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u/HeckMaster9 · 2 pointsr/OWConsole

Yeah, there’s no reason to replace your internal drive when the USB 3.0 bus will fully take advantage of the faster read/write speeds of your SSD. An enclosure like this should work well

As far as the SSD itself, just make sure it’s within the size limitations for the PS4. From the looks of it, PS4 requires external drives to be between 250 GB - 8TB in size, and apparently they’re pretty strict on that lower limitation. There is a Sandisk 240 GB SSD that works for Xbox (despite Xbox lower limit supposedly being 256 gb) that people have said will not work for PS4. There are plenty of reasonably priced 250+ GB drives available though.

Other than that, make sure you read the reviews for the SSD before buying it. Samsung is always a good pick, as are other brands like Crucial, Western Digital, and Intel, but people do appear to be having some success with the cheaper brands like Silicon Power and Adata. If you wanna play it safe, stick with Samsung, but there are enough people that have had good luck with the other brands that it may be worth considering to save some money.

Keep in mind that while most all games should load faster on your SSD, for some the load times don’t add to anything. For instance, Rainbow 6 Siege loads the maps faster, but you still have to wait for everybody on your team and the enemy team to load the maps before you can even start playing. Battlefield 1 is kind of similar in that you’ll finish one match and load the next map like 60 seconds before everyone else, but you’re just stuck there looking at the overhead battlefield waiting for people. I will say it can be nice when you’re joining a server with a match in progress, as your load time is easily halved.

Take your favorite games and their sizes into account, then ask yourself which ones have odd loading issues (overwatch mystery heroes for starters) or you just want to load faster, and purchase your SSD accordingly.

Also, one last thing, the invisibility with OW mystery heroes will be a non issue most of the time, but there are still instances where loading the first hero in mystery heroes will result in an invisible character for 1-2 seconds. I will say I’ve never had any invisible heroes in non-mystery queues since my SSD, even in backfill situations.

/end rant lol

u/team_xbladz · 3 pointsr/OWConsole

I'd recommend the Kontrol Freek attachments. I use them for the right thumbstick only and seems to help with aiming precision.

You'll also want to experiment with sensitivity. I have much higher sens for heroes like Mercy, Winston and Lucio compared to Mcree or Zarya. The aiming in this game is certainly less refined than games like Titanfall or COD.

Good luck and enjoy! I'm sure it looks great on the pro with an awesome TV.

u/_Gzus · -2 pointsr/OWConsole

I primarily play Overwatch on PC, but bought the GOTY edition for $38 on PSN last weekend during the sale because I have a lot of friends who only play on console and I miss playing with them.

I, too, was struggling with using a controller versus mouse and keyboard, so I dug out my ConsoleTuner Titan One that I bought at least 2 years ago. I originally purchased it to play Battlefield and CoD on console with a m&kb, but gave up because it was un-intuitive to setup and it always felt like there was some strange mouse acceleration that would throw my aim off.

I spent at least an hour or two configuring their "MaxAIM DI" software, which is a royal pain because, again, it's very un-intuitive. However, once I got my mouse settings straightened out and I mapped all of my keyboard buttons to match what I was used to on PC, I played a few matches and it was fantastic.

The Titan One costs $56, so it's about 1/3 the price of the XIM4. While I don't wholeheartedly recommend it for non-technical-minded people, it provides a nice workaround if all you want is to play with mouse & keyboard on console and have the time to spend tweaking mouse settings in their app. If you are a tech-minded person, the device fully supports custom scripting, where you can make a single keypress do anything you want. For example, normally your sensitivity is lower when ADS-ing in CoD on console, but I found a script to disable sensitivity slowdown when right-clicking (aiming down sight).

One downfall, which I quickly discovered, is that there is no way for you to talk in Party or Game Chat when using the Titan One on console. There are a few workarounds that I've found online, but I haven't personally tried any of them to confirm if they really work. That being said, I haven't played Overwatch on console since that first night using the Titan One, because of the chat issues, and have been grinding on PC instead.

Edit: One thing I forgot to mention is that the Titan One also requires your PC to be connected to the device that's plugged-in to your console at all times, so it's not a standalone adapter; you need to have the software running on your PC and "Enable capture mode" to play with it. Therefore, if you're on a shared family PC that's not right next to your PS4 where you game, it likely isn't a good option for you.

u/smashybro · 7 pointsr/OWConsole

I'd definitely get the HyperX Cloud Stinger headset. It's slightly above your price range ($50), but I'd say it's the best value around that price.

u/Dgarey94 · 2 pointsr/OWConsole

i didn't either before two weeks ago, I am really impressed though.i bought one that was capable of 2 G/s which was overkill (unless you stream internally) and i only paid like 80 bucks off amazon. it looks like the 200 Mb/s ones are on prime sale for 25 bucks.


u/Crocotainment · 1 pointr/OWConsole

Right now, there are only two officially licensed products - the Raiju and the upcoming Nacon. There are also two controllers that aren't officially licensed, but also sold already.

The first one is the Hori FPS pad:
It's only 40 €, so I don't think it can really be a competition to the pricier pads. It got good reviews on German amazon though, but then again, they could just have been bought.

The second one is this Emio Elite pad:
It's 90 bucks, closer to the Nacon at 110, but I haven't really read anything about this one. While I think that it looks cheap, it's interesting that it offers the same extras as the Xbox ONE Elite.

And yeah, I know what you mean. It bothers me that Scufs etc. are so pricy and not officially licensed.

u/RempelX · 3 pointsr/OWConsole

Absolutely love them also really easy to replace on the Xbox controller anyway.

Moko Trigger Grips for Xbox One...

u/dangerousdarrel · 9 pointsr/OWConsole

The Xbox One's hardware will only display on a monitor/tv at 1080p 60hz max. Anything over 60hz, such as a 144hz monitor, would be overkill not to mention more expensive. You can easily find solid 1080p 60hz monitors for around that price range. Here is a link to a great Benq model that is only $110.

u/pleasedontabbabme · 5 pointsr/OWConsole

This is my favorite solution... works great so far

Collective Minds Strike Pack F.P.S. Dominator Controller Adapter with MODS & Paddles for PS4

u/jD3mo · 1 pointr/OWConsole

I play with Scuf controller myself because I prefer the paddles on the back. My fiancé is a co-owner of a professional eSports organization called Onslaught eSports and they're partnered with Cinch so she uses one of their team controllers that has buttons on the back and she loves it! I've owned a Battle Beaver custom controller in the past which also uses buttons on the back. Their buttons felt a little different than Cinch but I ended up returning it after a week and ordered a new Scuf after realizing I just honestly prefer the paddles.

On a side note, if you're looking to get a custom controller but don't want to shell out $130+ than I've heard people talking about this new product that has paddles that attaches to you stock PS4 controllers for only $40. Here's a link in case you haven't seen it yet.

u/Dinotective · 1 pointr/OWConsole

As others have touched on, it's not gonna make any difference in regards to framerate. However, you can still reap some benefit in terms of response time. This one seems a good pick.

And here's the one I personally use.

u/Aminimouse · 2 pointsr/OWConsole

Thanks! That's pretty much what I'm going for. I'm going to try the cheap version, and return it if I have to, but in terms of the two back buttons, this little add-on does exactly the same things :)

The palm-triggers can also be removed quickly without removing the entire peripheral, if they get annoying or something, idk lol

Note: Downside: Has to be wired.

u/joeychandler · 2 pointsr/OWConsole

Ah well not sure what prices are like in the US but if you can get a monitor with low response time instead for the same amount It's definitely worth it.


u/ilikeslamdunks · 1 pointr/OWConsole

I have the afterglow Lvl 5 headset. They works great and I got them for about $50 Canadian.

u/WhatsTeamComp · 4 pointsr/OWConsole

Powerline adapters are super clutch. My router is on an opposite side of the my house too so I picked up of these as a work around.


u/MrPeriodical · 1 pointr/OWConsole

Diamond Player here

I play 35/35/100 on all my characters.

And I have this concave Kontrol Freak on my right stick.

u/shakajumbo · 2 pointsr/OWConsole

Thing is, not all console users adapt to using the keyboard portion of kbm. The PS move controller is a natural substitute for people who don't WASD, and works just as well with a mouse.

u/timlmul · 2 pointsr/OWConsole

I just bought these for $8 on amazon. took a month to ship but work just fine for me (occasionally overheat or w/e but that's expected with over the ear headphones tbh).

u/Danny__L · 1 pointr/OWConsole

I'm actually using this:

Works well for jump and whatever else you want on the back of the controller. Cheaper than a scuf, cinch, battlebeaver, etc. Only needed 2 back buttons. 4 is overkill IMO.

u/sir_nubby · 4 pointsr/OWConsole

You don't need an official headset. I know several people who often use the headphones that came with their phone (the type with a built in mic). There are also several cheap licensed headsets on the market. I have the Tritton Kama. It has decent sound quality and good voice quality. The earmuffs could be a little uncomfortable if you have large ears though.

Edit: also, the PS4 comes with a single earbud and mic that plugs into the controller so you should have that at least.

u/Douggiek26 · 3 pointsr/OWConsole

Yes it is possible, It is not really "cheating" in regards to Blizzard's bannable offenses, due to not altering the software or hardware, you are just using different additional hardware, like for pc users having better or worse mouses.
Does give an unfair advantage though.

u/lebowski76 · 2 pointsr/OWConsole

Is this the model? HyperX Cloud Stinger Gaming Headset - Lightweight Design - Flip to Mute Mic - Memory Foam Ear Pads - Built in Volume Controls - Works with PC, PS4, PS4 PRO, Xbox One, Xbox One S (HX-HSCS-BK/NA)

u/shablausis · 1 pointr/OWConsole

Get an add on paddles
Collective Minds Strike Pack F.P.S. Dominator Controller Adapter with MODS & Paddles for PS4

u/Quietly-Confident · 1 pointr/OWConsole

amazon us link - take your pick

Here's the link to the UK store to show the ones I bought. I think ORB do a similar set. Most of the ones on sale are ones with all the little dots all over which actually made my thumbs sore so I use the plain ones in this set.