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u/genesis530 · 1 pointr/NoPoo
  1. Try an all natural pomade. Badger Balm is nice. It smells amazing and works well. Had a bearded friend back home who used it on his head and in his beard (lightly in the beard) and it smelled fantastic. Mmmm... bergamot.

  2. You do have to be somewhat serious about it. It takes time for your hair and scalp to reset. The first few weeks you will be a little oily. Frequent brushing with a good brush helps. So does just rinsing with warm water in the shower (and brushing with the water running on your head). Don't overdo it though. After a few weeks you should balance out.

  3. Yes you can use conditioner. BUT... nothing with silicone or sulfates in it. Try to stay as natural as possible. There's a short list about half way down this page. Suave naturals is cheap and has neither in it. Personally I use Dr Bronners. The lavender smell will put you to sleep.

    edit: wrong link

    It is just something you have to stick with for a little while. People get discouraged in the beginning because it "feels gross". That goes away. If you MUST clean it, Dr. Bronners Castile Soap can take the edge off. It's best to rinse with it though, if that makes sense. It actually is great for your skin, so draw a nice warm bath, add a couple tablespoons to the water, then lay down and swish your hair around, then rinse. Adding any kind of clenser (or conditioner for that matter) directly to your head can overpower your own natural oils. Always dilute it in something and rinse your hair with it. Like with conditioners, keep a cup in the shower, add a bit to the cup and mix it, then pour it over your hair. This is why it used to be called a cream rinse.
u/weeeasles · 1 pointr/NoPoo

I am a guy with slightly longer hair, and this is what I do. I only use natural bar soaps, whether for cleaning myself or cleaning my dishes, so I also use it for my hair. However, my hair really only needs to be washed with soap once a week at most (this should help take care of any over-greasyness or odors). Other than that, just rinsing your hair out with water is the bare minimum and will do you just fine.

Then, maybe once a week (maybe on the same day you use soap) rub some apple cider vinegar through your hair, to use as a conditioner. This helps balance the pH of you hair and scalp, allowing your hair to remain nice and soft.

Try using a boar bristle brush, like this one, as they help to distribute the natural oils in your hair, as well as massage the scalp. You can find these types of brushes in many "alternative health" stores, natural beauty shops, or health food groceries like Sprouts.

u/Vanska1 · 2 pointsr/NoPoo

The thing about damaged hair is usually once we stop using the silicone laden shampoo/conditioner we're looking at our actual hair. It's damaged sometimes. There are things we can do, like the ACV rinse to help, and oils and such but I think eventually it's probably better to just start cutting off the damaged parts or as much as we can until it's all fantastic healthy hair. I spent a lot of time trying to fix my damaged ends... I wanted my hair long and I didn't want to cut off that last 3 inches. So much time and money. Ugh. Anyway in the meantime, I'm thinking the ACV rinse sounds good, closing the hair shaft etc and some light oils. I like shampoo bars though, I dont know about chagrin valley as I'm an ACV Bar gal but the idea is the same, I presume. Natural ingredients that help your sulfates and chemicals etc. If you decide you don't like the chagrin soap check out the shampoo bar I get on Amazon. I like it because it does a great job and I don't have to do the rinse afterwards cuz the acv is in it already. One less thing. :-)

u/calypsoscombs · 1 pointr/NoPoo

Sure sounds like hard water. This is what you want OP. It's an inline shower filter. Affordable unit, economic filters and works a charm. I recommend it based on personal experience. I don't know if my link is the best price and you may be able to find a better version if you do some searching. Heres to happier hair!

u/shadowboxer5 · 1 pointr/NoPoo

Have you tried a clarifying shampoo? Neutrogena Anti-Residue is a good one.

My hair is pretty straight and fine, and so far I've made it to cowashing once a week with Suave naturals between WO. I can go longer if I use my homemade dry shampoo. I regularly use a good boar bristle brush and a wide sandalwood comb. Finding a good brush is what helped me the most. I use this one:

u/DrBaby · 2 pointsr/NoPoo

What sulfate free shampoo did you use? Seriously, I went through everything that you are describing. I gave up being no-poo and settled for being low-poo. I use Shea Moisture products, I think they're awesome. My curls have really come back to life and my dandruff/itchiness has really settled down. I wouldn't say it's completely gone, but it is definitely way better. Shea Moisture has a line specifically for dandruffy/itchy scalp but I only use the shampoo and the purifying hair masque. For conditioner, I use the restorative condtioner and just make sure to keep it off of my scalp. It can be kind of pricey, so at the very least I would suggest trying the masque, it feels so good when you rub it into your scalp and it rinses out fine with just water.

u/WhoIsOryx · 2 pointsr/NoPoo

Yeah, it was sold out on Amazon and everywhere else I could find it for a long time. Until I could buy one, I used a brush with plastic bristles. It was less effective, but it worked okay enough to use while I waited.

Edit: Looks like it's sold out again, but here's the link.

Edit 2: Here is a direct link to Cebra Ethical Skincare. Seems like it's not sold out on their website, and they have a couple different brushes.

u/kajaclair · 1 pointr/NoPoo

Not to say everyone can afford $25, but I used to think I couldn't afford a filter until I saw this shower filter. The replacement filters equate to about $20 a year.

I've been doing no poo (just conditioner, and I just use whatever I feel like: herbal essences, head and shoulders... nothing natural) for over a year, and once I got past the greasy phase (I "cheated" by doing it while on a beach vacation), I never had a problem until I moved and we have super hard water. So I bought this filter, but I haven't really tried it yet. I'll let you know how it goes if you're interested.

Oh and for reference I have pretty much your same hair type.

u/AnaBelem · 7 pointsr/NoPoo

I don't want to sound dismissive, but perhaps you should change your expectations of cleanliness? That squeaky clean sensation (which I dub the "scalp destroyer") won't be ever reproduced by our methods. The closest you will get is by using Baking Soda, which can be quite damaging to hair in the long run.

About the smell, maybe you are getting some form of buildup. This could be for not washing properly or having excessive production of sebum, which is usually the case after a day if you use regular shampoo.

Ask someone close to you to take a look at your scalp, to check if there are red spots or pimples. If that is the case, you will need to clean more thoroughly in the shower and distribute the oils more frequently by scritch/preen/BBB. A scalp brush like these also helps. To clean the present situation, you can apply a bit of ACV with a cotton pad on the spots before you sleep.

Another reason for a buildup is heavy water, so you should take a look at that as well.

u/rachel32socal · 3 pointsr/NoPoo

Well, I was using a conditioner, but with this shampoo bar I've stopped needing conditioner (I think it's the shea butter that helps with that). My hair comes out with good volume & squeaky clean (think it's the ACV that's built in to this stuff). So right now I just shampoo when necessary, then hit it with some product. GL!

edit: Oops, didn't see that you'd asked for a link, sorry! Here you go:

u/blargher · 1 pointr/NoPoo

I've been messing around with NoPoo for the past month or so and I've gotta say it has given my otherwise dry and wavy hair more shine and shape. Before I started trying it out, I used to use hair products pretty regularly, but now I get fairly similar results with no products.

I shampoo my hair about once per week (more often if I go swimming) and I use warm water to clean my hair daily. While washing my hair I use a scalp brush and a fine tooth nit comb to remove any flakes I might have. Seems to work pretty well for me.

u/ammolite · 2 pointsr/NoPoo

Glad to help! I see that you're looking to switch to a water-soluble hair product. My partner is low-poo/mostly water-only (he WO washes 6 days a week and uses normal shampoo once a week). He uses this:

He says that it washes out fine with WO, and works well for his straight, thick hair (which resists a lot of other products). It DOES have beeswax in it, though it seems to be such a small amount that it rinses out without any noticeable residue.

u/brolea · 1 pointr/NoPoo

I'd look on amazon for some wooden combs. In my opinion, they don't work as well and need to be cleaned more often and more carefully (no water, no wet hair, etc.), but it does help redistribute oils. A bamboo hairbrush might work similarly, but I don't really have experience with that.

Honestly, the only time I use my boar bristle brush is when I'm too lazy to thoroughly clean my hair/scalp. Otherwise I don't really need it.

Here's the same brush, but it appears cheaper (I don't know exchange rates).

Edit It seems to have several alternatives in the "Customers who viewed this also..." part of the page.

u/alongstrangetrip · 1 pointr/NoPoo

I am still no poo. I mainly do the "water only" method. Every two weeks I wash my scalp with this shampoo bar.

I find that my curls have been more defined without conditioner as well. But once a month I use this Lush hair treatment.

For anyone interested my method is:

  • While my hair is under the shower, I use my fingers and a wide tooth comb to get out tangles.
  • After turning off the water, while my hair is soaking wet I put DevaCurl curling creme into my hair but not on the roots. I squeeze out the excess water.
  • When I'm out of the bathroom, I put in Moroccan surf paste in the ends of my hair but not on the scalp.
  • Then I plop my hair dry for a few minutes and I'm on my way!

    I love my hair now.
u/SmilingSquirrel · 1 pointr/NoPoo

I have this sisal bristle brush I've been using it for 3 months now, and I love it! It's a cruelty free alternative to the boar bristle brush. It's made with a natural fibre so it does the same job as the boar bristle brush in distributing the oils down the length of your hairs

u/Gilokee · 1 pointr/NoPoo

If nothing else works, this shampoo bar works great (I used it after my hair got disgusting from California's hard water) and it's all natural and good smelling and stuff!

u/Estrella37 · 10 pointsr/NoPoo

I'm a nurse with seb derm symptoms and it can be hard to find something that works. I tried a lot of things, and asked a lot of doctors, but what ultimately worked for me was the ACV shampoo bar from Wildland Botanicals. The ingredients are wonderful. Neem oil, Shea butter, apple cider vinegar, etc. I use it now approx 2-3x a week. Itch is gone, dandruff is gone.

u/___wifi___ · 3 pointsr/NoPoo

L'Oreal Paris EverSleek Sulfate Free Smoothing System Intense Smoothing Conditioner, 8.5 fl. Oz.

u/onizuon · 2 pointsr/NoPoo

If any one is curious I'm water only and I use a little bit of paste every morning.

I started the Boar hair brush the other day as well.

u/sacorawoods · 1 pointr/NoPoo

Here is one on Amazon that is fairly inexpensive.

Edit: formatting

u/throwawayninety9 · 1 pointr/NoPoo

I'm a guy who works out daily too. Use a shampoo bar instead! I use it every 2-3 days.

If you've been shampooing, your scalp is probably producing too much of the sebum/oil stuff. You should give yourself a week or two of not washing very much to give it time to adjust and start producing less.

u/[deleted] · 1 pointr/NoPoo

The advice I've seen on (where many posters follow the CG method) is to wet your hair with tap water and add a little conditioner before putting on your cap. This will keep as much chlorine from getting into your hair. When your done swimming, co-wash and condition as normal.

u/rodrego · 3 pointsr/NoPoo

I'm a guy but this is what I use.

Bass Brushes Classic Men's Club Style: 100% Wild Boar Bristles, Light Wood Handle

u/muffin_sangria · 2 pointsr/NoPoo

My only experience with "no poo" is the Curly Girl version. What the posters on would do is: rinse your hair with fresh water before swimming. Add a little conditioner and then put on your swim cap. (Assuming lap swimming, and not just casual swimming.) Then after you get out co-wash your hair as usual.

In CG, you use a silicone-free conditioner which are water soluble. Most conditioners with silicones are going to require shampoo to get out.

u/SuicydKing · 1 pointr/NoPoo

I have similar hair to yours, by the sound of it. I tried all of the above, I didn't really like the results. What works for me is using this shampoo bar once a week or so, washing with plain water on days in between.

JR Liggets Coconut/Argan Oil Shampoo

u/nxbir · 5 pointsr/NoPoo

Shower every morning and let hair air dry, I use this conditioner every 3 or 4 showers

Before NoPoo my hair used to be crazy frizzy and very hard to manage

Bonus pic from front of bed hair before my morning shower around 3 weeks in, before I used to look like I'd been electrocuted but nowadays it's so much more controlled!

u/PseudoPsychosis · 2 pointsr/NoPoo

If you do end up staying for an extended period of time, I would look into buying one of these filtered shower heads

Otherwise look into buying a Portable Brita Pitcher

The Brita Pitcher will make you 3/4 gallon at a time. If you have some empty milk jugs you can periodically fill them with filtered water for potable use. I don't see why you would need more than 2 or 3 gallons of water to give your hair a full wash!

u/Silverbleed · 1 pointr/NoPoo

I've seen several brushes with only wooden pins, however I have no experience with these, so I also have no experience if it's only wooden material. I've seen them going from 5 to 20 dollar.

Also when I Googled, I got on this brush, which is 'only' 30 dollar.

u/SunshineCat · 1 pointr/NoPoo

Are there any other chemicals in conditioner I should avoid? I'm about to wash it now, but I feel kind of sad about using chemicals on my hair after 3 weeks without them. The ones I know of are sulfates, silicones, and parabens.

This is the only one I have handy:

And yeah, I know I have sebum because I'm still pulling it out of my hair, but it's not as bad as it was before.

u/Chicken_beard · 2 pointsr/NoPoo

It sounds like we have similar hair. When I first went WO my hair got super-greasy very quickly. I tried to live with it but couldn't stand it so I did end up washing it with a sulphate-free shampoo.
This got rid of the oil so I went back to WO for a about a week..washed again with the shampoo as it got too oily. Since then it's significantly better and I don't need the shampoo at all.
I still use a boar-bristle brush each night to brush the hell out of my hair and scalp. That seems to distribute the oils along the hair and keep my scalp from getting itchy.