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u/jawdrahbk · 1 pointr/Nujabes

It seems to be a standard release but with limited stock, particularly at Hydeout. You could try your luck by placing an order there now and hopefully it'll be fulfilled as they're restocking it tomorrow (Dec 25) otherwise, you could always order it from the alternate retailers provided such as Amazon, HMV or CDJapan.

u/i_hateeveryone · 1 pointr/Nujabes

hey, AMAZON JP just listed for perorder, good chance to grab without proxy,
shipping is about $10 to USA


u/Attila039 · 1 pointr/Nujabes

If you are interested in buying it you can get the luv(sic) Hexalogy album. I have this album, so if you want the song you can DM me. It's a great album though. It comes with a second cd that is the instrumental versions of each song. It also comes with a booklet in which Shing02 talks about the making of each song.

u/GTAsoldier · 4 pointsr/Nujabes

Agreed. It’s about $36 USD from Amazon Japan. Here’s the link if anyone is interested.

u/SoDangAgitated · 1 pointr/Nujabes

That Black Foliage album is up on Amazon right now in physical form, albeit for a pretty penny

u/Consciouswrdsbt · 2 pointsr/Nujabes

agreed ! and it's been on sale on blu-ray too a few times on amazon

edit - there's a 2011 and 2009 versions , recent is cheaper

u/Gogohax · 5 pointsr/Nujabes

Got u fam.

I bought it in blue, but if you look around you can find it in other colors as well. Just search "nujabes shirt" and it's bound to come up.

u/pmassol · 2 pointsr/Nujabes

It’s still in stock on amazon japan, I ordered it Sunday and received my copy yesterday !! Amazingly fast delivery !

u/InspiredRichard · 2 pointsr/Nujabes

Before I even heard of any of them individually, I found this version on YouTube. Then I bought the limited edition CD which came out in November 2016.

So I never knew them as individual items, even from the start :-)