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u/legsanddairyqueen · 1 pointr/PMDD

Hey, I hope you're doing ok! Honestly, breakups with the PMDD and anxious attachment have been a nightmare, so it's super important that you're good to yourself! It's really hard to reprogram to not seek anything from avoidant people, it's so triggering and just becomes a cycle. It sounds like you went through that a lot in that relationship, and it's probably not the dynamic you want. And both people have to be onboard to really fix a relationship. So tough! I empathize. If you can, focus totally on yourself and let the relationship go, at least for awhile. That's advice I wish I had taken. I feel like when we have PMDD we end up taking the blame for relationship failures but I also feel like, how hard is it for partners of people with PMDD to have some compassion? I know it's not easy to live with on either side, but I feel like avoidant people or toxic relationship situations use PMDD against us and don't acknowledge our suffering. Plenty of people on here have understanding partners, so it gives me hope.

As for the Xanax and using it for sleep or getting rebound anxiety, I think a sleep routine could be helpful. Get yourself some nice comfy pajamas, a nice facewash and maybe some melantonin (I'm partial to the gummies) and/or magnesium (something like this one) and get into a book or podcast, something that isn't screen-based. Give yourself like an hour for a pre-bed routine and put on your pajamas and power down, even do one of those youtube yoga bedtime routines (I like the videos by Adrienne). That was one of the most helpful things my therapist suggested I do. I also keep Tylenol PM or a sleep aid like Midnite on hand in case I feel like too wound up, which usually happens for me around PMDD time. Mine lasts about 10 days too.

I try to save the Xanax for times when I'm feeling super aggro and either can't calm down or I feel like I'm going to snap at people at work. I use weed for when I'm feeling that way at home. Basically, I control my environment as much as possible and work on keeping myself happy and developing interests or social connections that make me feel better rather than worse. It's a learning experience to see what helps and what hurts, and how those two things get confused sometimes. And when I can't control the PMDD or what's going on, I take Xanax. But once you figure out things in your life that might be making the PMDD worse or trigger the anxious attachment, I think it will get a little easier.

u/bearnamedbear · 1 pointr/PMDD

Gosh. So very sorry.
To just highlight a few of the points other posters make:

  • it's incredibly difficult to notice that this is a pattern when it's happening to you. When someone is incredibly upset, we don't generally question whether there's an underlying reason we're more likely to get triggered. It feels like we're legit mad at the trigger. And it feels like the scope of the response is justified. If there's a lot going on, it might be hard to get the distance to see that there's a pattern.

  • I know that I'm incredibly sensitive to the idea of being "crazy". "Crazy" is a word we use to devalue people. "Crazy" people don't make important decisions. "Crazy" people aren't trusted. "Crazy" people lose their autonomy. Being hijacked by hormones for half the month sounds a lot like "crazy" and that is downright terrifying. It's terribly unfortunate that we've got this stigma wrapped around this problem, and the stigma makes it a lot harder to seek help, and a lot harder to have open conversations with people about it.

  • pointing out the good times has never helped me. It's like discovering that your employee hasn't been doing any work for the last three weeks and when you confront them about it, ready to fire them, they point out that they've worked for you for years without a problem. You're unlikely to say, "oh, yeah, that's right. My bad. This will pass." You're more likely to think that maybe they've been pulling this shit on you for years and you haven't noticed.

  • if she's talking about divorce and gas lighting, listen to her. She's saying you have a relationship problem. Relationship problems happen to literally Everyone. It's not possible to have an equal relationship with someone without going through some of this. Relationshipping is HARD even without PMDD added to the mix. Remember how, at your wedding, everyone who was married said, "this is work. A LOT of work."? This is is what they were talking about.

  • as much as I dislike feeling personally hijacked by my hormones, I have come to appreciate that if there's something that's really bugging me, it WILL get addressed at that time of month even if the rest of the month I'm sweet and easy going. Your wife is no wilting flower. She has a strong will to survive and if you can step back, you'll see an incredibly powerful woman who is trying to figure shit out. (She's coming into her power, so to speak.) This version of her is also eminently worthy of your love. And woah, what an incredible ally to have at your side! <3

    Here's the fantastic news: you don't have to get a divorce. You don't have to go to therapy. Your wife doesn't need to be confronted or medicated or fixed. These are, of course, options, but none of these options will get you back to the way things were.

    Getting back to the way things were isn't actually an option.

    Let that sentence percolate for a minute. You're likely to have a lot of emotional response to that fact, and, if you're anything like most people, you'll spend most of your life denying that fact. But you're different than you were when you were a kid. You're different than you were before you had kids. You are growing and changing all the time. It makes sense that your relationship needs to grow and change too.

    Getting back to the way things were isn't actually an option.

    But, that fact can set you free. You CAN find new ways to love your wife, live your life, and you CAN address some of the things that have cropped up in your relationship.

    It's incredibly powerful to realize that you have the power to change your relationship dynamic by changing how you respond to her, how you respond to yourself. Having love and compassion for your wife starts with having love and compassion for yourself. And from a place of love and compassion, real growth and change can happen. You are worth it. Your family is worth it. Your wife is worth it.

    Check out "Feeling Good Together" by David Burns.

    And "Be The Person You Want to Find" by Cheri Huber.

u/lampworkz · 1 pointr/PMDD

I had written this huge reply for you but by the time I got to the end of it, I felt most of it may be irrelevant for you and everyone else who may read this post. I'll be happy to pm it to you, but I fear you may think it's a bit off-the-wall.

For more immediate relief though, I've tried a high dose of vitamin D3. This article has some great info on the differences between vitamin D and D3, how they can help your body and how much to take

I started taking 10,000IU's a day (2 gel caps in the morning) of this brand and by the end of the second day I had a calmness wash over me. My mind stopped cycling and I was able to relax and "breathe," if you know what I mean. I haven't had an anger outburst since I've been taking them, when I would have several a day. I was always feeling like I was in a state of being attacked and paranoid before I started taking it. I am not a doctor but the difference it made to me was amazing. It also made my unrelenting depression MUCH more tolerable and I was able to have motivation to get some things done again. However, I've only been taking this for about a week so far. I really want to see how it affects that time of the month, which has not come yet but is about to.

I hope you can get help from this sub. It has been a great support for me. Feel free to pm if you want to talk more.

u/LicianDragon · 0 pointsr/PMDD

I hope it helps! The only foods I've noticed don't help me are sugar and other processed grains. If you're still craving something sweet I highly recommend the Atkins brand sweets! They taste amazing and many have little to no sugar! A lot of them also have a good amount of protein!

A word on gluten though, unless you have Celiacs, gluten is fine. There is no such thing as gluten sensitivity. Now you can be allergic to wheat/rye while not having issues with gluten specifically though! Simply switching to whole grain breads helped a lot for me!

One thing that might help your cramps too are herbal supplements! I'm trying this tincture out soon (it's in the mail) but have had great success using other supplements with the same herbs(though I take them more for the mood stabilizing effects). I don't like taking a bunch of pills though so I'm trying out the tincture route. A lot of the reviews specifically mention it relieving cramps! Good luck with the elimination process! Feel free to PM me if you ever need someone to talk to! :)

u/pinkandpluffy · 3 pointsr/PMDD

I used this one from the IAPMD website for six months and then took it to my doctor to get a referral to a gynaecologist.

It was ok for that purpose, but now I track just using a month to view paper calendar (like this ), and note down any symptoms I feel. I use the month to view as it means I can look back to the same time in previous months easily and see patterns in symptoms. I also note down anything that could have exacerbated the symptoms so I can hopefully spot patterns for self care in future.

I honestly think that the biggest help for my symptoms has been good tracking. It helps me avoid planning stressful events when I’m likely to be bad, and helps me see that what I’m feeling may not be real.

The posts on this subreddit are awesome in identifying additional symptoms of PMDD which you may not have attributed to PMDD before.

u/maryjane2626 · 2 pointsr/PMDD

Coloring, crafts, deep breathing, Onnit New Mood: Daily Stress, Mood, and Sleep Support Supplement (30ct), marijuana if you are in a state where you can actually get good bud(lol), I walk in the woods, got myself in to a routine, go to my psychiatrist regularly, I repeat “I’m happy I’m comfortable I’m safe” when my mind is running crazy which actually helps. Obviously your mantra would be whatever is best for you! Hope this helps.

u/earritating · 1 pointr/PMDD

I take this lemon balm capsule that’s a life saver. I know it sounds stupid but it’s actual super calming for me, it’s like a mild Xanax. Very cheap too so you might find it worth a shot.

Nature's Way Premium Herbal Melissa Lemon Balm Leaf, 1,500 mg per serving, 100 Capsules (Packaging May Vary)

u/StonedNAlonegurl95 · 1 pointr/PMDD

P.S. in the link below - this stuff is great if you can get some before you go. They also sell it in individual packages on amazon, or you could find it at a grocery store/health food place. Magnesium in this form on the go for me has been a lifesaver during PMDD week. I just pour it in a water bottle. 2 teaspoons. They have it in different flavaz too.

u/2ULIVE · 2 pointsr/PMDD

You can test to see if you are ovulating with these. I'm not sure if it would tell you, but they test for a specific hormone so I think it would work. Then you can know a little better when pmdd would hit. you could probably track it with a period tracker app like clue too.

u/Adventurous_Problem · 1 pointr/PMDD

JS Dental Lab Custom Dental Night Guard, Sleep Mouth Guard for Teeth Grinding, Bruxism & TMJ Relief - Upper Bite Guard

My partner and I each got one. We both really like ours. You do the mold and send it in. I highly recommend it. You have options to customize it for your needs too. It's $120 versus the awful 300-500 that I would pay otherwise.

u/lew2022 · 1 pointr/PMDD

These are what I’ve been taking. It’s help. One is a Methyl Folate

Chiral Balance DCI, 60 count 600 mg

Neurobiologix Methyl Folate PlusTM Supplements - Bioactive Folinic Acid, Methyl Folate Dietary Capsules for Cardiovascular & Nervous System Health, Cell Growth and Tissue Repair (90 Capsules)

Designs for Health N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine - 900 Milligrams NAC Supplement (120 Capsules)

u/Lr20005 · 1 pointr/PMDD

I take two a day orally, one am and one pm. This is the brand I’ve always used, but there are several others.
Solaray Black Currant Seed Oil, 600 Mg, 90 Softgels

u/pepitamonster111 · 2 pointsr/PMDD

You did not choose this condition, and I implore you to be gentle with yourself. That being said, PMDD is a heckin' lot to deal with, and most likely you wouldn't wish this upon your worst enemy.

The anxiety of a birthday without luteal is difficult to deal with on its own. Milestone birthdays are not fun. My heart goes out to you. If I wasn't broke, I'd send you this as a gift. It has helped me and I hope it will help you.

u/penguinduet · 3 pointsr/PMDD

Sometimes less is more with melatonin, 5mg is a pretty big dose. It can make you feel horrible if you take too much or at the wrong time.

I use 2mg or less of melatonin during PMDD days. I take it around 8pm and then sit in the dark until I fall asleep. Getting enough sleep during that time and supplementing melatonin has solved so many of my issues.

The one I use is this and dose it out, 5 or 6 when I'm expecting a bad day

u/vaanjie · 4 pointsr/PMDD

I use the app Flo in order to track my PMDD and take HTP-5 and ashwagandha root capsules during those two weeks. I feel like they help my cravings, anxiety, and depression. I have been prescribed Prozac for depression and anxiety since I was 13, and I make sure not to forget taking it (my dosage remains the same).

At night I have trouble falling asleep, so I take these magnesium supplements a few hours before bedtime. I also try to meditate for at least 5 minutes every night using the app Insight Timer. It helps me with impulse control and not overreacting to things. All of this took many years to figure out. I hope you find something that brings relief!

EDIT: I didn't know there were any possible reactions of HTP-5 and antidepressants, but apparently the main warning for supplements containing 5HTP is “do not consume if you’re taking antidepressant drugs.” It can lead to serotonin syndrome.

I'm going to stop taking HTP-5 for now and just take the ashwagandha root supplements, which don't seem to have negative interactions with antidepressants. Let me know if I'm wrong.