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u/illbecountingclouds · 1 pointr/PartyParrot

Really, it’s my pleasure. I just like knowing that some little parrot is gonna be happier because I was able and willing to share knowledge on how they should be cared for. :)

So, onto foraging.

You know how cats like to hunt? And dogs enjoy working for food? Well, parrots like to search for theirs and uncover it!

The YouTube Channel FlockTalk is a parrotlet-oriented channel that you should check out! They’ve got some videos on DIY toys, but I’ll give you my bird’s favourite, too.

I did a search, and in case that link doesn’t work, here’s an image of the product. In case that also doesn’t work, here’s an Amazon link to the product.

^ With these, I use a small skewer, toothpick, or something else very long and narrow to push seeds into the very soft wood. As your bird chews it apart, he’ll be periodically rewarded with seeds! This is very fun for them! You can use this method with any soft or porous (having many small holes like a sponge) toy! Just push in or pour the seed into it for your bird to find!

My parrotlet really likes paper, so making some paper contraptions with food inside is always a good time once they realise there’s a reward in it for them besides fun. FlockTalk has some nice tutorials, but any small oragami piece made of plain, non-toxic paper with gaps to shove seeds into will suffice. :) You probably want to have her play with it over a solid surface instead of cage bars so they don’t lose the seeds, whether it’s out with you or a small tray in her cage (not below any perches so it’s less likely to get pooped on).

You can absolutely get creative with toys! Just make sure all the materials are bird safe. Anything that they have to destroy to reach the food is fun for them; it makes them work for it, like a cat stalking prey, or a human going to a not-soul-crushing job to earn a living.

If you aren’t already aware, parrots are scarily intelligent. Even the little ones have a formidable brain behind that beak; it’s what allows them to mimic sounds! Intelligence and boredom just really don’t mix. They’re too smart to be unoccupied for long periods of time. If you know how to read their body language and sounds, it’s downright creepy how much they understand.

Changing the position of the toys and perches can help with engagement! Like rearranging your room, moving stuff makes things fresh and interesting. I personally leave the “favourite perches” (the ones he spends a lot of time and sleeps on; the rope by the “broccoli corner” and the branch by the little bird warming plate) in the same place always, but your bird may or may not be upset by their favourite spots being moved. Other than the favourites, changing the decorations around is a good way to break the monotony of living in a cage. It’s even better if you have enough toys to rotate them. It’s recommended you do this every one to two weeks, but it won’t be the end of the world if you don’t. As long as everything is clean.

My mom and I use So Phresh Wipes to keep the cage sanitary between deep cleans. You might like them, too!

In the end, parrots need clean surroundings, a variety of available food, routine without monotony, and parrotlets specifically need at least an hour of Out-Of-Cage time per day (though more is highly recommended, as they are very social creatures).

And again, any questions, concerns, or curiosities about parrotlets you may have, feel free to contact me and I’ll either give you an answer or a few reputable links that will point you in the right direction. All I want is for our babies to live long, happy lives. :)

Parrots are very high maintenance, but so incredibly smart. They’re truly a joy to have around, as I’m sure you can attest to.

How did the first attempt with chop go? Don’t be discouraged if she didn’t take to it immediately; birds past adolescence are often very reluctant to try new things. It’s normal.

u/kangir · 4 pointsr/PartyParrot

No worries, that's what I'm here for! They'll usually get sleepy around sunset and sleep shortly thereafter if their cage has been covered, and wake up at the crack of dawn if light starts shining in. I've read that they should get 12 hours of sleep a day, but I've never known my birds to get that much, though they do catch quick naps throughout the day.

Pricing could be a little bit tricky, depending on where you live. You'll want to check your local breeder for a more accurate pricing. From my local breeder, cockatiels are about $120+, if you find a good deal for a cage, it could run you about the same. I got my flight cage for about $35 on sale at PetSmart. Food is moderately priced, though going through bags so often may be costly. Also, a good tip is to feed your bird a variety of foods, since seed on its own is like their version of junk food. Pellets are a good choice (I use the Zupreem brand pellets, which cost about $15 for a 2.5 lb bag), along with some variety of leafy greens, fruits, nuts, plain boiled egg cooked with no salt, etc. Sometimes it's difficult to find what your bird likes right away, but persistence is key! There are also recipes around on the internet for "bird bread" which is great for them and easy for you to make! Also a reminder to read up on what they can and cannot eat, avocado's one of the big ones, as far as I can remember.

After that initial drop of money, you'll also want to get a reputable avian vet, in case of emergency and general checkups (and a DNA sex if you like). Those may be costly, but worth it if you want to keep your bird friend happy and healthy. I pay about $70 for my birds' general checkup, and luckily nothing's happened to them where they need medication, but I've read that antibiotics can run up to $400 or so.

Hopefully this will answer your questions, but if you'd like me to go moreso into a topic, let me know. :)

u/whodatfairybitch · 168 pointsr/PartyParrot

Wait where?? I have this exact backpack for my cat, bought it a while ago for $70 in US!

Edit: I bought it off some weird site before the whole cat backpack phase. Amazon looks like it’s come out with a “second gen” that has an extra bubble. Here’s a link to the first gen :) check reviews definitely! But not $300!

u/kummerspect · 1 pointr/PartyParrot

I suggest this for a sleeping spot. The ones you find in stores (like these) can be hazardous or deadly. The only downside to the one I suggested is that birds sometimes like to chew the seagrass mat, but fortunately you can buy replacement mats. I put a decoy mat in my bird's cage and she seems pretty content chewing that instead.

u/preghin · 7 pointsr/PartyParrot

My budgies didn’t love to bath until I bought them that green bird bath. They use it as their watering dish and bath. You can buy it here!

u/XNekoGhostX · 5 pointsr/PartyParrot


This is the one I bought and it’s really easy to put together

u/etoleb · 5 pointsr/PartyParrot

No idea, I'd love to know myself.

It was the default recording on the Mimic Me that we recently bought.

u/sarahpede · 1 pointr/PartyParrot

This first one would be my most recommended but is a bit higher in price and I also included the second cage because parakeets should really have a minimum of 18x18 and the depth of the cage you posted is less the 14 inches. The second cage I included is 21x21.

u/AMY_bot · 2 pointsr/PartyParrot

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Plz send any recommendations via PM

u/Cuisinart_Killa · 3 pointsr/PartyParrot

Seagrass is generally fine, it's the attachment parts (strings) that kill the bird. Which is why I would use a corner perch.



And a seagrass mat / tube / house.