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u/JohnnyChee · 8 pointsr/PardonMyTake

I got the feeling he was talking about this book, which is more of an encyclopedia and is 336 pages and also explains why he wouldn't want to take it to work since it's a giant book and not a small novel

u/Syllogism19 · -24 pointsr/PardonMyTake

That is an excellent comment to examine especially since so much of PMT consists of saying things that are insults, falsehoods, provocations and other violations of social norms.

If such a statement were made by Big Cat to PFT it would likely be be funny because we believe that he does not hate PFT.

Is your comment funny in this context?

It is a violation to tell someone that you hate them. That part is settled, unless it is a Barstool norm to tell people that you hate them or if it is considered to be so meaningless in the context of Reddit that it is not a violation.

But is it benign? If you don't hate me and say that then it is benign and it might be funny to both of us at the level of a chuckle.

If I consider it to be harmless or if I were trolling and looking for your sort of reaction then it would be benign to me. It might be funny to me but not to you if your intent was to hurt and you did not succeed.

If I were looking for affirmation and support or if it reminded me of another situation in which someone told me that they hated me then it might not be benign to me and therefore not funny to me. But if it were not benign to me and I were hurt by it, then it might be benign and therefore funny to you if your intention was to harm.

A reader of this sub may like reading your comment because they do not like my previous comment but that does not in itself make your comment funny. You can like a comment without finding it funny. To be funny, it would have to be a violation and they would have to consider it benign. Many times insults to people who we do not know, or who we do not like, or do not care about or who we do not believe are actually harmed by the insult are considered funny. That is because an insult is a violation of norms and the insult is benign from the hearer's point of view.

On the other hand a reader of the sub may find the comment itself to be lame or lacking any wit and therefore not even a violation of any kind. Or while understanding it to be a violation of norms, they may be such a supporter of Benign Violation Theory that they do not consider your statement to be benign. Therefore they would not find it funny.

In the end your comment may be funny to some people and not to others. In all particular cases the BVT will explain it. Have a wonderful day and thank you for giving me the occasion to work through a practical application of the theory. To learn more about BVT you might want to check out this book.

u/ZionIsFat · 20 pointsr/PardonMyTake

I'll sleep 12+ hours straight and still sleep through my alarm clock. I'm in my 30s now and I thought I'd grow out of it but it still happens. I've been to multiple doctors to check for sleep apnea. I slept through a fire alarm at college. I have this Sonic Bomb alarm clock that is really fucking loud, as well as a strobe light hooked up to an outlet timer.

It sucks and it's embarrassing when I lived with a roommate, so I just skipped all my morning classes in college so that I wouldn't wake up my roommate every morning. I know I'm not just being lazy, but I guess you just know better than me though.