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u/jimmybrite · 3 pointsr/PAXvapor

I block the mouth end with an old cut-up q-tip after removing the mouthpiece. Sometimes I'll scrape a bit of goo right away on the top with a dry q-tip but I do the finishing steps near the end by spraying a tiny amount of 99% iso on a qtip and rub away.

I dab the inside of the oven with 70% iso and I start scraping with a knife.

I finish off the oven with a green scouring pad that I cut to 1 cm/2 and dip it in iso and I use a precision screwdriver and I rub it in the oven.

Then I remove the old q tip and use those plastic lined pipe cleaners and dip it in iso and go to town on the vapor chamber.

I also wipe off the flat mouthpiece first with a towel to remove most of the goo and then I use cold water, an old toothbrush and dawn dish soap to clean it since you should avoid using iso on rubber if possible.

To clean the screen I just burn off the stuff with my torch lighter and it's like new.

Sometime I'll scrape some crap off my half pack oven lid with a knife if it gets too bad, then I clean it with iso and a qtip.

At the end I make sure to thoroughly wipe everything with 99% iso as to not inhale small scouring pad particulates that might have been left behind.

I have a tip to help with maintenance, if you're using the original screens, use a pair of pliers and bend the sides a little bit so it's easier to remove. On that note I remove the screen after each use and wipe the pax oven/screen with a dry q-tip, I use a bamboo skewer to help pry it off (by pushing on the side of the screen) and I can use it as a tool to scrape some abv that's stuck in the oven.

I have a Pax 3, a Mighty and a Dynavap M 2017 and yet my go-to is the pax3. If you treat it right, it's amazing.

u/fripperiffic · 2 pointsr/PAXvapor

I bought all 3 of these, and while I haven't fully put them through their paces, they are all EXCELLENT additions that have made me fall in love with this thing.

Quintessentialz Funnel For PAX ..

3D Bottom Screen for pax2 and Pax 3

Jianuo Protective Case for Pax ...

u/robroy207 · 1 pointr/PAXvapor

Yes, I exclusively use the sandwich pusher. Provides enhanced vape and what feels like an even heat distribution -bud gets used up well and increases the amount of draws. I average ~25 per with it.

HEre's the link:

Also suggest the carrying case. Yoda travels well with minimal oder. Link for that, too:

the Case is a bit pricey but it has a top compartment that can hold ~5 grams bud and it's a solid construction, meaning it will last me quite a while so it's worth the extra bucks.

u/27thStreet · 3 pointsr/PAXvapor

I have been using this one for about a year and I adore it. Great case.


u/ohoknowigetit · 2 pointsr/PAXvapor

I’ve been using these ones I got from amazon. The tip is nice and skinny.
10ml Syringes with 14Ga 1.5'' Blunt Tip Needle and Storage Caps - Great for Refilling and Measuring E-juice, E-Liquids, E-cigs, Vape, Glue Applicator,

u/cashmoneyballer · 5 pointsr/PAXvapor

Couple of helpful accessories that people always mention on this subreddit include:

  • BudKups - these are basically storage compartments for your herb that can be prepacked all at once and then simply inserted and removed, meaning you pack 6 of them at once and then you don't have to repack until all of them are out

  • Pipe Cleaners - these pipe cleaners with bristles will help you greatly when it comes to cleaning your device, they're similar to the ones PAX includes in the full package; you'll also want a very high percentage (91 or 99) isopropyl alcohol to help.
u/lds_2_lsd · 1 pointr/PAXvapor

CLOUD/TEN Smokesafe 9" Smell Odor...

These ones are super nice!

u/Sudzybop · 2 pointsr/PAXvapor

The teal blue is actually my girls wind breaker (we're on a nature walk)

The black and white bag is actually from Amazon I use to keep my pax and budkups in. Works great, no scratching, decent protection, and smell proof.

u/MrsSmartyPants · 2 pointsr/PAXvapor

Same. Except I got mine from amazon. I wonder if I can use the original screen with this one laid over it ?

Jianuo Adjustable Sandwich Pusher and 3D Bottom Screen for pax2 & pax 3

u/alvarovegamalo · 1 pointr/PAXvapor

what about thus one

Pax 2 / Pax 3 Smell-proof Hard Plastic Case; Pocket-carry with Flip-top for Easy Access (Black) By Skunkcase

u/renegade7879 · 2 pointsr/PAXvapor

Hmm, I just got my AirPods, I'll have to give that a shot sometime. But regardless, it's all about the antenna placement within the device. I've used a bargain no-name bluetooth receiver with a raspberry pi that works well all throughout my apartment because it's out in the open with no case over it.

u/merrp69 · 2 pointsr/PAXvapor

SPACE CASE Grinder Sifter Magnetic 4 Pc. Medium Titanium

What’s the color I should be looking for so that I don’t have paint chips?

u/busybox42 · 5 pointsr/PAXvapor

I think you are likely right. I've never seen this happen before myself though. Try different pipe cleaners maybe? I use these:

u/TheBeelzeboss · 6 pointsr/PAXvapor

I just grabbed this guy:

Pax 2 / Pax 3 protective case SMELL PROOF with removable stash container; pocket carry with screw top (black) by Skunkcase

Haven't really tested it out yet, was planning to do that with Christmas travels. It apparently will not fit with the larger mouthpiece though.

u/pissbearr · 3 pointsr/PAXvapor

THese aren't as snug and a bit "obtrusive" with the end being wide, there's a ton of others... not PAX specific so not as cool! Just cheaper...