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u/MrFluffykinz · 2 pointsr/NewSkaters

When I said lemon oil what I really meant was citrus. Derp. So yeah, really anything, but this is available for a pretty good price on Amazon.

I'd say baby oil is a no-go, based on the chemical composition. The reason why citrus cleaners work well is because they have the ability to remove corrosive materials from the bearing while being non-toxic and smelling like heaven :)

u/Eloykwik · 1 pointr/NewSkaters

I've been skating for a while and more or less have only been skating transition for the past 6 years-ish. Mainly I started just where you are with some rather large (I would call) street wheels. For transition I found that the lager wheels tend to help build some speed and the softer they are the better they grip on concrete. So currently I've been riding these which are 60mm 85a wheels. I know 60mm is REALLY big jump but I've found they help launch my fatass better than 58mm. These wheels are ninja like on just about every riding surface.

As a last FYI if you decide to go anywhere in the 56-60mm range of sizes I would recommend riser pads, and for the 60mm+ wheels you may need to be looking in the longboard section, I have some 0.25" risers with my powells and they work pretty great, minimal wheel bite.

Last last thing: If you move to flat edge wheels stray from febels, smiths, Willie grinds, really anything that will put stress on the inside of the wheel. (I've ripped the wheel off the core of some 60mm 85a OJ's)

u/ixAp0c · 4 pointsr/NewSkaters

Anywhere with some type of light fixtures is good for night skating, as long as the spot itself isn't shit.

Parking lots with lights that automatically turn on etc., public buildings like churches and schools usually have some type of night illumination.

Skating in the day is alright, if you have enough hydration. I was using a lot of water bottles from the 24 packs etc., now I just use a pair of reusable water bottles (32oz Nalgene Wide Mouth), they are a bit more durable / thicker plastic and don't break on me, so no leaks.

Another thing that helps is proper clothing, I like to wear light colors & a nice wide hat to block the sun, to create a cone of shade over my face (boonie / bucket hats work pretty good). Wear stuff that can breathe in the wind, cotton is good for holding the moisture from sweat which will cool you off (although the cotton can be bad in cold weather, since the moisture can cause hypothermia if it's frigid enough).

u/cyanicenine · 1 pointr/NewSkaters

I have a skinny heel and a wide forefoot so I have the choice between having a shoe that is crushing my toes but my heels are secure. Or shoes that are comfy in the toes but my heels are just swimming.

Last year I bought a shoe stretcher and it changed my life. Now I can buy shoes that are too narrow for my forefoot and just stretch them out. Suede and leather shoes work especially well, you can even buy shoe stretch spray and get a crazy amount of extra space, but honestly just the stretcher alone works great. My shoes have never fit better.

u/surfnskate72 · 1 pointr/NewSkaters

You would be better off not using any lubricant.
I clean bearings with 90% isopropyl alcohol and then put one tinsy tiny drop of rem oil. It is a bit cheaper than the skate specific oil and I think it works better.

u/JadedOlive · 5 pointsr/NewSkaters

Cloth climbing/hockey tape might work better, but you might as well just embrace it for now.

Your skin will toughen up over time and you'll stop noticing it.

If your thumbs hurt a lot, you can pick up some of this to put on after a session: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0017TK2TC/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_xGuFDbPQK0B5C

Meant for rock climbing and helps relieve damaged skin and keep it healthy

u/youfuckingslaves · 1 pointr/NewSkaters

Ricta Clouds 78A

Lucky Bearings


Trucks and deck is based on how wide you want I personally prefer 9+ inch decks give me how wide you want it and I will send you the rest. Also please give me your weight as well for proper bushings.

u/workingclassredditor · 5 pointsr/NewSkaters

Have you tried loosening the bolt inside the wheels? Sometimes (and most frequently on new skateboards) it comes too tight. A few spins and you'll be fine.

If you're starting you could buy a Skateboard Tool like this one.

u/mckav · 2 pointsr/NewSkaters

Some pain is unavoidable. However, one thing that really, REALLY helped me was just to buy some cheap slip-on shin guards and ankle guards. I found some on Amazon for around 20 total and I never have to worry about hurt ankles/ shins with learning flip trips. They're so light I don't even notice them when I wear them and they fit discretely under my pant leg. I would recommend them to anyone. If anyone is interested:



u/BestSlowbroEU · 3 pointsr/NewSkaters

I would think something like this would do the trick? It's not gonna stop it getting scraped and chipped obviously but it should stop it rubbing off really easily.

I know people that have used this for large warhammer models but obviously they don't have to deal with the kind of elements a skateboard does.

u/IAmTheBestMang · 2 pointsr/NewSkaters

This one is just over 5' and is way less: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Rampage-Large-Skate-Scooter-Grind/dp/B000KP3RAU
Find somewhere that sells these in the US, probably much cheaper. Can't speak for the quality, but I'm assuming it isn't bad. You could probably look into that yourself :).

u/motherfo · 1 pointr/NewSkaters


This has the right chemicals RatVision was referring to.

I got two them for $6.50 on Amazon not too long ago.

u/Evilchurch · 1 pointr/NewSkaters

I got a pair of these beastly things called hillbilly impact shorts a while back, they are a bit bulky but insane protection. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B002688TD4/

u/Sobis_Bangers · 2 pointsr/NewSkaters

innit, so annoying, i recommend getting some ricta clouds for getting about. i use those to get around in the day, then change back to harder wheels when i practice tricks in car parks at night, bit tedious changing the wheels twice a day but y'know ricta clouds are sick