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u/swotam · 2 pointsr/PS4Deals

This is an Featured Deal and is set to expire at 3:00 am (presumably March 21). Act fast! Best Buy Canada and Futureshop will price match this deal, bringing the price down to around $97

An excellent price on a 2TB external drive that can be easily removed from the casing and installed in a PS4. I picked one of these up a couple of weeks ago and did exactly that and it fits and works perfectly.

To remove the drive, carefully pry the metal top cover from the bottom plastic case. This can be done by hand or using a small screwdriver. Once the case is open, remove the drive and unplug from the USB interface board. Then just follow the Sony instructions for replacing the drive. Be sure to backup your game save data first so that it can be restored to the new drive afterwards.

The drive fits perfectly in the PS4 and meets the specs that Sony specifies for the console. If you're looking for extra storage in your PS4, this is a great way to expand at a reasonable price.

As an added bonus, you can install your old PS4 500GB drive in the case and use that as an external USB drive afterwards.

Edit: Our American friends can get the same drive from for $89 which is a pretty good deal.

u/protopersona · 4 pointsr/PS4Deals

For both the PS4 regular and PS4 Pro SSHD and SSD drives are currently not worth the premium price really. There are some major improvements in load times for an SSD, but only for Pro mode games. Maybe the drives will become a better value as the Pro mode library increases.

This is a really good deal on a hybrid, but you can get one of the most recommended PS4 drives for $80 right now. There's even a great guide for doing it yourself from /r/PS4.

EDIT: After a discussion with /u/PureNintendoHype it was pointed that there are indeed very noticeable benefits for an SSD in Pro mode games. Maybe as the library for Pro support gets bigger the upgrade will be a better investment. I'm just not sold on the premium price and small storage space tradeoffs yet.

u/kpopper2013 · 22 pointsr/PS4Deals

This is a great price for a great game. I submitted it to Amazon hoping they'll price match. I have more benefits there.

E: Amazon has price matched!

u/ezpricealerts · 1 pointr/PS4Deals

Haha, looks like it's a price war between Amazon and a 3rd party seller using an automated repricing software, outbidding each other by 0.01. If anyone's interested you can see here:

A 3rd-party seller using Fulfillment by Amazon is pretty much just as good as buying from Amazon itself.

u/Santesyu · 1 pointr/PS4Deals

Yeah this is the one I upgraded with except I got it thanks with Amazon here personally its a good 2tb works flawlessly ,easy to upgrade though I bought the red one for 70 something so this is a sale considering what u are getting..I would say anyone that wants a upgrade do it now considering all the games coming out, got so many downloaded games on mines, and I'm not even half way full lol...for real its worth it.

u/mhero18 · 12 pointsr/PS4Deals

Good price for a great replacement/upgrade! SSHD too! Not sure if it's been any lower. And newegg doesn't charge tax in most states.

If you don't want a SSHD or want to save $15, the seagate 2TB barracuda is also a good option.

Or if you're really concerned about the price, you can get the seagate 2TB slim plus for $80. Note, however, this one is in a case and you would need to crack it (voids waranty) and takes a bit more work than the above two options. But it's a very common option for upgrades.

u/nutsack12 · 0 pointsr/PS4Deals

I would just buy the physical copy from Amazon for $5 more.

If you're looking for other games to add to your to buy list, check out Bloodborne, The Last of Us, and the Uncharted Nathan Drake Collection. All are amazing and all are less than $20 pretty much everywhere. Uncharted 4 can also often by found for $20-$30 also and is great.

u/Durendana · 2 pointsr/PS4Deals

Great game, great username.

Edit: If you're like me and would rather not give GameStop you're money, same price on Amazon.

u/Fnerb · 3 pointsr/PS4Deals

Looks like the Amazon 1TB bundle is up for pre-order. Just put mine in. Says delivery on the 21st.

Edit: Link:

Edit again: My bad. Got super click happy. :)

u/itrainmonkeys · 2 pointsr/PS4Deals

Amazon has it at the same price ($39.99) and it says it is good until December 24th. I'm holding out hope for a better deal before then.

u/WillUpvoteForAss · 2 pointsr/PS4Deals

The model number on matches the one that Amazon shows as the slim model and some reviewers say it's good for PS4. Good enough for me.

Update: successfully installed this drive in my PS4

u/weebae · 1 pointr/PS4Deals

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u/Desperate_Shark · 16 pointsr/PS4Deals

Although this is a good deal, it would be best to shop around.

Example: Amazon has KH3 for $19.99, $25 dollars cheaper.

u/722611 · 3 pointsr/PS4Deals

I ordered from Best Buy, I'm just not a fan of the GameStop website system. You can also order on Amazon, that went live 12AM PST.

u/randybruder · 3 pointsr/PS4Deals

FYI the physical disc version of the Handsome Collection is $20 at GameStop and Amazon (Prime only), so cheaper than this digital sale.

Edit: added links.

u/Pornviewinguser · 1 pointr/PS4Deals

Not a deal, but I've seen a lot of people paying $60 for the subscription when you can still get it for $50 in some stores like Wallmart or Gamestop where sometimes they have stacks of remaining cards for the old price. I buy from Amazon, they are still selling them at $49.99 (Digital Code)

u/aeriis · 4 pointsr/PS4Deals

this guy but look for a better deal. on sale i've seen it at 70ish.

bonus is you get a usb 3.0 external enclosure for your 500gb.

you just need to pry it open, peel off the foil tape and slide off the adapter board.

it's cheaper to buy this than the drive inside for some dumb reason.

u/Professor_Layton · 1 pointr/PS4Deals

I'm in the market for an external drive and noticed this deal. According to Amazon it works with the PS4 and the reviews are great.

u/ItsMeRyanRogers · 4 pointsr/PS4Deals

Also on Amazon for anyone who prefers Prime or wants to price match locally.
Borderlands: The Handsome Collection - Playstation 4

u/masbateno · 2 pointsr/PS4Deals

Also at GameStop for the same price:

EDIT: It looks like Amazon has this back-ordered until December 30th now. Check out the [other seller's section] ( if you still wanna place an order through Amazon Prime.

u/Daveed84 · 2 pointsr/PS4Deals

According to camelcamelcamel, it's been this price since late February, but it's gone in and out of stock on Amazon since then. I think you're right, this isn't a new deal. Still worth it though!

u/taken_the_easy_way · 2 pointsr/PS4Deals

Amazon just price-matched this for $40 also. If you don't want to buy PSN gift cards and go to the PS store to buy it, you can just buy it from Amazon.

u/goodbyebluemondays · 10 pointsr/PS4Deals

Without Modern Warfare you get a 20% discount that drops it to 47 bucks, if you have prime. Personally I would avoid pre-ordering and wait until it has a chance to be reviewed. The discount sticks around for two weeks after release, so imo it's better to determine whether to buy it or not then.

u/ps4s · 5 pointsr/PS4Deals

I've been waiting all morning for the price to drop, and it finally did. same price as amazon right now, unless you are a GCU member, and then Best Buy is cheaper. plus in-store pickup today for most locations.

u/billybombill · 20 pointsr/PS4Deals

Nice! Also, Amazon is $48 for prime members (20% off preorders or within 2 weeks of release, apparently)

u/svtfoeaccount71122 · 4 pointsr/PS4Deals

Can someone explain the difference between this hard drive and the typical Seagate hard drive? Is one of them better?

u/Xiratava · 8 pointsr/PS4Deals

External drive that can be taken apart for a 2TB drive. This is the Samsung Spinpoint drive that is frequently mentioned for PS4 hard drive upgrades.

See reviews at amazon or success story on r/PS4. Hard drive upgrade guide can be found here.

u/childsyrup · 11 pointsr/PS4Deals

Looks like Amazon is matching it currently also.

u/KISS_THE_GIRLS · 1 pointr/PS4Deals

i bought this one a while back

it goes down to 70-80 sometimes if you wanna wait...also make sure you follow the instructions on the PS4 sub.

u/svd246 · 1 pointr/PS4Deals

Hey check amazon right now! It's up for $30 and Arkham Knight is $10 only!

Batman: Return to Arkham - PlayStation 4 Standard Edition

Batman: Arkham Knight - PlayStation 4

u/TheAscetic · 2 pointsr/PS4Deals

Available now at Amazon.

PlayStation Plus: 12 Month Membership [Digital Code] link

u/raybreezer · 9 pointsr/PS4Deals

I apologize that I did not include the link. First time posting here and on mobile so I goofed that one up.

Here it is!

u/berge2015 · 36 pointsr/PS4Deals

Amazon has also lowered the price to $39.99 now: Link

Edit: now Gamestop's dishing out the same deal

u/Jarrams · 1 pointr/PS4Deals

Hey PS+ is showing up for ~25 bones right now.

u/kjh780 · 4 pointsr/PS4Deals

ADDITIONAL: GTA V is also 39.99 on Amazon

u/Mr_Thanatos · 5 pointsr/PS4Deals

Amazon has the same price, if anyone wants to use their Prime Membership.

u/FivePoundHam · 3 pointsr/PS4Deals

Link for the lazy:

Looks like shipping is pushed out to Nov 29th even with prime, but otherwise worked for me.

u/boringasblue · 20 pointsr/PS4Deals

PlayStation 4 Slim 1TB Console - Marvel's Spider-Man Bundle

Release date states November 18.

u/motion228 · 1 pointr/PS4Deals

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege - PlayStation 4

Sorry forgot to mention but the discount is only for Prime members.

u/Cormick · 1 pointr/PS4Deals

Actually, on Amazon this model is the same one from the eBay link. I doubt they're THAT different, but just in case.

u/Kapitan_Kolbasa · 19 pointsr/PS4Deals

Same price as the 2TB by Seagate. Might as well get the extra terabyte!

Edit: disregard what I said earlier, the price has increased to $74.99. It's still less than the $99.99 original price but it's a bit disappointing nonetheless.

u/wymore · 7 pointsr/PS4Deals

I typically look at what others are selling it for used to determine how much lower it could go. With the new price being lower than the used, I would consider another decrease to be unlikely any time soon.