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u/xj23z · 13 pointsr/Naruto

in terms of height they're pretty much like any standard book. but for width, they're not harry potter thick. the novels are around 150-180 pages. some may be a little longer.

if you want recommendations, i suggest getting the one i linked you and this one. those two characters (shikamaru and kakashi) are fan favorites so your son probably also likes them

u/br4nd0_ · 5 pointsr/Naruto

For anyone interested, kakashis story is like a bit less than 5 bucks on Amazon and it's prime friendly Naruto: Kakashi's Story

u/deion21 · 3 pointsr/Naruto

They're both on Amazon:

Itachi Book of Daylight

Itachi Book of Dark Night

The Kindle versions are both like $7 but I recommend both, especially Book of Dark Night. It gets really gritty in certain scenes, especially between Itachi and Yashiro.

u/KingOfSpein · 1 pointr/Naruto

An original sketch of what?

Kishimoto publishes a bunch of books full of his artwork, especially for Naruto. They should be pretty easy to find at most online book retailers. (I have this one, for example:

And even if you're just looking for images, they can be found online. You just have to know where to look.

u/FoxAudio · 2 pointsr/Naruto

I bought this: But it's made by Ripple Junction, and is a little better quality. That appears to be from a Chinese warehouse, akin to or something similar. EDIT: I have ordered many things from the aforementioned, and the only issues I've had is that the sizing charts are super small, so I would advise ordering a size larger.

u/BoTalksGames · 1 pointr/Naruto

Yeah we already know that Road to Boruto will be getting a Full Burst style physical release (well, it's up on Amazon anyway - I'd suggest waiting (if you really care about Boruto, anyway).

u/thefuckingswampking · 2 pointsr/Naruto

Currently, only the Third Data Book has gotten an official western release.

There is also the Official Fan Book which is packed with a ton of fun info!

u/thatspiderguy0828 · 5 pointsr/Naruto

I bought it off Amazon. It shipped VERY quickly, within 3 days, and the quality is AMAZING. Here's the link for you

u/NatsuDragneel-- · 1 pointr/Naruto

That's a good point but most people have ad blocker and adds don't make much money compared to sales.

For example 1,000-10,000 views could = 1-5$

but 1,000-10,000 sales at 9.99$ per volume = $9,990-$99,900

You now see the difference in income from views vs sales?

I didn't even get to revenue vs profit.

u/OrganicDinosaur · 1 pointr/Naruto

The third databook was released in Japan in 2008, and Viz published the English version in 2012. I've never seen the first or second databooks officially released in English (you'd have to search the Viz official website for them if they can be purchased), they were mostly done by fans via scanlations wayyy back when.

It will probably take more than year, honestly, if you want to buy the English edition.

The databook thread over at NF gets updated with loose translations almost daily. Their discussion thread also has things going on with people covering and translating separate portions.

For the most part though, small sections (because it's fast and easy) and popular characters (because of demand) will get translated first.

u/HiddenDekuScrub · 2 pointsr/Naruto

Insert "Not sure if trolling or serious" here.

Kindle is your friend:

That said, I have often wondered if this extra volume exists because fan theories get out of control.

u/theothersophie · 1 pointr/Naruto

Okay your comment got stuck in the mod queue so this was brought to my attention. Let's make this clear: the novels were NOT written by Masashi Kishimoto.

Original Story by Masashi Kishimoto, Written by Shin Towada

Notice how it doesn't say "Written by Shin Towada, Masashi Kishimoto" which would be the case if he was involved in writing it. That means Kishimoto didn't write it. It's as simple as that. His name is included only because he is the original creator of the Naruto series and did illustrations for the novels. This is further clarified by clicking on one of those Amazon/B&N links to buy the book, nowhere is Kishimoto listed next to "Author". You'll see this even clearer on one of the books' goodreads listing

u/chronicynic · 1 pointr/Naruto

they've begun compiling the series in three-volume sets.

There's an amazon link to the first one. They're about the same price as a single volume so there is some money being saved.

u/Darke_Vader · 1 pointr/Naruto

Here's an amazon link. The title is Naruto: The Seventh Hokage and the Scarlet Spring

u/aclarioncall · 22 pointsr/Naruto

Here’s the link to the book if you want to buy it in the UK

If you don’t want to buy it, you can watch the video of the scans here

u/MiniiN1nja · 2 pointsr/Naruto

You can purchase it from Amazon

Or you could read it Online

u/LittleHelperRobot · 5 pointsr/Naruto


^That's ^why ^I'm ^here, ^I ^don't ^judge ^you. ^PM ^/u/xl0 ^if ^I'm ^causing ^any ^trouble. ^WUT?

u/animetheory · 2 pointsr/Naruto

Volumes 1-27 here for $105

Volumes 28-48 here for $101

Volumes 49-72 here for $108


$314 + shipping

That's the cheapest it's going to get, unless you start browsing used book stores.

u/RJMiddleton · 2 pointsr/Naruto

Ripple Junction Naruto - Shippuden Kakashi Cosplay Military Style Adult Zip Hoodie 2XL Olive

Is this the one you’re talking about? because I was looking at it I might go with this one then

u/MadBase · 3 pointsr/Naruto

In every instance Kishimoto has actually colored the rasengan it's been yellow all the way to when it was first created.

Though now after years of the anime and movies coloring it blue it's even blue sometimes in official material such as The Last and Boruto or at least interchangeable with no given reason for the blue color.

u/DirectorLunar · 1 pointr/Naruto

Vol 1 and Vol 2. Both are 280 Pages, I'm not sure if they are in English so you will have to do some research before buying.

u/tackslock · 2 pointsr/Naruto

Always bought my manga in single volumes, didn't even know they did them in box sets.

Had a quick look on Amazon and found this with a release date of 7th July this year, not sure if it's accurate or not though.

I would also try Forbidden Planet if there's any near you because they'll most likely have some knowledge on when new stock will be coming in.

u/reallyreally23 · 1 pointr/Naruto


Wait, so this Road to Boruto will include the main NSUNS4 game i.e. End of the The Ninja War stuff?

u/BoilerMaker11 · 7 pointsr/Naruto

The databooks are official and authored by Kishimoto, himself. Seriously, are you like....15? With your attitude and the belief that shut the hell up is "offensive language", it leads me to believe so.

But just to bury whatever kind of reply you may have, here are some facts for you:

The fact that he can manipulate dead bodies is an ability of the Outer Path.

He states here that he can use the Human Path to extract info from Yamato, but he doesn't because Yamato would die.

There's 2 of the 6. And coupled with Kakashi's assessment of him not using other abilities all at once while controlling bijuus and Tobi acknowledging it, do you still think he can't use the other Rinnegan jutsu? That the abilities just "cut off" at only 2? gtfoh