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u/-Dr-Beech-Lasagna · 2 pointsr/PewdiepieSubmissions

I've made a Valentine's Day Card that will get the wamen in your life to slide off their chairs in sheer sticky adoration of your charm and taste AND subscribe to pewds.


You can find the card here:


United States:

United Kingdom:


The inside of the card has the following poem:


I don't want roses,

I don't want a ring

I don't want a rainbow

I don't want you to sing

You warm my heart

Like the sunshine in may

But there's only one thing

That will brighten my day

I don't want to the moon

or the stars in the sky

If you really love me



It has a heart-shaped QR code that will take your crush directly to the subscribe button

u/General-Meat-Scepter · 1 pointr/PewdiepieSubmissions

Hey guys, I've made a Valentine's day card that subscribes your sweetheart to Pewds.

Let's work together to hijack Valentine's Day and get as many wamen and manwamen to subscribe to Pewds out of luuuuurrrrve.

If you want to send one yourself (and we all should) you can find it here:

*I'll send one card for every upvote (due to limited funds, being a student and all, this extends to a maximum of 100 upvotes )

u/Andr3w_128 · 1 pointr/PewdiepieSubmissions

Also, you can buy his own version for $99, they’re the Razer kraken pro bro V2

Edit: Video here

And headphones here on amazon (currently unavailable)

u/ready-ignite · 26 pointsr/PewdiepieSubmissions

That hard yank on the emotions drives urgency. Too hard a yank is 9 times out of 10 your clue of a financial scheme.

Recommended reading, "Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion"

u/WickedSpartan28 · 7 pointsr/PewdiepieSubmissions

You could buy 498 cheese sticks based on this particular bag of cheese sticks

u/ZXIIVIIXVI · 1 pointr/PewdiepieSubmissions

Razer Kraken Pro V2: Lightweight...

Seems unavailable again so definitely hit that "notify me when available" button. But its sold by razer themselves

u/Kaidanovsky · 111 pointsr/PewdiepieSubmissions

His job is to "write" shady "books" about the deep-state, because he's basically paid to spread propaganda. Foreword by everybody's favourite racist sheriff Joe Arpaio!

Love some of these reviews.

"Unlike all of these Russian Bots who didn't even buy this book giving it one star reviews, I am a verified purchaser. I did not read this book. I did not need to read this book; I needed to buy it, to give it to someone else. Because that is what this book is for; much like the holiday fruitcake or the steam copy of Bad Rats, you buy this book to give the gift of perpetual giving. You can talk about politics all you want, but the true meaning of this dreck is far beyond such paltry profane concerns; it is the metaphysical spirit of an idea, a terrible conjunction of the circles of a Venn diagram of stupid and horrible ideas, that elevate this to the sacred plane."

"We will not see another literary work of such magnificent ineptitude for many years to come."

u/Selemeratorus · 464 pointsr/PewdiepieSubmissions

For those lazy 9 year olds out there: book.