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u/Legitamte · 1 pointr/Netrunner

I have three of these binders, each of which has 360 slots, which I use to store the cards in number order, arranged thusly:

  • Binder 1: Core Set, Creation and Control, Honor and Profit, Order and Chaos, Data and Destiny (a couple pages left over)
  • Binder 2: Genesis, Spin, and Lunar cycles (fits exactly)
  • Binder 3: SanSan, Mumbad, and Flashpoint cycles (will fit exactly once Flashpoint is complete)

    Cards are stored unsleeved, but of course being in a binder means they might as well be sleeved anyway. Each sleeve is surprisingly roomy, accomnodating ~6 copies in a single slot where necessary (consumer goods, 3-ofs from multiple cores; I do have to store extras from my third core set in a separate box.) I particularly like these binders because they're covered in that fake leather-ish stuff, the page backing is black instead of transparent, and they're not ringed--all the pages are bound in the binder from the beginning--making them take up way less space while also looking nicer. They also have an elastic strap to keep them closed when not in use. My decks are all sleeved, originally all in identical black Ultra Pros to make it easy to swap staple cards between decks, but I'm moving towards sleeving them in faction-colored Dragon Shield matte sleeves, because they're stupidly nice and I have no self-control.

    Numerical sort makes it easier to keep them sorted when returning them to the binder, but it more importantly makes it really easy to fetch them while deckbuilding using netrunnerdb--when viewing a deck, you can sort it by set, including the card number, making it trivial to flip through the binders front to back and pull everything quickly.

    Beyond that, I like binder storage because I like being able to see all the cards at once--it makes finding things easier but it's also nice to appreciate the art on all of the cards, not just the ones in my deck. There's also the /r/oddlysatisfying part of me that likes the fact that one binder holds exactly three cycles of cards, but maybe that's just me.
u/Null_Finger · 2 pointsr/Netrunner

What to store things in

I use binders for commonly used cards and cardboard boxes for "bulk" cards (The cards you don't think you will use very often): 5000 capacity box, 800 capacity box

I also hear that these Stanley Organizers are also incredible for storage, as each compartment is the perfect size for a sleeved MTG commander deck (100 cards).

The binder should definitely be sorted. Not only is it more organized that way, you can find the cards you need much faster. The box can be unsorted, though I like to at least keep cards belonging to the same faction together.

This does run into the problem of occasionally not knowing whether a card is in the binder or box, but it has the advantage of giving you quicker access to the cards you most commonly use. I mostly do this because of habits from MTG, where you get tons of useless cards, but Netrunner doesn't give you nearly as many useless cards, so you could make the argument for storing all your cards together instead of differentiating between commonly used cards and bulk.

How to sort cards quickly

Your cards can be in whatever order you want: completely alphabetical, by faction and then by type and then alphabetical, by set, whatever. Your personal preference.

However, when it comes to sorting cards, or anything in general, there are fast ways to sort and slow ways to sort. Anyone who has studied computer science can attest to this. The difference is small when you only have a few cards, but quickly becomes massive as the number of cards grows.

Here are the two sorting algorithms you should know if you want to sort your cards quickly: Quicksort and Merge sort. They are among the fastest algorithms out there, they're easy to understand, and they're practical for sorting cards by hand. I'll explain them in the context of sorting cards below.


Here's how quicksort works for computers: Choose a "pivot" item at random from the unsorted pile. Now, go through everything and divide it into two piles: Those that would come before the pivot, and those that would come after the pivot. Then, sort each pile individually (usually with yet another quicksort). Once the piles are sorted, just combine them and put the pivot in between them, and voila, the pile as a whole is in order.

However, if you're a human, you'll find it more efficient to sort based on certain characteristics of the card that you can quickly identify (such as the card's faction) instead of whether or not the card comes before or after a randomly chosen pivot. In addition, you'll want to separate into multiple piles instead of just 2.

Here's an example: You want your cards sorted by faction and then in alphabetical order. You already sorted you cards by faction, and now, you want to sort your Anarch cards in alphabetical order. The cards you want to sort are in the following order: Wyldside, Demolition run, Deja Vu, Grimoire, Corroder, Medium, Yog.0, Stimhack, Parasite. The first step of quicksort is to divide the cards into piles. When sorting alphabetically, I like to make a pile for cards from A-E, one for F-M, one for N-R, and one last one for S-Z. However, as long as every card in one pile comes before every card in the next pile, it doesn't matter how you make your piles. So, dividing these unsorted cards into piles (according to my preferred sorting scheme), we get the following piles:

{Demolition run, Deja Vu, Corroder}, {Grimoire, Medium}, {Parasite}, {Wyldside, Stimhack, Yog.0}

Each individual pile is not in order, so we sort each pile individually (I would use another quicksort on these piles if they were bigger) to get:

{Corroder, Deja Vu, Demolition run}, {Grimoire, Medium}, {Parasite}, {Stimhack, Wyldside, Yog.0}

Then, we just combine the piles and we're good.

Merge sort

Here's how merge sort works for computers: Divide your big pile into 2 separate piles, and then sort those piles individually (Usually with another merge sort). Then, once the 2 piles are sorted, merge the piles into one sorted pile. The merging process is made much easier by the fact that the two piles are already sorted individually.

Here's how the merging process works: Look at the top item of both piles. Whichever one comes first gets added to the bottom of a new combined pile. Repeat until both piles are empty, and voila, your combined pile is sorted in order.

Example: You have the following sorted piles: {Demolition run, Yog.0, Wyldside}, {Corroder, Parasite}. The first elements of our 2 piles are Demolition run and Corroder. Corroder comes first, it becomes our new combined pile. Now, the top item of our 2 piles are Demolition Run and Parasite. Demolition run comes before Parasite, so it gets put at the bottom of our combined pile. The top cards of the piles are: Yog.0, Parasite. Parasite is put at the bottom of the combined pile. The second pile is now empty, so just put the rest of the first pile at the bottom of the combined pile. The combined pile looks like this: {Corroder, Demolition run, Parasite, Yog.0, Wyldside}. It's sorted, yay!

If you're a human, you'll be doing mostly the same thing as the computer. However, instead of having to lift up the combined pile to put a card at the bottom of it, you can instead make the entire combined pile face-down and add cards to the top. When you're done merging, just flip the combined pile upside-down.

Which one?

From experience, quicksort is a lot better if you have an unorganized mess to sort.

However, if you're adding some brand new cards to an already sorted collection, you'll want to use mergesort instead, since your collection is already sorted. Simply sort the new cards, and then merge the pile of new cards and your already sorted collection.

How NOT to sort your cards

Perhaps you currently sort your cards like this: Pull a card out of the unsorted pile, find out where it goes in your pile of sorted cards, then put it there. Repeat until unsorted pile is empty.

Or, maybe you do this: Go through the unsorted pile, find the item in the pile that goes below every other item in the unsorted pile, put that item at the bottom of the sorted pile. Repeat until unsorted pile is empty.

If they feel slow, that's because they are. They're mathematically inferior to quicksort and merge sort. The first method is actually OK if you want to just put back a card you took out of your collection, but if you have more than a few cards to add to your collection, merge sort instead.

u/__Nidhogg__ · 1 pointr/Netrunner

Love the Ultimate Guard Twin Flip Tray with Xenoskin. The token holder in the deck box isn't really large enough for everything you need, but a set of dice for casual play fits well there. Tokens themselves are best kept (and organized) in a Plano-style plastic tray with good clasps. You don't want them coming undone in your bag.

I've seen a couple people use Stanley (or similar) brand organizers for carrying a large number of decks around, but you'd want to check the size of the compartments carefully before buying.

u/Absona · 1 pointr/Netrunner

This discussion comes up a lot, and is very repetitive. I'm sorry for assuming that you were already familiar with the arguments on the other side of it. The short version:

  • Cards are cheap, but they're not free. None of FFG's LCG core sets have more than about 250 cards. Presumably there's a breakpoint there where they would actually have to raise the price if they put in more.
  • Presumably, FFG knows enough about pricing board games to have determined that raising the price would reduce sales. And, for that matter, that most people won't be too upset with $40 for the contents of one core set.
  • They've said several times that most core set buyers play it as a self-contained board game and never buy any expansions. From discussions here, we know that many of them never do any deckbuilding either. Such kitchen table players actually seem pretty happy with the core set as it is.
  • Less casual players don't usually start with three core sets. They start with one, buy some expansions, buy a second core, buy some more expansions, then buy a third core. So they don't seem to see one core as "a third of a game," and they don't actually start with an incredibly expensive 120 euro purchase. This may have been a problem when the game was new and there were no expansions, but it isn't now.
  • There are actually fewer full playsets and more one-ofs in the new core. Weirdly, this is actually an improvement for competitive players; if you do buy three core sets, the number of different cards it will give you full playsets of is substantially larger. I bought my third original core set basically just for Desparado. New players buying a third revised core will get a lot more value out of it.

    Incidentally, the MSRP is $40 US, which Google says is about 34 euro. Amazon France has the original core for EUR 35,50. So your costs are a bit high.
u/IceRay42 · 2 pointsr/Netrunner

For deck boxes I recommend a Pro Tower Deck Box which conveniently holds two fully sleeved decks, and has additional space for any bits, or backup decks you'd like to carry. Once I got tired of sifting through an unsorted compartment for bits, I spent a few dollars on a small tackle box (I use this) to keep things sorted.

As for sleeves, this is a much more personal preference issue, but like Anlysia mentioned you're looking for "standard" TCG sized sleeves. Fantasy Flight has their own brand, but it'll come down to what you're looking for. Some people like to have cool cardbacks/art, some play strictly for the feel of the sleeve, and still others measure them strictly on durability.

For my money, I swear by Dragon Shield Mattes

They feel wonderful, stand up well over time, and come in all of the 5 colors of MtG. 10 bucks will be enough sleeves for both a runner and a corp deck, so they're not cheap, as sleeves go, but earn their investment over time.

u/scd · 7 pointsr/Netrunner

Two suggestions:

Since you just started playing, the UltraPro Tower is great to just store two decks and some tokens. Comes in a ton of colors, is very durable, and holds what you need. The best for the price (around $10):

If you're wanting to bring multiple decks to casual play nights or similar events, you might want to consider investing in something that will let you bring multiple Corp and Runner decks. I like the Ultimate Guard Twin Flip n' Tray:

Comes in multiple colors, the magnetic latches are strong, and is a great way to carry four decks (or five, since I take out the token tray and slip in another deck).


The Quiver. I've filled my Quiver up with upwards of 8 constructed decks and a bunch of extras. It holds my cube at the moment, but is a great case if you find yourself wanting to bring lots of cards anywhere:

u/BountyHunterSAx · 5 pointsr/Netrunner

Depending what "heavily into" means, he will more likely than not own all the datapacks and expansions as it is very easy and price-efficient to keep up with them.

I think your best bet would be a cool ~$20 US value playmat. Even if he already has a nice Android Netrunner playmat, it's one of those things that hardcore players tend to like having multiples of and using "cool ones" when/where they're ready for it.

For example:

or (Jesus Howard!)


u/heffergod · 2 pointsr/Netrunner

The closest I've found to the Netrunner card backs have been these ones from Amazon. Unfortunately, the corners of the art have a bad habit of peeling away from the sleeves, leaving the cards slightly marked. At one point I saw a card on top of my deck and thought, "I think this is Sure Gamble"... and it was. Naturally, this is a bad thing, so I bought new sleeves.

That being said, they lasted quite a while before that happened, so if you want to go that route, it's not a bad choice.

Not from Michigan, so I'm not sure about games in that area, but good luck and happy running!

edit The playgroup finder on shows there might be a game night Thursdays at 6pm at Out of the Box on East Main and Church, and another on Mondays at around 6pm in Grand Rapids at GrandLan. Not sure how up-to-date this info is, but it might be a place to start!

u/se4n · 6 pointsr/Netrunner

I haven't seen anyone mention premium deck storage here yet. For Father's Day, my wife got me this Ultimate Guard Twin Flip n' Tray:

These are great for carrying around four decks and tokens -- I love mine. I've never much liked the competing Legion Elder Dragon Vault, because, c'mon, dragon scales don't really fit cybernoir. But those are good, too.

I've also liked this Dragon Shield box for storing more than two decks:

But it cracked, as plastic can do. I vastly prefer the Ultimate Guard!

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u/TheYellowTea · 1 pointr/Netrunner

Sorry but it can't hold all of the tokens. I would say it fits about half of them. This is totally enough for me and I take this setup to tournaments and gamenights. But if you want to store everything you might look for another solution.

Maybe this one Pro Tower

I have not used this but it seems like it can fit 2 decks and most or all of the tokens.

u/kaminiwa · 3 pointsr/Netrunner

5x 1-inch black binders for the datacycles. (1 binder just barely fits 2 cycles). Ashes + Downfall is slightly larger than a standard cycle, so I put my promos in with that.

1x 1-inch purple binder for Core. I wanted it visually distinct since it'll get a lot of use. I have two copies of Core 1.0, and was able to fit 6 cards/pocket. I'd be more skeptical about 9 cards/pocket. This binder is pretty thin (only 112 cards), but Core 2.0 is 132 cards and NISEI Core would be 147 cards. Before NISEI came out, I was planning to put my promos in this one.

2-inch binder for the 6 FFG Big Boxes.

2x [Set of 8 binder dividers] (, one for the datacycles and one for the big boxes + NISEI

2x Ultra Pro 9-Pocket Trading Card Pages - Platinum Series = 200 sheets; I think I've got about half a box leftover?

Art composition was all done myself, and printed at home for basically free. I needed to use heavier stock for the side-of-binder art, but regular printer paper worked fine for the rest.

Probably $50 all total, and I was a stickler about binder colors.

u/PityUpvote · 1 pointr/Netrunner

The course used this, it's a good book, but it expects a mathematical background of the reader, so only introductory of you're already familiar with mathematical notation and calculus.

I'm pretty sure it's intended for math majors.

u/FourDownMagic · 3 pointsr/Netrunner

Worlds of Android.

Covers just about everything there is to know about the whole universe including parts we haven't traversed yet. Deep looks at the Moon and Mars, the Space Elevator, the different factions, religions, and corps. Great "on the ground" flavor as well as thorough expository on things like clones vs. bioroids, ritzy vs. seedy, the Net and the dark net, god Ice. Everything.

I'm sure someday it will fall short of whatever stories the game starts to tell, but right now it's really comprehensive.

u/power_yyc · 1 pointr/Netrunner

How about the Fantasy Flight deck boxes?

I've been using mine for a couple of years without a problem. Fits sleeved cards perfectly.

That said, I've never tried the Ultra Pro tower that others have mentioned. I'd be curious to hear pros/cons of each for those that have tried out both.

u/rupertpupkin9 · 1 pointr/Netrunner

I just picked up the most recent pack today... Been using the 5 Row cardboard card box thing -

All the cards fit (sorted ID, faction, events, hardware, program, resources. Similar for Corp). I originally had everything sleeved until the last cycle. I found myself having to put newer cards in with no sleeves to make it fit better. It doesn't look like another full cycle will fit though.

u/flatlinedwilson · 2 pointsr/Netrunner

Is he playing on OCTGN at least??

Great way to scratch the itch if you're having trouble finding/affording cards.

But the Core will only cost you $30 on the US Amazon.

u/Stonar · 3 pointsr/Netrunner
  1. Each round has 2 games. You have 65 minutes to play a runner game and a corp game. Each time you win, you get 2 points (called prestige). At the end of a few rounds, you either:

    Assign places by whoever has the most prestige

    Cut to a subset of the top (4/8) players, and do a tournament.

    The top tournament has a slightly different structure, where they're all single games of 40 minutes, and it's a double-elimination tournament.

    There is NO sideboarding in a Netrunner tournament. You cannot change cards in your deck at any time. In fact, at a competitive tournament, if you forget an agenda on the last table or whatever, and your deck doesn't 100% match the decklist you brought (you only need decklists for competitive tournaments, usually,) you can get disqualified. That's one of the big no-nos at a Netrunner tournament.

  2. People do one of two things. Either get a card binder, and put all your cards in there, or boxes of some shape or form. I use core set boxes, with custom inserts: (They have sleeved and unsleeved versions,) but you can also get just normal card storage boxes like these:
u/Sparkling_Beverage · 1 pointr/Netrunner

The core set is currently only $30 on Amazon (I've seen it as low as $26 on there). Super cheap considering the amount of play you'll get out of it. Pick it up.

u/btothej · 1 pointr/Netrunner

To buy the core set (or any other xpacs) just add it to your amazon wish list and check back. I picked a core set up 3 weeks ago off Amazon for $30. Right now, it shows 9 left at $49.99.

u/vliam · 1 pointr/Netrunner

Just a headsup,

Book Depository just dropped a bunch on Amazon at $20.53 with free shipping.

u/raydenuni · 1 pointr/Netrunner

Another thing to think about now before you're heavily invested in sleeves is whether you're going to sleeve all the cards in your collection, or only individual decks and then unsleeve when you're done. Sleeves do wear and you'll have to replace the ones you use more often and they can be expensive. I started out sleeving everything and have since switched to storing my cards in binders and only sleeving the decks I'm playing with.

For binders, I like these pages:

u/rubyvr00m · 2 pointsr/Netrunner

Two of these, One for Corp, one for Runner. I won't run out of room til long after rotation so I think I'm good.

u/reversezer0 · 4 pointsr/Netrunner

I'm using this Ultra Pro Binder.

The binder is enough for the core set and the entire Genesis cycle with a few pages to spare. The cards are stored in 3's by set and then by card number. I bought a new Ultra Pro Binder for Creation & Control and the Spin Cycle.

u/Theholycasson · 2 pointsr/Netrunner

A quick thought, have you tried amazon? I don't speak French, but I think you can probably find English cards on there (for example, which says language English if I'm not mistaken!)

u/Cottonjaw · 2 pointsr/Netrunner

I always recommend the Quiver. Its a little pricey (although on sale right now) but its the last deck box you will ever buy. Mine is currently holding 5 runner and 4 Corp decks, 2 MTG decks and tokens.

u/MagnumNopus · 5 pointsr/Netrunner

Ultra Pro Satin Tower

Fits 2 sleeved decks and has a compartment on the bottom for tokens/dice/etc.

It isn't "one box per deck" but for going to a tourney it's the only box you'll need to carry

u/i_am_not_you_or_me · 2 pointsr/Netrunner

This is what I use for my sleeved cards.

with a bunch of these colored with sharpies (top 1/4 inch):

And i made this for transportation:

u/WilcoClahas · 4 pointsr/Netrunner

This is exactly what I’m saying. The product that isn’t “pretty much gone” is copies of revised core. Amazon UK has them, right now, in stock, for less than RRP.

But Nisei has rendered that an invalid product in favour of something that you’re describing as “weird cheap and bad”.

New players are crucial, and I fear this will drive them away.

u/DamienStark · 2 pointsr/Netrunner

Along similar lines, there's this:

I can't vouch for it personally - a couple of the reviews complain that cards or tokens can slide under the divider - but I'm considering picking it up to find out...