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u/Chris_Parker · 10 pointsr/OaklandAthletics

Hey, glad to have you!

I would 100% recommend Susan Slusser's book, 100 Things A's Fans Should Know and Do Before They Die. It covers pretty much all the bases and will give you a peek into how rich the team's history is - the perfect launching point for you to get into more specific areas of the team's legacy and culture.

For more immediate, current stuff, I would definitely follow Slusser on Twitter, as well as Melissa Lockard, Julian McWilliams, Eno Sarris, and probably one or two others I'm forgetting.

If you've got any specific questions, we'll be more than happy to answer!

u/GuyBelowMeDoesntLift · 5 pointsr/OaklandAthletics

He and his friend wrote a book about the 30 parks in 38 days thing, it's a very fun read and a nice nostalgia trip. I recommend reading it if you love baseball.

u/asskickingjedi · 39 pointsr/OaklandAthletics

Finley was constantly threatening to move the A's all over the country everywhere from Dallas to San Diego to Chicago to Milwaukee. While at the same time, telling the leadership in KC he was not going anywhere. If I remember correctly, the AL commissioner had to force Finley to sign a new lease with KC in 1966 when Charlie tried to back out on a deal with the city. By the time 1967 rolled around, the city, county and state executives just wanted Finley and the A's gone.

Oakland was looking for another revenue stream on top of what the Raiders were already bringing in as a successful franchise at the time. They thought some football fans would also support a baseball team and 81 home games sounded like a great idea. Finley was quoted as saying Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum had, "world class facilities" and, "second to none climate."

I know this does not fully answer your question, but even with all of the current information we have about Charlie Finley, I do not believe anyone truly knows why he moved to Oakland, or understood his way of thinking for many of the things he did.

The Kansas City Athletics: A Baseball History is a pretty great book which gets into far more detail.

u/Oakroscoe · 2 pointsr/OaklandAthletics

You can't really fault LaRussa for leaving the A's. Render that Mr Haas died in 1995 and his family sold the team to Schott and Hoffman. No one knew what was going to happen, but it was clear the new owners weren't trying to win now. After Haas died those were some rough years for us until the early 2000's. I've always respected LaRussa and one of my prized possessions is a baseball that my grandfather got autographed by him and gave to me back in the late 80s. By all accounts LaRussa is a stand up guy and his ARF does a lot of good for animals.

Also, one of the better books I've read is 3 Nights in August about a Cubs/Cards series.

Needless to say, I really want this bobblehead.

u/Bluecat16 · 4 pointsr/OaklandAthletics

Invest in a good radio (assuming you're in the Bay Area)! I picked this one up at my local Fry's, and it's been great. I just pull it up on my desk, plug in my ear buds, and listen away.

u/harriswill · 3 pointsr/OaklandAthletics

This of course from Susan Slusser's 100 Things A's Fans Should Know & Do Before They Die

Very good book if you're already familiar and a fan of the Athletics, but would not recommend if your wife never saw an A's game and you're trying to get her into the team.

There's a ton of interesting background and details on events/people that I knew of (or even saw live), and not just Connie Mack/Charlie O stuff but even recent events all the way up to 2014.

u/mega_shit · 1 pointr/OaklandAthletics

I see shit like this at Safeco every year. Special breed of obnoxiousness.

Don't worry, some Pats fans are like this too. I think it's an east coast special. But no fan base comes close to Yankee fans in terms of entitlement.

u/CoryGM · 3 pointsr/OaklandAthletics

Susan Slusser, the A's beat writer for the SF Chronicle, wrote this book, which is funny, knowledgable, and would probably be invaluable to someone looking to learn about the A's franchise.

u/AttemptedWit · 7 pointsr/OaklandAthletics

Slusser definitely isn't a fan

>Slusser keeps retweeting John Shae Giants stuff.

Maybe she's been asked to cover the Giants today....happens all the time.

u/TTPMGP · 2 pointsr/OaklandAthletics

It was the A’s official logo for decades, as seen here. They never used it on their caps, the same way the A’s have never used their current logo. Based on the other hats in the collection, they went with the team logos from the designated periods.

If you’re interested, here’s all of their official logos throughout the years.

u/Barry_McKackiner · 1 pointr/OaklandAthletics

No, it's a dedicated hat rack thing. I like it a lot, but be aware the middle column is a little too small for normal fitted 5950 hats and you'll have to bend the bill a little.

u/Goku707 · 2 pointsr/OaklandAthletics

Maybe try contacting the Seller HERE

u/frakking-anustart · 1 pointr/OaklandAthletics

Erasmo Ramerez will always be the kid from Class A

u/AsnChill · 3 pointsr/OaklandAthletics

Of the A's? The consensus would be to pick up Susan Slusser's book, 100 Things A's Fans Should Know & Do Before They Die (100 Things...Fans Should Know).

You can buy it on Amazon.

If you don't want to read through all that, the A's broadcast team usually throw a tidbit of information or 20 out each game.