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u/UnderSomeRock · 2 pointsr/Naturalhair

I would definitely look into the LOC method! What products are you currently using in your hair?

So this was my comment on a post from about a month ago, but it might help you too!:

I have my best luck on hair that is drenched in conditioner. I never try to detangle dry hair (but it works for some people). My method for extremely tangled hair:

  • section hair into 4-6 sections with clips or hair ties

  • apply conditioner to a section till drenched. (Sometimes it helps to either (1) wet hair first with a spray bottle like this, then apply conditioner, or (2) mix conditioner and water in a spray bottle

  • finger detangle section

  • use wide tooth comb like this to gently detangle hair. start at the end of the hair and with each pass of the comb gradually move up higher until you reach the root of your hair and are combing from root to ends

  • put the section back up and move on to the next, following the same steps

  • shampoo and condition hair like normal

  • for extra detangling, I might finger detangle/ comb my hair again while conditioner in is my hair, using the stream of water to help ease out any tangles

    If my hair isn’t too tangled, I basically do the same process, but I do it all in the shower (sectioned hair, detangle section by section with conditioner)

    Naptural85 on YouTube also has some pretty great tips/ videos showing exactly how she does it

    Also, you should totally check out r/curlyhair.

    Sorry this was so long! 😅
u/Bosh-Tet · 3 pointsr/Naturalhair

I have this same patch. I put in Havana Twists to keep the ends protected and it's helped a lot. Between that and my regimen, I've been seeing that section match up to the rest of my hair length. It's still a little shorter but it's a lot stronger and there's way less breakage there than there used to be.

I don't shampoo my hair ever. I just co-wash using This Trader Joe's conditioner. Though I do plan on switching to This conditioner by them because I've heard great reviews about it and my hair stops being really responsive to conditioners after a while. My hair still responds to the first one relatively well but I've noticed it's seeming a little more lack luster than when I first started using it.

I spray my hair/scalp with a mix of Aloe Juice and Water every day and use either just straight up coconut oil or this hair moisturizer (I know you're not all for a bunch of homemade stuff but I essentially swear by her products. They make my hair so soft and they seal in the moisture perfectly, helping bring out more natural shine). With that product, a little goes a long way. so though it's 16 bucks you're putting down, it will last you a while. I bought my first bottle of it about 4-5 months ago and I still haven't made much of a dent in it.

The biggest thing is probably making sure that part of your head is getting the amount of moisture it needs and locking it in.

I've also started doing deep conditioning protein treatments once a month or so. It's gross but I use a small thing of Greek Yogurt, one egg, a bunch of honey and vitamin E. My hair responds so well to it, and I make sure to slather that part with it a ton because it helps strengthen it a shit load. My hair has also been incredibly responsive to it, leading to way less breakage then what I used to get.

I hope this helps. Good luck!

u/_totallysafeforwork · 2 pointsr/Naturalhair

I'm not sure how much you know between you and your gf so I'm gonna give you a lot of info here just in case.

I highly recommend this detangling brush. My sister has 4C hair similar to this and with the right conditioner, it detangles her curls in a flash without too much pulling. Also, start from the ends, work your way up, and work in sections.

What products are you using to detangle? I would suggest getting a good regular conditioner as well as a leave-in so the curls and knots come apart with less effort. Aussie Moist is my fave in-shower conditioner and Shea Moisture Black Castor and Shea Butter is my fav leave in cause it detangles my hair in a instant and leave it soft and moisturized all week. It's not for everyone though so definitely do some shopping around.

Also, try wetting and detangling the hair a bit before washing because (in my experience) the movement and shrinkage of the hair during the makes the tangles a bit worse.

Technique is also important with curly hair. When you wash, try using slightly diluted shampoo in a squeezy bottle so you can apply it directly to the scalp and to the hair. Of course you want to shampoo the hair as well but it's better to work the shampoo from the root to the tip to avoid tangles.

You'll want to massage the scalp with your fingertips through the hair. Do not do this or yall will have a bad time lol. This creates so many tangles and damages the hair. I would recommend checking out a few poc curly hair wash day youtube videos for good technique.

Also, pat her hair dry. Please for the love of all that is good do not rub her hair on the towel.

I would recommend styling her hair while its damp with a leave in conditioner if thats easier for yall. There's nothing wrong with styling the hair while wet, in fact, a lot of curly girls prefer this because managing the hair when its dry has the potential to cause frizz or breakage. Also, I noticed you mentioned you oil her scalp. Try using the oil after the leave in so it seals in the moisture.

I'm not sure if you guys are already doing this but definitely give night scarves and bonnets a try. They'll be a huge help in the long run because they help combat frizz, tangles, lint, and breakage that occurs from sleeping on cotton.

u/MrsMagnetism · 2 pointsr/Naturalhair

Well I definitely changed EVERYTHING about my routine this time because both times previously I never even got to the big chop stage. I got a bit of new growth and didn't like it/found it hard to manage transitioning hair so I just gave up....twice lol. Didn't have a routine then either really. This time I've done research and stuck it out and I'm very proud of my natural hair now that I'm out of transition.

Hair banding looks like something I'll do. I don't really want to "style" it per se. I'm a big fan of leaving my curls and style how it is after washing as much as possible. But that's just for right now, as it's still short.

So you say I should water rinse only everyday, cowash every 3 days and continue washing once a week? That makes sense. I did kind of feel like I shouldn't cowash everyday but I wasn't sure lol. I think I did the LOC method yesterday by combining all of my products. I put the leave in after my shower, combing with a wide tooth comb. Then I put the coconut oil and the pudding after wards. My hair turned out better than it usually does. It was more defined and felt better too. But I'm going to do it for a while to see if it's really better. I guess what I was doing before would be considered LCO? What exactly are the different ways?

The leave in I use was bought from Dollar Tree lol, I know what you might be thinking and I was skeptical too but I love anything Argan oil and decided to try since it was only $1. It smelled good and made my hair feel better so I'm happy with it . I'm actually not sure how to link? I put the links here but not sure if I did it right. My leave in is:

I use pure coconut oil that melts when heated and only has one ingredient which is that lol and my pudding is this :

I read online that coconut oil might not be good for my hair but that was ONE website whereas everyone else is saying coconut oil is a must for high porosity hair. Any other oils good for my type?

I already know my shampoo and conditioner are horrible lol Im on the lookout for others, but shampoo is:


I only use a wide toothed comb, no brushes. In terms of detangling, I try to finger detangle but sometimes I get frustrated because my hair is thick and then I use the wide toothed comb to comb it from ends to roots.

When I'm tired at night, sad to say......I fall asleep in my wig cap most of the time :( horrible, I know but usually sleep sneaks up on me and I'm out like a light sometimes before I can even wash my makeup off of my face. BUT I have a satin scarf that I should be using LOL. I definitely notice the difference when I use the scarf.

Does that Flexi seed hair gel provide good hold? I'm liking the Shea butter creme recipe!! Can that be used to DC??

u/wlkngcntrdctn · 16 pointsr/Naturalhair

Honestly, your son is so young and has yet have his first haircut, so I would say that you have no idea what his hair is going to be like when it comes in.

For instance, my son and daughter are mixed-race, with me being black and their father being Mexican/Native American.

When my daughter was born, her hair was bone-straight and it stayed that way for the first ~ year of her life. When she was born, she had so much hair that it laid over her ear - technically it was long enough to pull into small hairbands. Of course with it being as straight as it was, and since she was a newborn I didn't attempt to pull her hair up until she was ~ two months, & that was because her bangs would get in her eyes sometimes. Around the 12 month mark, her hair did start to curl a bit, though not in any defined way, though by the time she was three, she had cute little ringlets, which is pretty much the same hair pattern/texture that she has today. Her hair is what you would call 2c/3A. Everyone swears she looks like Alisha Boe from 13 Reasons why - I agree that they look like they could be sisters, and their hair texture/pattern is pretty spot-on similar as well. Another example of hair similar to her is Jennifer Nicole Freeman & this beautiful young lady's hair here - she actually kind of favor her as well.

My son was born with less hair than my daughter, though his hair had more curl to it - it almost reminds me of your son's hair. However, as he got older and after his baby hair went away - I cut it - his hair texture came in different than I expected it to. I assumed that since he was born with hair more curly than my daughter, his hair would be more like mine - more closer to being black. It's not. His hair is actually more 2B/2C like his hair or like his hair - fascinatingly enough, this little boy kind of reminds me of my son a bit - he's 11 years old now.

I've explained all of that to you to say that, I have never been able to use any products that you would customarily consider to be black hair products in either of their hair since their hair produce oil - as does mine I've figured out even though my hair is 3B/4A between her and her hair. Moreover it turns out that my son's hair, which I thought would need more product because it seemed like it when he was a baby, needs even less product than both mine and my daughter's. His hair seems to be incapable of tangling and he wears it about the length as the guy and boy in the photos. If he's feeling extra perky he might decide to put a little bit of anti-frizz product in his hair, and pretty much any product will due. However, when he was a still younger, just like when my daughter was still a pretty young - she's 15 now - the only product I would used in their hair was Johnson & Johnson No More Tangles - that's it.

Sometimes we as parents try to do too much to our children's hair instead of just allowing it to just be. He's young. His hair is curly. It's going to look messy. It might feel dry to you, but I wonder if it is actually dry, or are you just mistaking the feel of his texture for being dry because you're used to the way your hair feels. I know that my hair feels nothing like either of my kids hair, and all of our hair is healthy. Moreover, none of our hair is dry. And the only finishing products I use in my hair are leave-in conditioner, a little almond or apricot oil, and sometimes - rarely- a bit eco-styler gel - it's weather/season dependent.

E: I have a migraine and when I have a migraine, my dyslexia rears its head and I can't spell. If I completely butcher the spelling, my computer catches it because it's not a word. However, when I misspell a word with another word, my computer doesn't catch it and then I have words like "these" for "this", "freeze" for "frizz", and "there" for both "their" & "they're" etc. Please excuse the mistakes.

u/funkitin · 6 pointsr/Naturalhair

Wash Day: Morrocan Curl Cleansing Conditioner

Or, I Co-Wash with Trader Joe's Nourish Spa Moisture balance conditioner. I also prefer the TJ's shampoo when I need to wash my hair to remove product buildup (which I do once every two weeks).

Post wash I use the LOC method to moisturize.

Leave In - Giovanni Direct Leave-In Weightless Moisture Conditioner

Oil - I use my own mixture I created with Peppermint Oil, Tea tree oil, Black Castor Oil, Almond Oil, Avocado Oil and Olive Oil. My hair really loves it.

Cream - I wear my hair in twist outs, the cream I use for my twist outs is the Cantu Conditioning Curl Cream

I retwist my hair once a week (personal preference).. and I use a bit of Cantu Shea Butter for Natural Hair Moisturizing Curl Activator Cream, but sparingly, as it makes my hair feel slightly crunchy, I only use it in the front for my bangs to curl up very tight when I twist them.

For edge control, I use the Olive Oil Eco Styler gel..

My hair is 4b/4c. Chopped two years ago -now past my shoulders, nearly 16 inches in length. I tried a LOT of products before I found those my hair likes.

Also, I recommend checking out Amazon's Texture's and Hues page. It's for women of color.. and it's AMAZING.

u/blueberry96 · 5 pointsr/Naturalhair

Best advice I can give you is start using the ACV bar. It's a solid shampoo bar that is just amazing. Vegan product with no sulfates, no preservatives, just lots of apple cider vinegar, neem, shea butter, castor, etc. And this shampoo bar lathers like crazy! The smell is a little weird, but it after rinsing it smells great. It took about a week to adjust to using a shampoo bar, but my dandruff & itch are pretty much gone. :-)

u/TuffTitti · 7 pointsr/Naturalhair

please try a true swimmers shampoo & conditioner, or a chelating shampoo/conditioner - there's also a mineral build up treatment for only ~4 malibu hard water wellness remedy Shea moisture has a clarifying shampoo that might help too.

u/iownakeytar · 5 pointsr/Naturalhair

You can DIY it pretty inexpensively. All you need is 4 parts distilled water, 1 part vegetable glycerin and a few drops of the essential oils of your choice. I also like to add a little of my conditioner to the mix.

u/VaughnVapor · 4 pointsr/Naturalhair

Behold: Nairobi Wrap Shine Mousse

Go with a slightly humectant leave-in, then comb this through and twist. You can take the twists down when they're mostly dry and get some definition on your natural curls, or wait (or heat dry) and then it will take the twist/knot/braid- pattern. You can also use it on dry hair too to reshape curls.


And I know you didn't ask, but I just found this leave-in last week and feel like it might've changed my life?

u/lifeisfractal · 2 pointsr/Naturalhair

Shampoo your hair if it gets dirty - no point in having long hair if it always smells like funk. I have to use a medicated shampoo because of my seborrheic dermatitis, and it's definitely drying, but it's better than having a gross scalp. During the summer i co-wash every 3 days or so (my scalp gets sweaty) and then use shampoo once a week. During the winter I co-wash once a week and shampoo every couple of weeks. If you work out a lot or you do lots of things that leave smells in your hair (you work in a restaurant or you smoke cigarettes, things of that nature) I'd recommend washing more often.

I used this shampoo before I went to the dermatologist and got prescription shampoo. I don't know why it's so expensive on Amazon. If there's a Trader Joe's near you, it'll cost you $3.99.

u/moburkes · 1 pointr/Naturalhair

Now Solutions, Neem Oil, 100% Pure, Made from Azadirachta Indica (Neem) Seed Oil, Natural Relief from Irritation and Other Skin Issues, 1-Ounce

u/friendlyforreal · 4 pointsr/Naturalhair

The ACV bar from Wildlands. My derm said basically the same thing. Working for me.

u/TeaLover315 · 1 pointr/Naturalhair

This Really, this totally amplified my wash and go.

u/fadedblackleggings · 2 pointsr/Naturalhair

> it was due to all the tangles that have been getting worse.

Apple Cider Vinegar in a spray bottle diluted with water. Denman Brush, and detangling brush