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u/imverybadatmath · 2 pointsr/Parahumans

This is what I send to friends - - -

TLDR version;

(1) worm is one of the best things i've read in any genre

(2) don't tell my parent's i'm a supervillain is fun, age appropriate for kids but good enough for adult

(3) Dire, Super Powereds (and corpies spinoff) are excellent - don't miss these

(4) the rest listed are the best of what i've found in the genre


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u/Flexiblechair · 2 pointsr/Parahumans

Steelheart is definitely intersting. I like the book, however i definitely feel it's quite juvenile. Especially compared to Worm. I made a post about super hero books in /r/fantasy and it's actually how I came across Worm. As for smart and in depth books, I don't have any super hero or power related books to suggest.

However I would suggest checking out Black Jack Villain by Ben Bequer. It has a lot of that team based super hero combat that's featured in Worm and it tells a similar story of somebody starting off with powers. It manages to do this without being too similar to any other story i've read.

Blackjack Villain, Ben Bequer - $3 on amazon

You can see my post at the link below:

Also some other books i've read:

Meta, Tom Reynolds - Really easy read. Pretty basic story, nothing too surprising. Only the first book is available. A pretty Young Adult super hero read.

Control Point, Myke Cole - The tagline is Black Hawk Down meets X-men. The book starts off very similar to x-men in terms of background. The gov't has a huge hand in super hero relations and it's easy to relate too. However, the last half of the book is fairly lacking in the same to type of story building and reasoning as the X-men series. The characters can be very frustrating

u/DrStalker · 9 pointsr/Parahumans

Wearing the Cape is a good superhero series; powers are generic compared to Worm's and tend to fall into common "packages" such as the protagonist being an Atlas class hero (flight, strength, durability). Think of it as a deconstruction of the genre rather than a full reconstruction like Worm.

  • The superheros organizations main day-to-day concern is being seen patrolling and helping people and building good will because they know one day things will go to shit in a huge villain attack and they will need the public on their side to reduce backlash.

  • Superheros have no legal powers but work with local police on enforcing warrants, including controversy about the use of "no knock" warrants against powered targets.

  • Aircraft have "powered assist lift here" markings indicating where a flying hero should lift from if supporting them in an emergency.

  • the Villain in the first book has a proper rational motivation and goals, even though this is not clear at first and he just seems like a random terrorist. I'd rate him as very compelling in characterization and motivation, but telling you why without major spoilers isn't possible.

    Overall I'd say it's the best superhero series I've read other than Worm. Worm tying backstory and powers together via trigger event and making evry power unique is missing, but I can't think of any other superhero setting that comes close to doing that as well as Worm.
u/NeuroticIntrovert · 8 pointsr/Parahumans

Resources they have available isn't a problem at this point in the story, because of Coil. Untraceable firearms are a non-issue when one is willing to wait a few days, and (at least in post-9/11 Earth Aleph), uranium is available on Amazon.

As for mentality, I'd understand if this was Regent or Bitch's power, but Grue is pretty diligent, and Tattletale is all about information. Getting a more detailed understanding of a teammate's power seems like something they would... well, get around to eventually.

u/LeibnizIntegralKeks · 1 pointr/Parahumans

The stuff I like that are similar free web creations are:

  • Heretical Edge

    Basically harry potter but if it were internally consistent and with realistic and good characters, does a lot of subverting expectations and tropes.

  • The martian

    Astronaut munchkins Science! to survive on mars

  • RWBY

    Cute girl with giant scythe that also is a sniper rifle, everyone in this one has superpowers.

  • Toothless

    Realistic medieval setting wherein templar knights fight against undead horde which is almost the only divergence from our normal nonmagic world.
u/pizzahotdoglover · 7 pointsr/Parahumans

Nice, congrats! I recommend reading The Law of Superheroes. It explains all the real world legal issues that superheroes would encounter.

u/Thechynd · 10 pointsr/Parahumans

Couldn't find a suitably cheap-looking one of a rottweiler, but amazon has this if its any help.

u/Elec0 · 7 pointsr/Parahumans

I'll also add (again) Super Powereds by Drew Hayes is still ongoing, although he's finished the first three books and working on the fourth.
Or, if you're looking for something less involved but still fun: Please Don't Tell My Parents I'm a Supervillain by Richard Roberts. Has kind of a Worm-like plot, but with middle schoolers and considerably less dark and heavy.

u/kwx · 1 pointr/Parahumans

Try Harry Connolly's "Twenty Palaces" series. I'd suggest starting with Child of Fire and Game of Cages. Neat magic system and world building. Fair warning, the series is incomplete, but I think the existing books work well as is.

u/mymaridae · 1 pointr/Parahumans

ICYMI - Amazon remade Hanna as a TV series. It's less stylized and more grounded than the movie; plus the production is next-level. I personally liked it a lot more.

u/DonyaFox · 2 pointsr/Parahumans

There is this really good book called Soon I Will Be Invincible about Superheroes in the same realistic vein that Worm resides in. It's told from alternating POV's of a Super villain and a new Superhero.

u/jrbless · 7 pointsr/Parahumans

Everything is now radioactive. Carry a small sample of Uranium (you can literally order it off of Amazon). Convert copper, aluminum, or concrete, and you'll be glowing in the dark.

u/xDasNiveaux · 6 pointsr/Parahumans

> google searches for "parahuman" only turn up stuff related to Worm.

Also, weired animal/human hybrids and this book.

u/viaovid · 8 pointsr/Parahumans

House of Leaves is that kind of thing, but more-so.

u/DoesNotHappen · 2 pointsr/Parahumans

Thanks so much!

I haven’t got my shit together as well as I should right now in terms of my online portfolios, because I’ve been focusing on my non-art studies and work for the last couple years, so they’re a little messy. The closest thing I’ve done to this stylistically was the kids’ book I illustrated a few years ago, as a slightly more immature artist; it was very barely out in a few libraries and bookshops in Canada and Australia so you might have seen it in one of those places.

Facebook page:

Instagram, featuring art and lots of misc:

Kids’ book:

u/Juansson · 8 pointsr/Parahumans

> a rapidly moving metal rod is going to give you a friction burn

Polished steel dildos are a thing. Friction is more a question of the surface finish (which Weld can control) and of lubrication (which Sveta can control), than of the material itself.

One problem I see compared to a traditional silicone dildo (or actual flesh rod) is the stiffness. They'd probably have to move very very carefully.

u/ArgentStonecutter · 1 pointr/Parahumans

The Lord Darcy series was started in the '60s so you're looking for dead tree editions.

Start your search here (googl link because reddit hates parentheses).

The Atrocity Archives is Charlie Stross's Laundry series.

For all your computational necromancy needs.