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u/NoGuide · 3 pointsr/PCOS

Considering the symptoms that you've listed, it sounds like you (along with most women with PCOS) are insulin resistant. What this means is that you'll have to be very conscious of the carbs and sugar that you eat throughout the day. I highly suggest this sight which talks more about what PCOS is, and how a low carb and sugar diet can benefit all aspects of your health (this also applies to processed food, avoid it as much as possible). Also, this book is good for people just diagnosed and talks about food, exercise, hormone levels, etc. I think it's a pretty good investment for someone trying to investigate what will work for them.

I switched to a low-carb/sugar diet and started running and lost weight surprisingly fast considering I had so many problems dropping weight in the past, even if I ate less than all my friends. Most of all, your best weapon is food. But it can also be your biggest downfall because a bowl of ice cream affects people who are insulin resistant so much more than the average individual. Read up on what you should/shouldn't eat from these sources (remember, dairy and soy are bad!) and start making an effort to make that change. You may also want to look into the Keto or Paleo diets, because apparently people have had a lot of success with those, though I haven't strictly stuck to any of those.

As far as exercising, running is a very efficient way to lose weight and improve your metabolism, however just being active for 30 to 60 minutes a day can be a huge benefit especially when in combination with a healthy diet.

As for your friend, I suggest going to a doctor to have that checked out.

TL;DR Stay away from carbs, sugar, processed food, dairy, soy, etc. Start exercising in any way (I suggest running) and good luck!

u/littlefave · 5 pointsr/PCOS

Dealing with body hair:

I shave daily now. At one point I had a Tria and it worked really well. I need to replace the battery on it before I can try again. It only works on certain types of skin but if you are with in the range it is much cheaper than actual laser hair removal and really does work.

Weight Issues:

Low carb!! Visit /r/keto and /r/xxketo for ideas. Low carb has helped eliviate a lot of my symptoms including acne, low energy, feeling sick after eating, mood swings, etc. I highly recommend giving it a try. I said to myself I'll stick to it for a month. If I don't feel better I'll try something else. I feel awesome and I am never going back lol! It is also the most effective way for a woman with PCOS to lose weight!


I take metformin and was on birth control. Birth control can help but it tends to mask symptoms rather than actually help. Low carb diet and possibly metformin are really the better options. The closer you are to a healthy weight while eating low carb the more likely your cycles will actually happen and be normal. Metformin helps break the cycle of insulin triggering hormones. Check out this book to learn more about the interactions inside of you body that cause PCOS symptoms.

Skin Issues:

Once I started eating low carb the only break outs I have are around my period. Even those are almost non existent now. I actually use hydrogen peroxide on my face right before my normal washing and that has also helped!

I suggest you join MyFitnessPal also. There are several groups on there and the women involved in the groups are really helpful and know their stuff! Friend me if you do join: kenzietate!

I have been dealing with symptoms of PCOS/Insulin resistance since I was 6 years old. I wasn't diagnosed until I was 18 but I have learned so much since then by doing my own research. Definitely do your own research and find what works for you. Every woman is different and every PCOS case is different! :)

u/SloppyDrunkOtter · 1 pointr/PCOS

This won't help you get your period any time soon, but I HIGHLY recommend Taking Charge of Your Fertility for some TTC advice and dealing with PCOS. There is also a forum on the site for the book that may be of some help. I'm sorry that I don't have anything more solid to help you, but I wish you the best of luck in your journey! ((Hugs))

ETA: When you talk to your doctor find out about any kind of testing to find out how PCOS might be effecting your fertility, i.e. are your eggs actually leaving your ovaries during ovulation, etc. This will at least help you get going in the right direction.

u/whostead · 1 pointr/PCOS

Hi there I really liked the combo of reading the Period Repair Manual (to understand medicine/ diet/ factors p.s. this is my favorite one) and Woman Code (for diet and lifestyle) and taking and Taking Charge of Your Fertility (to understand how your hormones work and what you can notice about hormone and body relationships) . I feel like all three give you a really good complete health picture. Im not "fixed" yet but I feel like it has been a great work in progress.

I was vegetarian for 4 years and decided to eat meat again. I have seen my health improve from my changes. I do not recommend a diet that makes you miserable. I think eating butter (butter is more of a fat than dairy product) helps keep me sane after being more stict with sugar. I do not eat processed sugar and dairy except maybe 1-3 times a month ( i quit four years ago for my acne) I also quit meat since I thought it caused acne but after reintroducing it I have found that to not be true.

cutting processed sugar out was really hard, but not impossible ( and i still enjoy in moderation :)

Are you able to see a nutritionist or dietician maybe to help you?

u/septicidal · 3 pointsr/PCOS

I’ve has improvement, especially with scalp irritation and dryness, with shampoo containing ketoconazole or other antifungal agents - some of them have anti-androgenic effects that may also help with hair loss. My favorite is Sachjuan’s Scalp Shampoo, which isn’t cheap, but since I only wash my hair once a week and only apply the shampoo to my scalp, a bottle lasts me quite a while:

The topical antifungal shampoos are not advised for use during pregnancy, so since I’m currently pregnant I’ve been using this shampoo which seems to help; I’ve had a ridiculous amount of hair loss during my current pregnancy, which my OB said is just an unfortunate response to hormone changes (my thyroid levels and vitamins, etc. were all checked to rule out any of those as a cause):

One suggestion a dermatologist gave me for hair regrowth was to make sure I have strong iron levels. Hair won’t regrow if the body’s iron stores are low, which I’ve had a number of times (diagnosed with blood work) despite eating an iron-rich diet and not being actually anemic. So I take daily iron supplements - if you want to take iron supplements, be aware that it is possible to cause health issues by consuming too much iron, and even smaller doses of iron supplements can be constipating. Iron supplements will often cause black or dark green bowel movements, which is a normal side effect but can be alarming if you’re not expecting that as a possibility.

I’ve found that taking prenatal vitamins (even when not pregnant or trying to get pregnant) works well for my iron levels. Normal women’s multivitamins generally do not contain iron but usually the prenatals do. I take Rainbow Light one-a-day prenatal vitamins, but if you have trouble taking large pills they also make a “petite” prenatal vitamin (where you take 3 much smaller pills a day). The Rainbow Light multivitamins are the only ones I’ve found that don’t irritate my stomach, but I know many people who are happy with cheaper generic prenatal vitamins.

If you want to increase dietary sources of iron, leafy greens and cooking with cast iron cookware will help. Even just using water boiled in cast iron for things like tea can help increase iron levels. I feel like everyone associates dietary iron with red meat, but there are a lot of other options if you don’t care to eat a lot of red meat.

It’s also important to remember that hair regrowth takes time - it can often be 3-6 months before any dietary or other changes make a noticeable difference. Hair also grows in cycles, so it can take quite a long time for the full effect of any changes to become apparent.

u/thelmick · 1 pointr/PCOS

My cycles have always been irregular, never had them go normal.

I will put in my 2 cents and tell you that if you really want to have a child, go visit your OB/GYN and tell them. If you've been trying to get pregnant for at least 3-4 months on your own, they will most likely prescribe you something like clomid to try. They may even give you progesterone to help regulate your cycles before you start clomid. Super cheap meds even without insurance.

Don't wait too much longer, it only gets harder for your body to have children as you approach 35. I started trying when I was 25, Ping ponging between doctors and a miscarriage later, I had my first when I was 31. Second when I was 33. I'd like to have one more, but I'm getting older and the last one was rough on my body.

My point is, if you end up needing more help like IUI or IVF, those things take time. Your 30 now, but you could easily be looking at having a child at 32.

Read the book Taking Control of Your Fertility. Really understand how the cycle works. The more you know about how it should work, how to predict and test your cycle, the better chance you will have of getting pregnant. Also, buy some cheap ovulation test kits. Test daily. Take your temp and chart it. FertilityFriend is very helpful.

u/movinonup2east · 2 pointsr/PCOS

I started it 2 weeks ago. Taking [this one] ( and this one and am really liking it.

I am not trying to get pregnant. I am done having babies but trying to alleviate the symptoms of PCOS and it seems to be working really well!

Big PROS are my appetite is almost non-existent. I eat normally and my sugar cravings seem to be gone. I also am on keto but suffered from blowing my carbs at the end of the day from cravings. I also started going to be earlier and completely omitted alcohol which seems to be best friends with sugar cravings. However, even during the day, I am just not hungry and things with sugar don't even sound good to me. They don't sound is just not something I crave at all which is SUCH a difference. Usually, I was fighting the will power game for most of the day. So, that has been one of my favorite things so far.
Second biggst PRO is how much it seems to have helped with my mood/anxiety. Like big time. I have felt so much more calm and balanced during the day. It is a noticible difference. I really really like that! Feels like I can deal with normal stress now instead of getting confused if I am stressed or dealing with anxiety or if it is something that is genuinely a problem.

I have lost a pound since I started but I have been keeping strict with keto as well and started up exercising, not sure if that can be linked directly to the inositol. However, I think it can be linked indirectly with the lack of appetite. It has been so easy to stay under a calorie/carb range.

I got my period within 5 days of starting to take the pills.
My periods had been pretty regular for about a year now since I started keto so I wasn't looking for too much help in that arena. So, it was kind of a surprise when I got it 9 days earlier than normal. HOWEVER, the good thing I did notice is that I didn't have nearly as many PMS symptoms as usual. No cramps, no sharp shooting pains, only a tiny bit of snappiness and my breasts were pretty sore but I can handle that if the rest is diminished.

Anywho...that is my current place with it and I plan to keep buying it no matter the cost. The anxiety help alone is worth the money. Hope that helps...and good luck to you!

u/_tigerlilyx · 2 pointsr/PCOS

I take a supplement called Inositol. It’s supposed to help with various aspects of PCOS, from depression and anxiety to fertility and insulin issues. I’ll provide the Amazon link to you at the bottom.
Also, thank you for asking this question! When I asked my doctor if I could have a referral to an endocrinologist (insurance wouldn’t cover it otherwise) to find an alternative to Metformin, he suggested that I go to a weight loss clinic instead. It’s nice knowing there’s others out there with PCOS who needed an alternative to Metformin too. It’s great seeing how others are finding successful methods to cope and heal. I hope you find some answers that help and wish you the best!

u/shmookieguinz · 1 pointr/PCOS

I've never done keto. I've always had excellent results on VLCD (very low calorie diets), which obviously give fast results, but you have to work hard to keep the weight off. These diets tend to be very low carb diets, putting you in ketosis. However, being on a VLCD is not necessary or realistic long-term for PCOS management and weight loss, which are your aims. I found a good PCOS nutrition book to be helpful when I was first diagnosed. It helped me understand what I should avoid (refined carbs and sugars, basically) or at least reduce my intake of (carbs and red meat) , in order to help my symptoms. Seafood is great, and definitely better in many respects than meat. It contains less chemicals (vaccinations etc), a lower harmful fat content, and less hormones to interfere with your own. Keeping your blood sugar levels steady and making the best food choices is achievable when you're taking a balanced approach, following, for example, a low GI regime. That way, you'll be avoiding the things that make symptoms worse, you'll reduce your risk of diabetes and insulin resistance, and you'll lose weight. I think taking note of calories is also very important.

A couple of books I found to be useful are listed below:

Hope this helps!

u/hello_cello · 2 pointsr/PCOS

I do have excess hair on my chest and abdomen, but since it's only been a couple weeks, the jury is still out on whether that will change. My guess is that if it is helping lower my free T, then it'll help prevent more hair, but I'm skeptical to think it would reduce body hair altogether.

I'm using the Jarrow formula from Amazon. Just FYI - it does have a mild sweet taste, so it's best mixed with juice, tea, or another beverage. I do a 1/2 tsp morning and night - I read elsewhere that taking too much at once can cause stomach/GI upset, so I elect to split my dosage to be on the safe side since I'm usually pretty sensitive. Fortunately I haven't had any issues with it yet. I'm sure after starting you could ramp up to 4 grams (typical dose) if needed.

u/Themaxswoles6614 · 4 pointsr/PCOS

I don’t know if you’re still up for a book after this, but I thought I’d recommend the one that helped me tremendously. It’s just called PCOS workbook but it was one of the most helpful things I’ve ever done for myself. A couple of doctors wrote and they’ve dedicated their studies to PCOS. It was just so incredibly informative, there’s only so much you can learn online about PCOS ya know? It covered everything you would want to know and was almost fun to read. I think I finished it in 3 days lol

Edit: I saw it online on Barnes and nobles website. Maybe you could check it out in store before buying it?

u/hulurr · 1 pointr/PCOS

-Low carb
-If you can’t take Metformin then maybe something like this for the anti androgen properties and bonus it’s the right ratio! :
(Myo-Inositol & D-Chiro Inositol Blend | Most Beneficial 40:1 Ratio | PCOS, Hormonal Balance & Healthy Ovarian Function Support for Women | Vitamin B8 | Made in USA (120 Vegetarian Capsules)
-if possible...I would avoid birth control like the plague. it can mask the symptoms and when you get off of it it can actually make them worse

Making slow changes makes it so much less overwhelming too! Doing a lot of science-based research also made me feel better. 😊

u/aliciaLAC · 2 pointsr/PCOS

Yep it is natural (vitamin b8). I would recommend using combination of D Chiro and Myo, as D Chiro improves absorption of Myo. I use this brand of inositol , however there are others that people like as well. I take 2050mg a day. I found in brought my cycles back, i have less mood swings. One of my girlfriend, after starting inositol was able to get pregnant in couple of months. I also like that it is natural, so better for your health.

u/NinainParis77 · 2 pointsr/PCOS


Yes, it's almost impossible to find information on high DHEA-s and lean PCOS.

When I started researching lean PCOS, this book: helped me so much. There is a chapter on high adrenal androgens as well but the whole book is really informative.

Best wishes :)

u/anonymoosepanda · 5 pointsr/PCOS

Not op but I did a very similar regimene.

I discovered inositol when I went on a journey to attack my pcos holistically. No doctor ever mentioned it even though there are plenty of studies. Oddly.

I did not take folic acid. I eat lots of legumes which are naturally high in folate though.

It works very well with all my meds/supplements (I take metformin).

My drive is better than ever. I feel more womanly knowing I have a healthy reproductive system. I'm also not on hormonal bc. I used the FAM method. Which is just as effective (seriously look it up). The book "Taking Charge of Your Fertility" explains it very well.

I used a cheaper treatment than Ovasitol or pregnitide. Bought a tub of myo and capsules of d chiro.
1 teaspoon 2,400 mg of this:

And 1 capsule of this :

I wanted to mimic the product ratios of Ovasitol. Which was developed and researched to help PCOS women get pregnant.

u/supsuperstar · 1 pointr/PCOS

I have The Ultimate PCOS Handbook by Colette Harris and Theresa Cheung, and it is awesome! Highly recommend it. Here's an amazon link if you'd like :)

u/Browngirl1983 · 1 pointr/PCOS

Sure! i saw a bunch of people recommend the Jarrow powder formula so I bought it online. It is lightly sweet and I just pour a tablespoon in my drink/water to sweeten it. I also carry a ziplock bag of it in my purse so that I can use it at work.

Make sure you don't take it with caffeine. Adding vitamin C sometime throughout the day also helps (whether by food or supplement).

u/xoxo2018 · 2 pointsr/PCOS

I take myo & d-chiro inositol & so far they’ve been really good at reducing my glucose & insulin levels. These are the ones I use:

Zazzee Myo-Inositol Powder, 255 Servings, 18 Ounces (510 g), 2000 mg per Serving, Includes Free Scoop for Exact Dosage, 100% Pure, Vegan and Non-GMO, All-Natural Fertility and Reproductive Support

Zazzee D-Chiro-Inositol, 90 Veggie Capsules, 50 mg per Capsule, 3-Month Supply, Ideal Dosage for 40:1 Ratio with Myo-Inositol, Vegan, Non-GMO and All-Natural

u/Pooptronics · 4 pointsr/PCOS

I use the inositol powder here. It's about 1/10th the sweetness of sugar (being a sugar alcohol), so it isn't nasty at all. I put it in my coffee in the morning.

As far as effects go, I have begun having a regular "spotting" every month. After I went from BCP to IUD, my periods disappeared. I seem to feel a little better.

I'm going to harp on you now about your diet. I'm 36, highly, highly active (I work in a professional kitchen, hobbies include rock climbing, trail running, and mountaineering) and have been diagnosed pre-diabetic. "Pre" diabetic is just fancy talk from the doc for, "you have Type 2 diabetes, but I need to spend my time with people whose limbs are rotting off." Getting your diet together is going to be the single most important thing you can do, and I promise (PROMISE!) you'll feel so much better when you do. Eat at regular intervals, avoid simple carbs. That will help you avoid hypoglycemia, which it sounds like you are doing. For insulin resistant people with high activity levels, reactive hypoglycemia is a Thing.

You say you get very thirsty, have to pee a lot, and you are hungry and hangry often. Please get checked for diabetes. It's Serious Shit. Inositol alone isn't going to control it, you have to (HAVE TO) clean up your diet, and some folks will have to have other pharmacological interventions. Personally, I'm just staving off the needles for as long as I can.

Good luck, this disease sucks ass.

u/Codenamepeach · 1 pointr/PCOS

If you ovulate you will have a period or become pregnant.

It looks like provera can sometimes bring on ovulation in some women, but it's really given to induce your period. You can have a period without ovulating. So you may or may not ovulate. If you are attempting to get pregnant maybe talk to your doctor about clomid, which helps with ovulation.

You should read Taking Charge of your Fertility.

It will help you understand all of the pieces. :)

u/Flickthebean87 · 1 pointr/PCOS

My hair and eyebrows aren’t 100 percent back but it’s close about 90 percent.

I started strength training, cut down on dairy, carbs, sugar. Upped my Biotin to 10,000 mcg. Starting using this

This may sound odd, but since I had such good luck using the shampoo on my hair, I started using it on my eyebrows. It worked.

I balance my hormones with this combination: (not sure it will work for everyone) they wouldn’t do blood work on me (diagnosed via ultrasound) so I had a lot of trial and error.

Ovasitol- brought back my periods and some mood stability

Biotin 10,000 mcg

Evening primrose


I went on birth control for a short time and didn’t notice any change. I went off it bc I’ve been on it off and on for 17 years. Hope this helps :)

u/[deleted] · 2 pointsr/PCOS

I have only used Ovasitol which is often the one recommended by specialists. However, this brand shouldn't be a problem because it is also 2000 mg myo-inositol and 50 mg d-chiro-inositol, in a 40:1 ratio, twice a day. There is no reason that the exact same ingredients in the exact same amounts shouldn't work the same way. Inositol is inositol regardless of the brand.

However, if you use Wholesome Story, you will only get 15 days if you take it twice a day to get the required 4000 mg of myo and 100 mg of d-chiro that you would with Ovasitol. That amount has been found to be the most beneficial for PCOS. That would be over $100 for three months while Ovasitol is $65-75 for 90 days depending on where you order it.

This is probably the best deal:

if you take it twice a day, that would come out to $47.97 for 115 days. The only difference is that it also adds folic acid which is beneficial especially for PCOS.

u/vanessacolina · 2 pointsr/PCOS

Hi! I used to feel the same way, even being on birth control, and it wasn’t until I discovered the “WomanCode” protocol from Alisa Vitti that I was able to cure myself naturally. The birth control pills modified my hormones which I didn’t like and those have side effects too. I highly recommend Alisa’s book ! She also has some courses on her website too, but I mostly go with her recommendations in the book and it works for me.

Hope it helps.

u/Sunandmoon33 · 2 pointsr/PCOS

I have had pcos for several years now and found several supplements that really helped me. They're available on amazon and are for hormones. They are merely a suggestion but have helped me greatly!


Calcium d-glucarate


Hope i can help

u/lindsaylindsay90 · 1 pointr/PCOS

Hey - I found this book by Fiona McCulloch really great. Explains the science clearly, runs through all the traditional and non-traditional treatments really thoroughly, and gives suggestions for meal plans etc.

u/Jen_Snow · 2 pointsr/PCOS

If you're actively trying, you should think about starting to chart that stuff. If you get to a point where you're going to see a doctor about it all, they'll want you to start doing it before they can move forward with any sort of fertility help. (I was lead to believe, at least.)

The book Taking Charge of Your Fertility is a great resource for this sort of thing.

u/MagicRose · 2 pointsr/PCOS

I went through the same thing. My now boyfriend kept saying "calories in and calories out" that's all that matters. It took him almost a year to understand it's not that simple. Metformin and lower carb eating changed my whole life. You can try adding to your eating every time you eat any carb or sweet (fruit) eat protein (cheese, meat, eggs, etc.) I learned this from

Might be something you want to pick up. I found an older version at good will for .50 and it's helped me understand how to eat. If you ever need some support, I'm your girl.

u/fuzzywuzzypenguin · 1 pointr/PCOS

Ask away! I got pregnant after about 3 years of Metformin and Insulin-Resistance Diet and 2 rounds of Clomid. There's a book called PCOS and Your Fertility that's pretty good.

u/clever_foxness · 2 pointsr/PCOS

My doctor said that less than 1000mg won’t do anything. But, I’m not a doctor, so, if I were you, I would find a new doctor if possible. If not, there are definitely ways to manage pcos without Metformin or BC. Here is some info worth reading. (On pcos supplements and inositol) hope it helps.

u/forgetful-turtle · 1 pointr/PCOS

Well, I’ve only taken myo-inositol with D-chiro lnsitiol. I don’t believe weight gain is a normal side effect. Every supplement or medication will have weird side effects for a few people I guess. Here is the brand I use
The only side effects I’ve had are being gassy the first few weeks. I also take meds for ADHD - brain fog isn’t any worse than normal. But - I guess my meds could mask that. It’s used in high doses for anxiety, but that’s like twice the amount that’s recommended for PCOS.

u/Simplyjules89 · 2 pointsr/PCOS

Ya, I'm going to find a different doctor. After all the test, she told me I had insulin resistant pcos gave me the birth control she prescribes to all her patients and told me when I want to get pregnant to set up another appt. She'll never see me again that's for sure.
Here's the link. You have to take it with the d-chiro one as well. I take 4 myo and 1 d-chiro together. Each morning on an empty stomach. Read the reviews though. But which ever you chose the dosage is key in my opinion.
Zazzee Myo-Inositol 120 Veggie Capsules, 2000 mg per Serving, 100% Pure, Pharmaceutical Grade, Vegan, Non-GMO and All Natural

u/emilia_d · 1 pointr/PCOS

I got mine off amazon. Worked wonders with my ovulation, sugar cravings and skin health. I bought the combination of Myo and D-chiro since it's better absorbed.

u/ConfusedCusp · 1 pointr/PCOS

Already posted this but I would recommend reading this book:

It goes through all the different cases of PCOS (because it really does vary case by case and there is no standad). I am fit your criteria (5'5, 120 Ibs). This book is helping me understand my predicament a little more. I actually have not tried seeing a specialist yet. I basically just decided to cut out dairy, soy, gluten...anything that can trigger inflammation in my body and I am going from there.

u/chickeepees · 2 pointsr/PCOS

They recommend taking it together. I've found this one on Amazon where they are both present. I cant order it unfortunately since Europe...

u/JellyBeansOnToast · 1 pointr/PCOS

I believe it was this one

I enjoyed it and learned a lot from it!

u/garden_lady1 · 2 pointsr/PCOS

Of course! Sorry I didn't see this earlier.

It's a pretty organized read.

u/bahnessa28 · 5 pointsr/PCOS

Hi there! I don't have insurance either at the moment and have had periods over they years with no insurance. I would start looking into a low carb diet like keto, this can help with your blood sugar and loose weight. I just started taking DCI for about 4 weeks, and got my first period in 10 months. I take two a day in the morning, along with coconut oil pills, vitamin D3 and magnesium. I recently purchased Ovasitol to try the mixture of both myo and d-chiro inositol. I've seen a lot of girls on here who use this brand. I've now been researching berberine which is supposed to have equivalent effects as metformin. Hope this helps!

u/RedDevil1159 · 1 pointr/PCOS

Do you mean this?

I take this, and it helps my energy, mood and makes me a little more laid back. Nothing crazy but helps some of my anxiety and compulsive behaviors. Has not brought my period back tho (lean PCOS). Hopefully this is what you meant, sorry if not

u/mariabutterfly · 1 pointr/PCOS

She should check out /r/xxketo. Personally I had bad results with metformin but that was in no results only side effects. I did like inositol powder like this

u/ayakokiyomizu · 3 pointsr/PCOS

If your hair is light-colored you might not want to pluck/wax it. When the hair is hormonal such as from PCOS, plucking it out from the roots can cause it to start coming back in thicker and darker. I would just shave it off if I were you (using something like this maybe), since you wouldn't have the issue that darker-haired people have of seeing the follicle under the skin.

u/Ellieoops28 · 2 pointsr/PCOS

In the mean time, you don’t have to go to a doctor to change the way you’re feeling. Try eating a balanced diet for PCOS. Cut out diary and sugar and refined carbohydrates. Eat 3 meals and two snacks everyday, with veggies being the main portion of your meal. Drink lots of water! One ounce for every pound of body weight.

Here’s where I get my PCOS related health info and what to do to help
. 8 Steps to Reverse Your PCOS

u/surfergal · 2 pointsr/PCOS

Have you had your A1C blood glucose level tested? Mine was in the pre-diabetic range, plus I kept gaining weight. I went on Metformin and the Insulin Resistance Diet and they have worked wonders for me. I've lost 70 pounds in 18 months, which is a fairly slow but healthy weight loss, and my food cravings are gone.

And I highly recommend avoiding High Fructose Corn Syrup at all costs. When I tried introducing it back into my diet, I started gaining weight again. It's a pain to read every food label at the grocery store, but it's so worth it!

u/cocoroach317 · 2 pointsr/PCOS

zazzee from amazon it was cited many times on this subreddit. Been taking it once daily for about two months now.

u/pcosgirl · 2 pointsr/PCOS

I use this one

However from what I read while there are two types your body will convert one of the types to the other.

u/Aria77001 · 3 pointsr/PCOS

It's a fungal infection, the hair focilles become inflamed(yep, all thanks to hormones). You need something like nizoral(Ketoconazole shampoo).
It only works because of ketoconazole(it kills the fungus) so other dandruff shampoos will not work.
It should disappear fairly quickly if you use the shampoo regularly

u/ramesesbolton · 3 pointsr/PCOS

I take this brand.

can't say for sure it was the inositol or the metformin but my schedule has been on track without birth control for the first time in ~12 years and I have a ton of hair regrowth after a massive post-birth control shed.

u/givemeteapls · 1 pointr/PCOS

They truly did amazing things for me. I miss taking them and am actually going to bring them up with my OB next week and see if it's ok during pregnancy (I don't see why it wouldn't, but best to be safe I guess). I took this brand of NAC 2x day

The inositol helped me with weight loss too. My appetite lessened so I snacked less.

Are you low carb/high fat or just low carb?

u/Gaianna · 2 pointsr/PCOS

I had made myself for a long walk because I knew if I stopped moving I would just crawl into a corner and just break down.

I was still hypersensitive when I came back to my desk and took the 3 packets equaling 6 grams.

I can tell you when I take the inositols and follow Keto I have a much much greater handle on my mind.

But my anxiety is different for yours and everyone else as they are all unique cases.

You can get 180 - 2 gram packets for 78$, I used to buy bulk powder cans, but the packets are just so much easier to use and have available they are worth the cost to me.

Search the Jarrow reviews for Anxiety and you can read a lot of reviews about people using it for Anxiety, and what doses work for them.

Jarrow Formulas Inositol Powder

u/my600catlife · 2 pointsr/PCOS

This one:

It's kind of hard to get the hang of it at first. I watched a lot of videos. You can't really do your whole face yourself because it's so hard to see in the mirror, but I used it on chest hairs which were a lot more sparse and for touch-ups. It leaves welts sometimes (lasts three days or so) which I didn't get with the professional job.

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Hey there, I was just diagnosed a week ago but have suspected PCOS for quite some time. I've been taking inositol powder 4g every day for only three months and it's helped me with so many of my symptoms. My horrid acne is clearing up, my happy trail is basically gone, and instead of only getting a period every other cycle I'm now at a 32-35 day cycle. I've just started eating keto again since I quit last year so I'm excited to see the effects of the inositol paired with the diet and exercise.

The inositol powder I use

You've got this!

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This was me for the past year. The only time the pain would stop was during my period. I recently had an ultra sound and no cysts or enlargements we’re found in my ovaries. Which left me baffled. I honestly really would have liked an answer.. even if the answer was bad news.
This pain lasted for a whole year, until recently, I started taking Myo-Inositol & D-Chiro Inositol Blend. It’s a 40:1 ratio. here is the link
It decreased my pain substantially and it’s improving my cycle length. I highly recommend you do your own research on it and see if it could help you too.

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I use Finishing Touch, which isn’t perfect but doesn’t hurt at all and doesn’t cost as much as waxing or threading.

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I have used this kind in capsule form:

which was fine but serving size is 4 big pills, and that was going to get expensive, so I'm using this stuff now:

and I use about 1/4 teaspoon. It's just the inositol powder with no fillers, so I don't have to take 4 horse pills.

I should also add that Mirena changed my mood and caused me depression. It was such a slow, gradual change that built up over time, so I didn't notice it happening and it wasn't until I got it out that I realized I was just never feeling happy the whole time I was on it. So, check your mood. This was not even a reason I got off of it, because I didn't realize it was even a problem until it was gone.

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I am sorry for the long comment, this post speaks so much to me with my previous struggles! I have psoriasis (not sure if my scalp issue is what one redditor mentioned above), and always had flaky scalp issues.

My scalp got really bad last year, where I could peel off quarter size or larger pieces off my scalp that were as thick as sheet masks (gross, I know... The itch was even worst.😢 I was ridiculously self conscious everyday ).

I switch from Pantene, head and shoulder, aveeno, and a psoriasis shampoo (yuck!). I didnt get much relief until I tried [Nizoral A-D Anti-Dandruff Shampoo] ( and started to see change half way through the bottle. I am pretty much dandruff free now! With an occasional issue of oily scalp (that I had before). I am not really sure if it's a short term effect, so I am a bit weary of changing shampoos now. :/

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I used [this] ( one, but I do get pimples and some scabbing and redness after I use it. I probably turn it up too high, so use at your own risk. I only use it on VERY small areas because it is not very easy to use, and it can vary in effectiveness depending on whether or not you inserted the needle thing right. Just some warnings!

Summer has never been my favorite time of the year and forget going to the beach! Stupid hair!