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u/phs1945 · 10 pointsr/Pieces

Easiest way to fix it. Go to wal-mart or target and buy this or order it from amazon. clean the edges and follow the directions. works perfectly. I did this for 3 of my pieces that broke. It's very clean and will be as good as new. Make sure you don't overapply it so that it oozes out inside. Might be bad for the downstem. It's the cheapest and easiest way to do it. Best of luck! toke on

Edit: Epoxy does not melt or dissolve by acetone so you can clean it with acetone after fixing it too! Source
>There are two broad classes of plastics, thermosets and thermoplastics. A thermoplastic can readily be dissolved or melted, while a thermoset cures and changes. Once cured, it forms a tough, crosslinked network which resists solvents and will degrade instead of melting. Epoxy is a thermoset. The advice to trim or slice it off is good. Solvents like acetone or whatever, unless extremely powerful and dangerous, will have little effect on a cured epoxy. Things that easily swell and dissolve epoxies will do the same with rubber or plastic gloves or portions of your anatomy.

u/j-ock · 5 pointsr/Pieces

The glass doesn't get extremely hot, but it does get pretty warm when you're lighting the bowl, so I don't trust glues. I would use JB Weld, it's extremely strong, water resistant and heat resistant up to 500 degrees F. It won't last if you put the flame right to it, but it will easily handle the low heat from the bowl. Make sure to lather it on thick on the the broken edges, and around the outside to create a support. it won't be super clean, but if you lather on enough it can be sanded down to be smoother.

u/followmeftw · 1 pointr/Pieces

Picked this one up a couple years back. Ultra cheap, pretty durable, massive bowl (as it's intended for tobacco), filter is incredibly hard to clean so I just removed it. Best of luck!

u/pperscprmonkey · 0 pointsr/Pieces

If the seal is still airtight its salvageable. Slather some Clear Epoxy on or some of this. Just make sure it gets into the cracks but not into the inside of the tube.Good luck

u/Iamabraineater · 3 pointsr/Pieces

Sorry for taking so long to respond.

We held the drill on an angle we wanted while drilling the hole. Used a drill we thought was the size too small but with the angle it ended up perfect.

used these drills


this stem

u/corinmcblide · 5 pointsr/Pieces

i used a circular glass drill bit like this one. i got it at my local hardware store but you can prolly find it at a HD or Lowes. just make sure when you drill you use a lot of water or your glass will have a greater chance of breaking and the drill bit will get ruined from the heat generated by the bit

u/theghettoblaster · 1 pointr/Pieces

I used PBW, which brewers use to clean their gear when making beer. It's non-toxic and works incredibly well. What I personally do is place a stopper in the downstem hole, and then place a TBSP of PBW into the bong. I then fill the bong with water as hot as I can get it and let it sit. After the water has cooled some I will shake the bong up a bit, and then do a salt and ISO wash. The glass always looks brand new, without any signs of resin. This has worked for completely cleaning my most complicated pieces and is completely non-toxic, and cheap, as a $10 tub of PBW lasts years:

u/taccoguy · 1 pointr/Pieces

Fuck, I just typed it all out for you and then it went back a page and erased. I used these and bought a separate glass bowl that was jb welded to the lid. It is set up 3x2, and it is set up like a normal bubbler. I have plastic elbows connected to the incoming airflow that becomes submerged, and then a line exiting the same jar with a hole above the water line. I repeat 5 times and connected all the hoses. I attached each jar to each other with double sided tape and electrical tape. A pair at a time, then taped them all together. After letting everything set, I sucked the air to see how it worked and I heard a nice whistle from the bowl. I knew it was ready, I then drilled a carb in the bowl jar and was ready to go.

Oh also, the holes are drilled at 1/2 inches with 5/8 inch vinyl tubing. Sorry if its confusing or kind of vague, it is a lot easier to explain in person. If you need anything clarified or other things I left out, just ask.

Edit: The jar bottoms are connected to each other, I thought it would be easier for filling but was wrong, you kind of just have to fill it from where you suck, it will be easier to empty though.