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u/TAX_EXEMPTION · 3 pointsr/Nexus5

On mobile, but I can recommend some. Really depends on your type of case. If you like minimal, but beautiful cases, go with a Carved wooden case. If you like sort of heavy duty cases but aren't TOO thick, go with a Spigen Slim Armor. (This is what I usually rock because I love the feel, though the back is prone to scratches. If you like cases that are somewhere in the middle, get the Spigen Neo Hybrid. I absolutely love the look of this case, but I switched to a Slim Armor because the sides were a little sharp. Still switch to it occasionally if I want a change of pace.

As for glass screen protectors, do not get the overpriced Spigen ones. Not worth. Go with something like a Nilikin, or if you're like me and you don't like cutouts for anything except the speaker hole, get this intelliARMOR LG Nexus 5 intelliGLASS Is The Smarter Real Glass Scre...

which I think is amazing.

u/suiris · 1 pointr/Nexus5

Right now I have the Trident Aegis. It's not a huge case but it's just big enough to completely protect the phone. It has plugs for the headphone and USB port to prevent small amounts of water from getting in. Been pretty good for 4 months now so I could say it's worth $20.

I also have the Tech Armor Ballistic Glass Screen Protector, it worked fine for me. You use the repair tape before you apply the screen to get rid of any dust. I would try reapplying it. Try shining a bright light on the screen at an angle to make sure it is 100% clean and press down on the screen protector and move pressure toward the edges of the phone.

I have had 3 tempered glass screen protectors, and I successfully applied two of those. One cracked after 3 months, one had a large bubble form, one is currently going strong. It might take a few tries but it is definitely worth it since it offers a lot more protection and it has a much higher rate of perfect application than any normal screen protector.

u/toxicpaulution · 3 pointsr/Nexus5

Well the n5 battery is bigger than your s2 battery. Disable location/Google now when you get it and it will save a ton of battery. Life wise depends mainly on your cell coverage. 3-6hours of screen on time is normal. Things will be better when lollipop comes out but by the time you purchase your n5 it should be out. Get a nice case and a glass screen protector and you'll be good to go. I have the red n5 so I wanted a case to show it off. I got the ringke fusion case for like $10. Its all I use and I love it :) glass screen protector I'd have to say the nilikin protector.


Screen protector-

u/bblzd · 2 pointsr/Nexus5

This Nilkin one gets pretty favorable reviews. Seems like one of the better options for less than $20 but there are so many now any of them could be good.

The main differences in tempered glass are:

  • thickness. Thicker is more protective. Thinner looks and feels better but is also easier to chip and crack.

  • quality of the rounded edges (if any) Rounding is crucial if you're not using a case or using one with no lip such as myself.

  • quality of the oleophobic coating (if any). How easily fingerprints can be seen and wiped off and gives your finger a smooth glide.

  • quality of the adhesive. Thicker glass has a harder time sticking to the phone's glass, especially some of the less flat areas on the N5's face.

    You might have some more luck finding someone who's tried that particular brand in thx XDA N5 Tempered Glass mega thread.
u/Aptosauras · 2 pointsr/Nexus5

I don't think that the next Nexus phone will be called the Nexus 6. That's why I called the next Nexus phone the 2014 Nexus 5.

But anyways, wireless Qi charging is slower than USB charging, but the great advantage is that if you have a few Qi chargers located around you, you just put your phone down and it starts to charge. The whole idea is to constantly be topping up your battery, not waiting for the battery to hit a critical level and then charging. No messing around with microUSB ports and aligning them properly.

I personally use the official Nexus charger, which has magnets that help to stick your phone to the charger. It's great, but a bit costly:

The Choe Qi Charger on Amazon looks good for $29.99. Buy two for $60 and have free shipping in the US.

u/atech087 · 2 pointsr/Nexus5

I have the Spigen Ultra Hybrid , and I like it a lot. Sure dust sometimes gets inside the case, but it protects the phone great and hardly makes it bulkier at all. Just take off the case once a month and wipe it out, it works great! It is a really solid case also.

u/anti-irl · 4 pointsr/Nexus5

Spigen 0.15mm glass screen protector (expensive, but worth it for the extra thinness imo, very happy with mine):

Qi charger (charges quickly, doesn't heat up, good size, not slippery/nice matte finish):

Bonus - cheap but awesome IEM setup: +

u/zackhattackh · 1 pointr/Nexus5

I have the Spigen Air Cushion case and I love it, I bought the Neo Hybrid when I first bought my nexus, and between the two, the Air Cushion feels better in the hand, the buttons are easier to push, and I enjoy the clear back personally.

u/oracular_demon · 1 pointr/Nexus5

I'm not completely sure whether it's the best or most popular, but I've had great luck with the Nilkin tempered glass screen protector. Easy application and reasonable price. Link on Amazon

u/TheAbstractAnt · 2 pointsr/Nexus5

I'd definitely go with the glass screen protector. It feels more like the actual screen and will help protect some from impacts. I can reccomend this one. Good luck!

u/infestdead · 1 pointr/Nexus5

I got a Nilkin Glass For the price it's pretty good, much better than the cheap ones at ebay (4-5$). I've never had a 30$+ one but they are supposed to be even better. Check out spigen, dbrand if you are ok to fork over that much :)

u/CptTesla · 1 pointr/Nexus5

At the age that most of them are, I would say your best bet is to carry a small usb battery and a short charging cable with you.
The other thing that I do is to try and keep it topped up throughout the day with the a very fast charger. The best I've seen are the blackberry chargers like this one. If you look around amazon and ebay, you can find them new for around 10 bucks. I picked one up a few years ago, and it's my favorite charger.

I haven't been able to find a replacement genuine OEM battery for my nexus, and I don't want to risk a knockoff hurting my phone, so I make due.

Also, if you don't mind bulky cases, this is an option

u/airbornemist6 · 1 pointr/Nexus5

I highly suggest the Spigen Ultra Hybrid. It makes all the buttons flush AND easier to press. It's a really nice case. It's protected my phone from at least 8 or 9 hard drops and it still looks amazing. The plastic on the back is surprisingly resilient to scratches and I love that I can put custom inserts into the case to make it more unique. Originally I bought it with intention of showing off the nexus branding, but I really like one of the inserts that came with the case, so I've been using that.

u/IanCleveland · 1 pointr/Nexus5

I have had pay attentions to three cases, all with transparent back:

  1. I'm returning a Supcase, the quality is good, just the button is too hard to press, like, really hard. So it's a concern for me now. I don't want a case ruining the look and the use of the phone, so watched lots of comments and video reviews.

  2. Now planning to buy a Rearth, I've heard its button is much much better, but it may have lower build quality compare to Supcase mentioned above, or Spigen.

  3. Spigen based on what I know, button responsiveness is in between Supcase and Rearth cases mentioned above. Some people say its buttons prone to accidental hit, because it's overall flat and hard to tell where it is when not looking at it.

    Design aspects of above three cases, Rearth one has the most minimalistic design IMO. Supcase have a bright logo on the side (logos of other two cases are not as obvious), the back of black one not totally transparent. Some say that Spigen one may felt more bulky, considering those straight edges, and it's a bit thicker than Rearth.

    Then, official case looks really good, just not sure how well the button response is. It's most expensive, with nice design and high build quality.
u/rosswinn · 2 pointsr/Nexus5

Pro: easy and worry free.
Con: not as fast as a good adapter.

I use these, and I have three. They're a great balance of cost and durability.

TechMatte Nexus 5 Wireless Charger (Free AC Adapter Included) Qi-En...

u/thinkythought · 1 pointr/Nexus5

there's a bunch of amazon and such like this that all seem to be rebrands of the same OEM unit.

i mostly came here though, to say don't get the bezalel ark. holy crap, what a hunk of junk. that was the first one of these i saw, and i watched a friend of a friend spend like 20 minutes trying to get his phone to actually start charging with the thing, then it drained pathetically quickly.

note that these are consistently REALLY overpriced. Like, $50+ for a <5000mAh pack, when you could get a new trent or a xiaomi or something 10kmAh or more for ~$20. How much is wireless charging worth to you?

ebay and amazon have plenty, though. just searching "qi wireless battery bank" or "battery pack" or whatever worked.

u/tpistols · 1 pointr/Nexus5

That one has ZERO reviews, I wouldn't recommend it. On the other hand I just installed this one a couple of days ago. It's flawless to say the least. If you mess up with the installation and get a bubble or two they will send you a free replacement, at least that's what happened to me. There's clear installation instructions in the package, If you read them first you'll be fine.

u/jetknife · 2 pointsr/Nexus5

How well do the FFC & proximity/light sensors work without cutouts? I have the tempered glass screen protector from Tech Armor ( which I absolutely love, it's got a great feel to it--more slippery than gorilla glass. However, it has cutouts for those sensors, which I don't like aesthetically.

u/ssaadany · 1 pointr/Nexus5

Hello there, I would like to know what is the best Screen with frame to buy. I have found it with 65$ on Amazon. I wonder if this means it's of a less quality

u/georgefrs · 1 pointr/Nexus5

Personally would recommend the EasyAcc iChoch 5000mah or the Anker Astro Slim3.

Both devices are slim and fit comfortably behind the device in a pocket... they also both have integrated Micro USB cables which is far more convenient than having to carry one separately.

I own several Anker Slims which I use with my Nexus 5 / 7 2013 and I've gifted a few out as well... I really can't recommend them enough! A bit over your £15 budget but I assure you it's worth it!

u/BusinessHugs · 1 pointr/Nexus5

This is the closest thing I can find to what you said, but it says its 4h, not 9h. Time to do some more research.

Thanks again for your help!

u/pylon567 · 1 pointr/Nexus5

I have this on my phone: intelliARMOR. It works like a charm and feels exactly like the original screen.

u/juice-digital · 2 pointsr/Nexus5

If it doesn't work out, you can grab a $60 screen/glass replacement from Amazon.

It's super easy to swap out yourself!

u/threefs · 1 pointr/Nexus5

Asked this around here before but haven't gotten many replies. I have this charger from amazon and it makes noise when it is charging. Its like a really loud watch ticking - can barely hear it over my computer fan, but I wouldn't want it on my nightstand when I sleep.

Has anyone experienced this with that charger, or with any other cheap chargers? Searching around on the internet I haven't found much, but I saw one article mention it can happen with cheap Qi chargers. Just wondering if anyone with a cheap charger has experienced this, and if not, what charger they use.

u/mctt · 2 pointsr/Nexus5

The official one is stupidly expensive. And when I first got it I was disappointed about it's shape and how hard the buttons were to push.

I have just about every case type out there so about a dozen I think. The spigen ones are good value.

But what I like about the official one is that it's grippy in your hand and sits still if you rest it on your leg or a sloping surface.

I also use an Anker battery in a flip case so am transferring it between cases a lot.
Some cases are hard to take on and off.

For example the SPIGEN Google Nexus 5 Case Protective [Neo Hybrid] [Metal Slate] ...

Is tricky even with good technique.

The Spigen Ultra Hybrid Bumper Case for Google Nexus 5 - Black

Is better, but, as you mention getting one where you are can be hit and miss.

There is a very good xda review that concludes that you don't have to spend big bucks. But IMO the official one does all the things I want it to.

u/2_wheel · 1 pointr/Nexus5

Had the same displeasure of dealing with a cracked N5 screen last week (my first ever).

You can replace the screen/digitizer yourself for about $75, assuming you can follow YouTube instructions and be careful. You can run a quick search in this subreddit and find a very detailed walk-through. However, some people just lose their shit around exposed electronics for whatever reason, so this may or may not be an option for you.

Personally, I have very limited free time due to school right now, so I opted to purchase a new N5 for ~ $150 on Amazon. Arrived in < 48hrs & I still have to option to repair my old one and sell it if I find the time.

Best of luck to you!

EDIT: For future reference, I do highly recommend a tempered glass screen protector if you don't already have one. Combined with a skin or a cheap TPU case, it makes the N5 very scratch/crack/shatter resistant.

u/lelanophilus · 1 pointr/Nexus5

I really like these flip cases for the extra screen protection. I have red and yellow and they look good and have lasted pretty well.

I just got this wood skin and it looks great, but doesn't have the screen protection of the flip case.

u/diend · 1 pointr/Nexus5

I bought this from Amazon a about two months ago.

It's held up really well and has everything you could want out of a tempered glass screen protector.

u/omegatek · 0 pointsr/Nexus5

I have this case in white/black:

I use it when I know my phone will be in area's outside the office
I feel pretty confident nothing will happen to my phone unless a tank were to rollover it
In the office I use this:

u/plainoldasshole · 1 pointr/Nexus5

I asked not too long ago if I could use a wireless charger with a Ballistic Tough Jacket Maxx and was told that I shouldn't get the Tough Jacket because it costs over $100 and doesn't work with a wireless charger. Also that it would "ruin the user experience", whatever the heck that means.

Anyway, they were wrong on all accounts. The Tough Jacket was $32 (at the time) and it works fine with the charger that was suggested to me, which is the Choe Qi Charger. I ended up not getting the Tough Jacket Maxx because I wasn't keen on the screen protector and I don't need a belt clip. I just got the regular Tough Jacket, which is only $24 right now if you want the plain black. For a screen protector I got a Nilkin Nikay Tempered Glass screen protector.

I LOVE the case, the charger works fine, and the only problem with the screen protector is that there is a tiny area at the bottom, off of the screen, looks like it just doesn't want to stick. It's not a bubble, because I can press on it and it goes away for a little bit. Sooner or later though it comes back. It's not over the screen and it's barely visible so I don't really care. Anyway, I posted links to all the crap I bought. I dig it all, but you know, YMMV. Good luck

Choe Qi Charger

Tough Jacket

Nilkin Nikay Tempered Glass Screen Protector

u/anthonyjohnson77 · 2 pointsr/Nexus5

I think you should change the wireless charger instead of messing with it which is now just a piece of scrap. I am also using one to charge my Nexus 5 from almost 1 year and its working fine. I purchased it from Hope you will find the information useful.

u/jkwizzie · 2 pointsr/Nexus5

I would say that the biggest complaint that I have is my battery life. Other than that the phone is fine. Last time I checked, 5-6 hours killed about 48% of the battery life. I know people have different "results" but I use my phone pretty heavily.

My wife has the S4 and she has way better battery life than I do.

The good thing about the Nexus is that the wireless charging is built in. No need to buy anything extra. I bought this from Amazon for about $20.

So instead of buying extra batteries, you can just buy a lot of these and have these lying around (bedroom, desk, office, car, etc) and you could be ok.

u/iHelp101 · -1 pointsr/Nexus5

I would purchase the assembled frame (Included with screen). Below is a link with an EXAMPLE (Not sure of the quality). Many times people buy a cheap version of these and end up with a LCD that dies in a few days to a month. So read reviews for different suppliers to make your best decision.

u/DeathBoT · 2 pointsr/Nexus5

This. I bought the clear back, black edged one for my red, and it looks amazing.

u/Gnomelover · 1 pointr/Nexus5

I bought this one:

Its working very well. Same size as the phone, charges just fine with a Spiggen case on the N5, charges my N7 as well, is easy to position, etc. Not the cheapest but I have been pleased with it.

u/AlphaJon · 0 pointsr/Nexus5

You should definitely check out this tempered glass screen protector:

It feels exactly the same as the original glass and I don't think I could use a cheap plastic screen protector ever again. Totally worth it and your concerns aren't an issue with this screen protector

u/CaDoran · 2 pointsr/Nexus5 this is the one I got. So far its working great. No bubbles and the tools it comes with are really good at getting rid of all the dust first. I haven't seen any dust bubbles

u/nilleo · 1 pointr/Nexus5

The magnetic mount that comes with this one holds an N5 quite well. It holds mine much better without a case, but it still manages to hold it even with my Ringke slim case on.

The little magnetic disc has a ball style mount receptacle like some GPS mounts so you can remove it and use it with another mount style that doesn't take up your CD slot.

u/Prospekt01 · 1 pointr/Nexus5

Check out the Spigen Neo-Hybrid or the Spigen Ultra-Fit. I have them both and they work great.

u/TheCamboRambo · 1 pointr/Nexus5

I use the Spigeon Ultra Thin. Like the name suggests, it's thin so it doesn't add to the bulk of the phone and it keeps the phone protected. I've dropped my phone onto concrete a few times from normal standing heights and haven't had an issue. Plus it's cheap.

u/fineimadeanaccount · 5 pointsr/Nexus5

I printed it on Semi-Gloss photo paper, then cut out INSIDE the black lines (remove the black lines completely) with an x-acto knife. You don't have to be SUPER accurate, but you do need to make clean cuts, so use a fresh blade.

Then you just drop it into a Spiegen Ultra Hybrid case (did I mention that you needed a case with a clear back???)

u/Lightbiter · 2 pointsr/Nexus5

I love this Nexus 5 Case, Spigen® [AIR CUSHION] [+Screen Shield] Google Nexus 5... you can customize it with your own pictures there is even a Photoshop template for it

u/[deleted] · 2 pointsr/Nexus5

I've been using this one for about four months and it works great.

u/socioteq · 2 pointsr/Nexus5

Do you have a CD player? I mean, do you have something that you can put this: on?

If you get one of these: and break it open/glue the guts to the yellow part of the slot mount, you have a pretty sweet QI charger/mount. It seems there arent many options for this, but this worked well for me. I'll try and take some photos today of what I did.

u/OGMcNasty · 1 pointr/Nexus5

I have this tech armor screen protector and love it.

There was a bubble around the edge of the protector when I first put it on but the case I have sealed the protector down nicely so the bubble disappeared.

u/RPanarchist · 1 pointr/Nexus5

The diztronic tpu is the one i have, using an anker HD screen protector with it

very pleased with this combo

u/KovaaK · 2 pointsr/Nexus5

What magnetic car mount do you have?

I am using this now, and I love that it isn't using the stupid suction cup that inevitably falls down. Unfortunately, it's not a charging mount.

u/K1774B · 2 pointsr/Nexus5

I don't understand the hype with this brand of protectors. They seem ridiculously overpriced and their customer service is pretty shitty.

Been rocking a Nilkin brand glass protector for almost a year without any problems at all (except shattering one when I slammed my phone in the door of my car, but thats hardly a design flaw and it protected the screen perfectly).

Shipping takes a little while as they are direct from China, but they're at least up front about it. When I bought my replacement after the car door incident, estimated shipping was 4 weeks but I had it in 2.

u/fidyyuan · 2 pointsr/Nexus5

I've heard really good things about the EasyAcc battery backup. Slimmer than the Anker slim series too.

u/DeviousRetard · 4 pointsr/Nexus5

The glass is glued to the LCD panel, not the frame itself. This means you'll have to replace the entire LCD panel, which is quite easy. You could get one for around 30 dollars.

u/psychoacer · 2 pointsr/Nexus5

The puck is still like $50 so expect the new one to be about the same. For that amount I would jump on this or this

Otherwise for cheaper you can look at this other Nokia charger or this Koolpad one. I'm still thinking but I will probably get the Nokia pillow to put next to my bed. Also try to figure out if any have an extra usb plug in case you want to use the device while charging.

u/postenl · 1 pointr/Nexus5

I ordered one off Amazon ( and it worked well for me.

They sent me 2 by mistake actually. I don't know how much it costs to ship to you (from US) but if you want to pay for the shipping I'll gladly send you my extra.

u/Suspicious_INTJ · 2 pointsr/Nexus5

I got these two things:



Both working perfectly, considering how cheap they were. Car survived a corner impact on concrete with no damage.

u/mujoh · 1 pointr/Nexus5

There is also the LG Hardshell. Very slim and nice to the touch.

u/littlerm · 2 pointsr/Nexus5

intelliARMOR LG Nexus 5 intelliGLASS Is The Smarter Real Glass Scre...

u/teuflhund · 1 pointr/Nexus5

I really like this case It is a little expensive but I LOVE that it has a 2nd battery in it. This has survived a 30+ ft drop / throw onto concrete with just a small scuff to the case. I also had an issue with the belt holder ( totally my fault screwing around with it) broke it. Asked the vender if they sold the spring for the belt clip and they sent a new belt clip no questions asked. This is a HUGE case but being a bigger guy I have issues with out thicker cases.

u/will99222 · 1 pointr/Nexus5

I cannot bring myself to use a case that doesn't cover the screen, So I've had this Ringke Delight for a while.

I bought this a month or so after the phone was released, and there weren't too many choices available to me back then. The case is very nice, if a little hard to remove sometimes.

u/theenextkb24 · 1 pointr/Nexus5

This is gonna be your best bet. There aren't any black ones left, unfortunately (I was looking for one too). But I figure the black on white look will be kind of cool, so I got a white one!

u/r0ugew0lf · 1 pointr/Nexus5

After reading through the iFixit teardown, it seems I should get this part since the LCD and the glass are fused. Unless theres an easy way of getting the two unfused

u/KYL0C0 · 1 pointr/Nexus5

Christ, is this the case you're talking about?

How does that fit in your pocket?

u/Kacheeto · 1 pointr/Nexus5

Not OEM but this worked for me:

It's the digitizer and glass together. You may also think about getting a new battery if yours has been less than optimal.

u/AidenXY · 1 pointr/Nexus5

You could try out this kick-ass ZeroLemon case for the N5. I have it and it's saved me countless times. I always end up dropping my phone somehow, and this case helps me a bunch.

u/Loliconpajero · 2 pointsr/Nexus5

I bought this one for the couple N5s I ordered from a few months ago:

The N5s were supposedly 32GB and new for $150, were actually 16GB and refurbished, all of us who ordered got a $70 discount so, eh. Still a little better than my previous n4.

The only issue there seems to be with the case is a little scuffing around the edges after a few months of snapping on and off. Not that noticeable imo.

u/poopings · 1 pointr/Nexus5

I have the triangle one from this link (couldn't get it link directly)

I also have the one they call M3 on there, white circle with black top, both work fine for me

u/eruditionfish · 2 pointsr/Nexus5

> I'm looking for something like a Spigen Hybrid

How about a Spigen Hybrid?

u/SirLeopluradon · 3 pointsr/Nexus5

For the smudgy, cheap screen: get a tempered glass screen protector (I use the Nilkin variety) and make sure it's oleophobic.

u/dejaentendu280 · 3 pointsr/Nexus5

I bought this: LG Google Nexus 5 G2 D820 LCD Touch Screen Digitizer Assembly and Frame

It worked out pretty well. It wasn't perfect, but it did the job.

u/icru3l · 1 pointr/Nexus5

Something like this? The Nexus 5 has a soldered on battery that can't be replaced easily without desoldering and soldering back and AFAIK there aren't any extended battery packs standalone (without the case). You probably saw something for another phone or just an extended battery case.

u/slybird · 3 pointsr/Nexus5

I use this case. Only one I tried. I have been very satisfied with it and have had no reason to replace.

u/lordroy · 2 pointsr/Nexus5

THIS is the one I have used for the past year, flawlessly.

u/BanalPlay · 1 pointr/Nexus5

If you want a very simple fix by the front housing as well. Like this: You won't have to deal with glue and there is less that can go wrong.

u/msixtwofive · -1 pointsr/Nexus5

I use this:

There's a ton of options though. That one is a bit on the thicker side so fee free to look through amazon.

u/BBLF5112 · 1 pointr/Nexus5

My screen cracked and nothing was working. I ordered this part from amazon and got it working under 20 minutes:

u/IcyParks · 1 pointr/Nexus5

Here is the case I have. Doesn't feel cheap at all and quite premium feeling. It also doesn't hide the cool nexus logo.

u/gerusz · 2 pointsr/Nexus5

I'm using this Shocksock armband.

Not ridiculously expensive, fits snugly plus it's an extra reflexive piece.

u/-Zoomacroom- · 1 pointr/Nexus5

If you can find the Spigen Neo Hybrid somewhere (they don't have it listed on their shop anymore), it's worked well for me. Two tumbles, once onto exposed asphalt (volume rocker side) / once onto smooth concrete (face down), and it's fine. No issues aside from a few tiny indents/chips in the case.

Also have this tempered glass screen protector on it. That's the same link from when I bought it in 2014 (looked back in order history to find the name), so you will have to search around for a more current purchase option... but that's enough info to get you started.

u/Warlord24 · 2 pointsr/Nexus5

I use two cases, the Diztronic TPU bumper that has already been mentioned in this thread and the wallet Case Ringke Delight. I found that I use the wallet case 70 % of the time even though it adds more bulk compared to the bumper case. But when I take the wallet case, I don't carry my wallet - it has card compartments and a biger compartment for banknotes. The other reason I use it so often is screen protection which means I can carry it in my backpack when I do hiking, biking, skiing and other activities. I wear bluetooth headphones so I can listen to music and not miss any phone calls.

u/cl191 · 1 pointr/Nexus5

There are already multiple similar products you can buy today.

u/nourez · 1 pointr/Nexus5

I have this which is a combination wireless charger and power bank. It's insanely handy be able to charge on the go without having to lug around wires (though it does charge anything else without Qi using the USB port)

u/PannaLogic · 1 pointr/Nexus5

I bought a shitload of cases and finally settled on something that won't slip around If you're after the slim stuff.

u/ffejeroni · 3 pointsr/Nexus5

Nova launcher, running last Dev preview of 5.0.

Also using Spigen's Air Cushion case

u/in_n_out · 1 pointr/Nexus5

Excelent case I use it with a normal screen protector that actually came with the case.

u/lagerlover · 2 pointsr/Nexus5

I prefer getting them with the frame although I've replaced it both ways. THIS with frame and THIS without frame.

u/BodieJones · 1 pointr/Nexus5

You bought a extra ZL rugged case. The one you are looking for is this one

u/jackattacck · 7 pointsr/Nexus5

I had the Anker tempered glass protector but it chipped in a few spots just from normal use. I replaced it with a Nilkin tempered glass protector and it's been flawless. No chips, no bubbles.

u/FirstTimeWang · 1 pointr/Nexus5

I've got one of these:

It's ok. Here are the pros:

  1. It's an armband

  2. Neoprene doesn't absorb odor, washes easily.

  3. Cheapish?


  4. the armband is really small, I'm pretty skinny and it's even tight on me. Any dude with some serious guns is going to be cutting off circulation.

  5. Really hard to manipulate the side buttons when it's in the pouch.

  6. Not quite as hard to interact with the touch screen, but the plastic isn't tight over the phone so it's not great.
u/Something_Nice · 1 pointr/Nexus5

I was wrong on the price. Ifixit has a guide, looks easy enough. I'm gonna have tondo mine soon too.

u/Le_Groundhog · 1 pointr/Nexus5

I don't recommend screen protectors ever since I put a tempered glass on my Nexus 5.

This is what I use right now:

If my phone drops on the glass part, the first thing to break will be that tempered glass.

u/Intermeadiate · 1 pointr/Nexus5

Battery case:

Screen protector:

Make sure you follow the instructions on the screen protector for any of them, I didnt,no I pay for it with tiny hairs underneath it at the bottom.

I also use elementalx on my nexus 5 and that's how the case gets me three charges.

u/Innovative_Wombat · 3 pointsr/Nexus5

Spigen Hybrid

But there's not alot of tactile feedback. I do like how you can cut out art and put in the back of your phone. Essentially you can have whatever backing you can cut.

u/TheDenisovan · 1 pointr/Nexus5

So, this means when I read reviews on amazon and someone says "This charger does not stop at 100 percent and makes the phone hot" or something like they, that isn't true?

SO like this for example:

Will be fine, but can be expected to charge slower than a wall charger because of the low output?

u/NickLint · 3 pointsr/Nexus5

I use this one. It fits really well, almost too well. It's difficult to get off but that would be my only complaint about it.

u/3xDope · 2 pointsr/Nexus5

I'm using the factory cable w/a Spigen Ultra Hybrid case and this Qi charger from Amazon:

Charges decently fast with no heat issues.

u/crustycuntscab · 2 pointsr/Nexus5

I just got mine fixed today $150 in toronto. Was using a [this] ( case. It fell flat on its face on a tile floor and the screen broke.

u/doggexbay · 1 pointr/Nexus5

I'm using this Anker PET protector and am pretty happy with it for the price ($5.99). It's only slightly sticky to the touch, but it doesn't bother me. Responsiveness doesn't seem to be affected by it. It was the first protector I'd bought, and I screwed up 2 of the 3 pack while applying - I let Anker know and they sent a replacement at no cost.

u/USBturtle · 9 pointsr/Nexus5

So far I've had no problems using these for my nexus. Prior to owning the nexus, the car mount I used for my note 2 so size and weight isn't a problem.

Screen Protector: Nilkin tempered glass

Car Dock: Mountek Universal CD grip

Wireless charger: Powerbot

Case: Caseology Carbon Fiber

u/Hentai_Bowtie · 5 pointsr/Nexus5

I have an Anker astro slim 2, 4500mAh and a really good size. I usually get slightly less than 2 full charges, but I also continue to use my phone while I use the battery.

I know someone who has an EasyAcc 5000mAh one, and I've never heard them say anything bad about it, and its rated at 2.5A, although I don't know if it really hits that or not.

u/Hurthouse · 1 pointr/Nexus5

Why not buy a Ringke Fusion or Spigen Ultra Hybrid instead and use a graphic cutout? Those cases are actually built with durability and protection in mind, whereas custom cases are generally just shitty hard plastic that'll shatter (along with your phone) after a drop.