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u/MissPantyPrincess · 1 pointr/Panties4Sale

♥ Contact me ♥ Panty drawer


I'm a 19 year old Korean girl that loves having fun in my bedroom ♥ My panties are size small, and I wear 32AA or 32A bras. I also enjoy wearing socks, stockings, and pantyhose!


Payment methods (most to least preferred): Google Wallet, SquareCash, Venmo, GiftRocket, Victoria's Secret Gift Card (120%), Amazon Gift Card (120%)

Email for Google Wallet, GiftRocket, and gift cards: [email protected]


This package is $45; you will get:

♥ 2 day wear black lace panties played in 5 times

♥ Free US shipping

♥ Vacuum sealing to preserve scent and taste

♥ Handwritten note

♥ 10+ photoset with lots of fun play ♡

♥ Get access to 50 min worth of my videos and 20+ photosets for +$35 with your order!



♥ Physical Polaroid of picture of your choice (+$3/Polaroid)

♥ Upgrade to Priority Mail (+$5)

♥ Extra days of wear (+$5/day)

♥ Custom photos ($1.50/photo)

♥ Custom video ($5/min no sound)

♥ Face in photos (+$10)

♥ Ask me for any other specific requests!


Outfits (to take pictures/videos in):

♥ Pink maid (+$10 flat)

♥ Bunny girl (+$10 flat)

u/RebeccaStilles69 · 1 pointr/Panties4Sale

Petite brunette here!(: I'm 20 years old, based in Seattle and get off to D/d roleplay, butt play, rough sex & so much more. I'm a pretty active girl and I love to cum, especially in my panties! Can't wait for you to be enjoying them.

Nude Thing W/Red Lace $30#

  • 3 minute video of me in your panties!!

  • Worn 2 days with my creamy juices

  • Free shipping & tracking (US only)

    My Dirty Used Panties#

  • $30 Each With 2 Days Wear

  • Details & Add-ons

  • Album


    I accept Google Wallet, Venmo, Giftrocket, Bitcoin and Amazon NO FEE FOR AMAZON Giftrocket takes a few days to deposit

    Just got my own subreddit up, please subscribe and check me out. I'll try to make it an equal mix of fun and work. Thanks<3

u/asianpantygirl · 1 pointr/Panties4Sale


Please let me know what you are interested in and PM me.

Other items:

u/[deleted] · 1 pointr/Panties4Sale

Thanks for checking out my post! Nice to meet you, I'm Janie ;)

More pics of this pair...

I'm charging $35 for this pair. Preferred payment is Visa Gift Card or Amazon Gift Card sent to [email protected]

I pay for shipping and make sure it's discreet. Each package will contain the panties in a zip lock bag along with a personalized note from me!

Message me directly if you have specific requests or add ons, requests are accepted and priced on a case by case basis.

I am not responsible for any damaged goods resulting from the shipping process.