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u/DedTV · 0 pointsr/OKmarijuana

I use a 400w HPS ($140 on Amazon and 2 of the cheapest Chinese "1000w" grow lights like [this one]( (Link is just an example, I'm not recommending that product) that I can find in my 5x5 tent.

I haven't done any clinical study or anything, but they seem to perform better than the Mars Epistar (IIRC, not 100% sure what model I had. It was 3 years old when it was killed) I had before a direct lightning strike at my house murdered it last year. I'm sure I'm paying a few cents an hour extra as the Chinese lights are likely far less efficient, but for a personal grow tent, they're fine.

If LED tech ever stabilizes, I'll definitely go for a more efficient, expensive light again. But currently, a new $70 chinese light is often about as good as a $700 light was 3 or 4 years ago, so it's not worth it for me in my personal grows as I'll never get a return on my investment before the tech evolves again.

That said, since you're starting from the beginning, I'd take /u/iShatterBladderz's suggestion and get a quantum board from Kingbrite if you have the means to do so. As long as you aren't a moron like I was and include a good surge protector in your setup, it'll likely be a better investment in the long run.

u/dfairles · 3 pointsr/OKmarijuana

Who is whining? It doesn't bother me personally, but it does others and could cause a backlash from our representatives and voters.

Glad I could help give you a lesson. You could use a little emotional intelligence. Here is a book you really need to read instead of just trying to piss off people. Emotional Intelligence. Why it is more important than IQ

u/zombie_overlord · 8 pointsr/OKmarijuana

PSA - If you're going to use a padlock (I have kids), get the long shackle padlock. I got this one and it works perfectly. The smaller size doesn't fit.

Looks exactly like the one I got off amazon. It was a name brand (sort of - Cloud 10 - knock off Pelican just like yours), and I paid twice as much.

Good find!

u/CanaConnoisseur · 1 pointr/OKmarijuana
  1. Is your tap water that bad you cant just use some ph up/down to balance? I would invest in a RO water system like this or this
  2. Autos typically get put into the same pot they will be in their whole life. Once the tap root is like an inch you just hop it into its new home. Full 24h light cycles are suggested for best results on most autos. Your nute situation would be dependent on your grow medium etc.. I would recommend some good soil for beginners and aside from just reg feedings I wouldn't use much fertilizers or enhancers just let the light and soil do the work.
  3. Check out r/microgrowery
u/scion34 · 1 pointr/OKmarijuana

I had issues for years with my tap water being around 500ppm from the tap, always caused weird deficiencies and growth. I bought one of these on Amazon for $50

Aquatic Life RO Buddie Three Stage Reverse Osmosis, 50-Gallon

Works great, been pulling the ppm down to 10 now for over a year on the original filters, takes about 4 hours to produce 5 gallons. I have mine draining into my laundry drain with the hose ran to a nearby shower to fill buckets up with.

u/Ins_Weltall · 2 pointsr/OKmarijuana

This is weirdly late, but use a smokebuddy.

Just blow all the smoke through it. It's full of activated charcoal. As long as you're not smoking in an overly smelly way, like joints or blunts that keep burning when you're not hitting them, the smell will stay pretty minimal.

Get the air freshener Ozium if you really want to zap the smell in a hurry. It's made especially for covering up smoke odors and works amazingly (despite smelling only so-so). I use it when I need to answer the door or something during a medicating sesh.

u/[deleted] · 2 pointsr/OKmarijuana

For six plants all you need is a 400w HPS (high pressure sodium) bulb for veg and a 400w MH (metal halide) for flower, a 400w digital ballast, an enclosed light hood that you can raise and lower, a carbon filter connected to a 442 cfm duct fan connected to an aluminum foil duct hose, connect duct hose to the enclosed light hood, get some more aluminum foil duct to connect to the other side of the enclosed hood and have the other end of the duct hose going out of your tent or cab. wish I could post a pic of a custom cab I built. IMO I would go with a tent because you can always take it down if you want a break from growing. As far as what type of medium you are going to grow in e.g. hydroponics or soil that is up to you. Soil is easier as hydro doesn't give you much room for error you have to have everything dialed in almost exact like the ppms/temp/ph but once you get the hang of hydro your grows are much faster. If you use the 400w lights for six plants you will get maximum yield from your plants. For veg run the lights 24 hours and flower 12/12. Get a timer for your light bulbs when you decide to put your plants into flower so you don't have to worry about turning the light on and off, I'll include links for everything. Oh yeah I would not use seeds I would wait until dispensaries have clones that way you don't have to wonder if your plant will end up being a male or a female, obviously you want female plants.




u/HikaruEyre · 1 pointr/OKmarijuana

I got a filter and holder from RedBud in OKC but it's basically a 1 micron filter like this. A lot faster than RO filter and you get to keep some of the minerals that can be beneficial.

u/zombie_bear · 4 pointsr/OKmarijuana

Seeds pricing depends on strain and breeder. Some dispensaries around her sell seeds so you'll have to call and ask.

Here is a great book to get you started:

u/CMHgrower · -3 pointsr/OKmarijuana

Is this not an amazon listing for said lights? Please tell me you didn’t pay $1100 a piece for these things? You can build a light that’s twice as efficient for half the price. I could build 2 600 actual watt LED grow lights for under $1000, that would blow away this premade 543w(yes that’s the actual wattage of your light) LED light out of the water.

u/CanITendTheRabbits · 1 pointr/OKmarijuana

I think I know what you are referring to. Growing up I had one that was illustrated. This one has photos. It's a popular book. Birds of Oklahoma Field Guide

u/Bigfamei · 1 pointr/OKmarijuana I want to say cultivated synergy off 10th and meridian sells these as well.

u/strandedonearth74055 · 1 pointr/OKmarijuana

Just an opinion but I'd look for that specific genetics or try to get local seeds this fall. Most cannabis on the market isn't bred for our environment.

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