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u/Microwavabel · 3 pointsr/Needlefelting

Hello, welcome to needle felting! Like the others have said, starting with a kit is probably the best way to go! The amount of options available can be overwhelming though, so i'll give a breakdown. Uh, prepare for a wall of text:

On A Budget) There are a number of kits available through Amazon for $6-20 USD with reasonable or even free shipping with Prime. You kinda get what you pay for; the lower end of the scale will usually get you minimal tools/spares with maybe a small amount of wool roving (6-12 colors in 5g rolls, enough for a few small projects). The higher half of that scale generally gets you a more complete set and a good amount of colors (12-36). Etsy has little starter kits like these too, but shipping may vary.

This one I bought after suggestions from this sub, but keep in mind it does not come with a felting mat:

not included in some kits is a foam cushion/mat of some sort. Optional, as one can always use upholstery foam, burlap rice bag, make one, etc. A mat isn't as essential as the needles, finger protectors, etc. but it helps to protect your work surface and needles.

Really, REALLY on a Budget) This is what I started with before getting that Amazon kit. Daiso has little $1.50 kits that have JUST the bare essentials: One needle, exactly enough roving to make one keychain animal, and picture instructions. If you don't have access to a Daiso, some Etsy shops resell the kits, but marked up a little bit.

Kinda Splurging ) at the $20-$40+ range, you may find more value in checking out starter kits from sellers like Woolbuddy, LivingFelt, etc. and various Etsy shops. May be a bit much for starters, but these kits are significantly nicer to work with than most Amazon kits.

Actually Overkill) At $50+ dollars, there are definitely "advanced" starter kits on Etsy that are actually super nice but may be overwhelming for a first-timer.

Other Notes ) Important but usually sold separately are multi-needle tools and needle-nose pliers. Clover pens, punch tools, etc. speed up the time it takes to felt. Pliers are good for attaching jump-rings, bending armature wire, and just for holding stuff in place.

Will add more to this if I think of it, but hopefully this was thorough enough to help speed up your search!

u/erisanu · 3 pointsr/Needlefelting

I'm no expert or anything but... what kind of needles are you using? Most people get started using a basic set, but there's a lot of variety out there.

I got myself this kit and was really impressed by the options it gave me. You really notice a difference with the gauges/sizes, and I'm quite fond of the spiral needles over the standard straights.

The reverse needles, tho. These are neat. Their barbs are reversed so they pull fiber out instead of push it in.

I found (depending on the fiber/wool type) that I could get a pretty smooth finish by varying as needed between shaping with a larger-gauge (36 triangle), refining/un-shaping with reverses, polish it with finer-gauges (42 spiral). Then trim close with fine scissors.

If you're only using a single needle at a time, you could consider making a multi-needle tool using a trimmed wine cork and rubber bands. Working with a little cluster of fine needles really helps pat down the fuzzies.

edit- ps: your overwatch felties are adorbs! really great work!

u/_nagromshalom · 1 pointr/Needlefelting

Thanks! I actually just got all my stuff at Hobby Lobby. I'm sure any larger craft store would have supplies you're looking for. The workers are always knowledgable in my experience. I bought a small pack of natural colors, and purchased more variety packs as I needed. It seems more economical to buy packs of wool. Since I didnt know if I would like it, I didnt buy more than just a little but bulk also seems like a good move. Amazon seems to have good starter kits.

Something like what's below seems to cover all the stuff I got in store, prolly for cheaper. I dont have experience with this particular kit however. Extra needles is always nice because I've already broken 3 😬
Heidifeathers Needle Felting Starter Kit - Handle, Finger Guards, German Glass Eyes and Instructions - Free Post

u/Bl00dorange3000 · 2 pointsr/Needlefelting

Instead of foam you could use bits of old sweater. Easier to felt into, and they have a nice weight to them. As for wire, I really like using actual pipe cleaners, not the craft kind. They have really hard bristles that catch the wool and make a great base. They’re not perfect for tiny details, cause they can be spiky, but they are quite strong.

u/DullahanVS · 2 pointsr/Needlefelting

Both of you are going to love it!! Between that and my Cliver felting tool needle felting is so much easier. If you don't have one of these I highly recommend it too!
Clover Pen Style Needle Felting Tool

u/mqlovesjs · 2 pointsr/Needlefelting

Like these?

YsesoAi 300-Piece 2/3/4mm Mixed Mini Black Glass Eyes Kits Assortment for Needle Felting Bears Dolls Decoys Sewing (100Pcs Per Size, 3 Size)

Also I use super glue to attach them

u/Girlterry · 6 pointsr/Needlefelting

I have this one, and I quite like it.

Clover Pen Style Needle Felting Tool

It came with a few needles, but fits up to 3 standard needles as well. You can adjust the handle part so the needles are short or long. I also have a wood one that holds up to 5 - I bought it locally, but I find the needles are too far apart, so I rarely use it.

I'm following to see what other people suggest for mats.

u/yourbff · 2 pointsr/Needlefelting

Thank you! The large size definitely leaves room for more errors. For the eyes I got a plastic sphere that opens up (usually for Christmas ornaments). I plan on using color film and one way mirror film to make the actual iris.

u/Tanukiboo · 2 pointsr/Needlefelting

You might just need to keep at it, it always takes longer than I think it should. As for needles, it tends to go faster if you use a bunch of needles at once like with this thing. You use the three needles for larger stuff and then can switch it out to use one needle when you need to do detail.

u/OneMinno · 3 pointsr/Needlefelting

Evelots Honeycomb Drawer Organizers

This is the closest thing I could find on Amazon 👍🏻

u/BeartholomewTheThird · 2 pointsr/Needlefelting

I couldn't stand any of those finger condoms or leather thimbles but I did found myself stabbing myself a lot less when I got one of these

u/SukiNow · 1 pointr/Needlefelting

Needle Felting Craft Kit Set Wool Felt Tools with Foam Mat + Wooden Felting Handle + 9 Needles + Scissors + Awl + Finger Stall + Glue Stick by Queenti

u/hypodroid · 2 pointsr/Needlefelting

I do have lots of black floss, that may be worth a shot. They provided black wool in the kit but I'm having trouble with it, either its too chunky or it disappears when I try to felt it. The kit was bought at a local fiber fair, the website on the instructions doesn't seem to exist anymore but heres a link to a book the creator wrote