZXT

You can get a PCIe card. I have that case and card and I'm able to use usb-c.

u/Z3PPEL1N · 2 pointsr/NZXT

VIVO Single LCD Monitor Desk Mount Stand Fully Adjustable/Tilt/Articulating for 1 Screen 13" to 27" (STAND-V001)

u/monzeaaa · 1 pointr/NZXT

Power Daisy Chain cables: It's connected to the hub, it comes with the H510 Elite case.

In-Out Cable: It comes with the AER RGB 2 fan

u/codepony · 1 pointr/NZXT

The device won't be recognized if it's not connected to the USB header.

This is the one I used, because I wanted to have normal USB ports internally (I didn't like the NZXT cables) but they make one with a standard motherboard USB header.

u/mdamaged · 1 pointr/NZXT

You could try the novus polish kit, it can handle some pretty bad scratches.

u/jameessD · 0 pointsr/NZXT

In the UK it is :(
£92.00 is the cheapest i could find it whereas other colours can be as low as £80.00. Its okay I still like the white version, but the gunmetal is just so cool.

u/xavierfox42 · 2 pointsr/NZXT

The H510i comes with this connector for the USB 3.1 Gen 2 Type-C front panel port, correct?

To connect that to your motherboard you need a header that looks like this.

Your motherboard doesn't have that header. According to the MSI X570 Gaming Edge Wifi manual (PDF warning) you only have two USB 2.0 headers and two USB 3.2 Gen 1 headers.

USB 3.1 Gen 2 Type-C headers are actually still very rare on motherboards, so it's kind of annoying that the Hx10i series cases all have one.

To use the front Type-C port on your mobo you'd need one of these:

  • This Lian Li PW-INC1TR USB 3.0 to USB 3.1 Converter plugged into one of your USB 3.2 Gen 1 headers. It's relatively expensive because it's an active converter. There's some digital processing that it needs to do to convert the signal. Note that I'm not 100% sure that it will work plugged into your 3.2 Gen 1 headers, since it's designed to work in 3.0 headers, but it should theoretically work because USB is backwards-compatible.

  • The other option if you don't want to use up one of the available mobo headers is this SilverStone Technology USB 3.1 Gen 2 Internal 20Pin Connector Type-C Port Header to PCIe Gen 3.0 X2. But the trade off for this one is it will take up some PCI lanes. (not a big deal if you're only running one GPU or other PCI devices that need a lot of speed)
u/Don_Bil · 2 pointsr/NZXT

Damn that's annoying.

Well if you've got spare USB 3.0 headers you can try getting one of these adapters to give yourself a USB 2.0 header:

That might do the trick. Think it's female to male ends you need. If not then plenty other option similar.

u/Lag-Switch · 3 pointsr/NZXT

I see that you left the midplate on the GPU.

Because of the way it is attached, you're not actually getting contact with the GPU die. This is evident by the fact that the thermal past didn't spread at all.

You need to get a copper shim to put in between. You're going to want ones that are 20mm x 20mm. To be safe, I'd go for one of the thicker options (20 x 20 x 1.2). Here are the ones I purchased. In the end the order should be:

GPU die -> thermal paste -> copper shim -> thermal paste -> cooler's plate

If you have any more questions, just ask. I more or less did the same thing last week (Kraken x61 + G12 bracket on my 980ti).

u/Redemptions · 1 pointr/NZXT

I'm unsure how well the Kraken X31 works without the USB connectivity (CLCs have worked for years without having it as an option). Allegedly it does work without it according to this post: though YMMV.

The Internal USB2 cable & USB3 Header are definitely not physically compatible.

Three options:

  1. Go without the USB connection, unsure if it will work, but should.

  2. Rig something like this: to go from the back of your IO, back into your case, though I'm unsure if the X31 uses "all" of the USB2 header pins, or just the first row (it's infuriating how many manufacturers use the whole block for the equivalent of one USB connection).

  3. 'give up' your USB3 headers, and use this: to convert the header to a USB 2 header.

    Option 3 is the most likely to work, Option 2 is the ghetto option, Option 1 would be giving up on some of the features you're paying for in your cooler.
u/eddiemcnasty · 1 pointr/NZXT

that's exactly my dilemma (H210 and mini-itx mobo with single 3.0 header)....i would need the adapter that OP referenced ($25), a splitter for both cables ($20), and probably a right angle adapter ($5) to hide that gross looking splitter. so it would take about $50 just to get that front port working. smh.