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u/yousmelllikebiscuits · 7 pointsr/Nationals

In the book Sixty Feet, Six Inches Bob Gibson and Reggie Jackson talk about how the game is played and such. Super awesome book if you haven't read it.

The relevant piece of information in relation to this conversation is that Reggie Jackson says (paraphrase) that if a pitcher can consistently hit that low and away pitch and get him out often, he would start going after it. But if it wasn't 2 strikes, he wasn't even going to swing at a ball away. This was especially easy since he knew with almost certainty that if the pitcher missed and left a ball in, middle-in, or middle, that he would demolish it into the 2nd deck.

Essentially - force the pitcher to beat you instead of getting yourself out by swinging at something that isn't your ideal pitch.

Also, from my college coach perspective: Bryce has gotten good at fouling off pitches that aren't "his pitch" (spoiling) with the intention of getting "his pitch." He's starting to use it more to his advantage, i.e. the walkoff HR at-bat.

u/CleverUserName755 · 1 pointr/Nationals

You can get them a baseball display case like this, along with an autographed ball or a game-used ball to start their collection:

Team Yearbook (maybe try to get some autographs on it)

PNats season tickets

Send them for a road game weekend-- buy the tickets and a hotel night. Too bad the series with the O's is on weeknights but the Pirates series might be a nice treat.

Maybe a season ticket holder would sell you a pair of tickets for them and redeem their season ticket rewards points for the Batting Practice Experience, or the ballpark tour

Send 'em for a weekend of Spring Training games next year

u/BlondeFox18 · 7 pointsr/Nationals

Agreed. But I think the best we could get for him was a box of big league chew.

Big League Chew Grape Flavored Bubble Gum

u/old1812 · 2 pointsr/Nationals

I prefer the Sangean DT-180 AM/FM radio. I go to 30+ games a year. Listened to the game on the DT-180 at each one since the beginning of the 2014 season. Works beautifully. Instantaneous play-by-play. It's difficult to enjoy a game the same way without it.

Sangean DT-180 AM / FM Pocket Radio

Some tips using it:

  • make sure to use the "lock switch" feature on the back of the radio to prevent accidentally button pressing in your pocket.

  • the DT-180 has an automatic turn-off after 90 mins. It will happen at least once in a normal game. No need to worry. Just turn it back on.

  • take batteries out if you know it will be a while before your next game (otherwise you'll get corrosion in the terminals). Place used batteries in small ziplock with a "used" post-it in it. If you end up with corrosion, you can easily clean it with a Qtip dabbed in vinegar.

u/purplepenned · 1 pointr/Nationals

Obligatory off season plug for this bio on Mike Coolbaugh

Spin Williams and Doug Harris are two names I see praised a lot by the FO and by players. Props

u/addictwithnopen · 8 pointsr/Nationals

I got mine on Amazon

Also, hello there fellow Nova Nats Fan!

u/gravy_boot · 9 pointsr/Nationals

I also have that hat now.
edit: it's made for a kids head so you have to be careful not to mess up the air tubes with your giant dome but it does work as expected.

u/GratuitousBrick · 1 pointr/Nationals

I think it could be this but customized with Nats cloth sewn in on the inside of the flippers.

u/PandaMomentum · 3 pointsr/Nationals

Just to clarify, since he's a mouthful of consonants: The Grind: Inside Baseball's Endless Season

u/tubesockfan · 3 pointsr/Nationals

These are all fitted - I have a deep-seated aversion to snapbacks that I can't fully explain.

This one happened to come up on Amazon and still has quite a few sizes left -