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u/chloroformdyas · 1 pointr/Nightshift

This post was not meant to be 'blog spam'. I posted the link straight to the blog, and not to the flickr set because the rest of the blog has some amazing stuff on it as well. I found this incredible Japanese Baseball Card Book just because of this site's archives. I have no idea who writes this blog. I just like it is all... :)

u/malama61 · 1 pointr/Nightshift

Some stores sell these little vials of ginseng. I'd add it to your tea or drink, but it'll also help you with energy levels.


lol not suggesting you buy 180, but you get the point.

u/daytwi · 2 pointsr/Nightshift

I really like these: https://www.amazon.com/Howard-Leight-3301105-Visibility-Disposable/dp/B0007XJOLG

I buy the huge box of 200 every three years or so because I sleep with earplugs every night (and did before I started night audit) and buying them at the drug store or grocery store was really adding up. I reuse them for up to a few weeks, and when they get less effective or dirty I toss them. I'd prefer to not be making the waste but I haven't found longer term use ones that work nearly as well for me.

Also, get a white noise machine (nice because you can adjust the volume and pitch to help drown out different noises) or run a fan in your room. White noise makes a HUGE difference for me being able to stay asleep once I'm out.

u/agent_of_entropy · 3 pointsr/Nightshift

I highly recommend Tranquil Sleep. I work 3rd shift and have been using these for the last month or so. Also use blue blocker glasses to watch TV for an hour or so before hitting the sack. Combined, these are awesome. I rarely have a problem sleeping since I started using them.

u/djronnieg · 2 pointsr/Nightshift

They come in two sizes -- Original Blackout Pleated Paper shade. 36" for $20 and 48" wide for $36. I bought the $20 version and was able to had to trim off a couple of inches; they're designed to be cut per the directions.

The top most end has an adhesive strip although in supposed one could use tacks if they preferred. The adhesive stip works fine.

u/NotQuiteOnTopic · 1 pointr/Nightshift

I use a combination of tint cling and blackout curtains--and my blinds. My curtains are just the basic gray blackout from target.