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u/irishtexmex · 2 pointsr/PixelBook

I LOVE them.

I remember one particular instance where I was finding some soft classical music to play in the background while I worked. Except that I had left the volume too high (from jamming out to them earlier), and instead of getting to work I closed my eyes. The beautiful clarity and staging that came crashing through completely took me, and I realized after about 10 minutes that I had been sitting there, eyes closed, completely fixed on a concerto. It was delightful.

HOWEVER, I'd bet dollars to donuts that the Sony's are more comfortable. I think it just depends on your priorities. What sold me on the PX's was:

  1. Beauty - I was hesitant about the blue/gold combination when I ordered them, but hugely relieved when I opened them up. They are gorgeous.
  2. Durability - I think both the Bose & Sony's are too plastic-ky for how much they cost. The build quality of the PX's feels fantastic. Plus I was sold when I watched 1:48-2:20 of this YouTube video. They might not fold up as compact as the Sony's or Bose, but try doing that to either one of them.
  3. USB-C - This was more important to me than it it is to probably 99% of the rest of the world (/r/Pixelbook excluded?). I have one charger in my backpack that charges my laptop (Pixelbook), phone (Pixel 2 XL), and headphones (B&W PX). Not only does it charge over USB-C, but it can do audio over both USB-C and 3.5 mm. Super convenient.
u/NotGivinMyNam2AMachn · 2 pointsr/PixelBook

I really like the vertical layout sleeve, but I can't tell how bulky it is. At the moment I am looking at some EVA hard case and 360 deg protection cases from Tomtoc instead.

OP. Would something like this be suitable if it were in Pixelbook sizes?

The EVA case that I really can't quite tell if a Pixelbook will fit is this one. It looks like it might be about 7mm not wide enough, which might mean it would fit quite snug if there was some give in the bag. The next size up is too much of a jump and I think the PB would end up slopping around like OP says.

This 13" Neoprene 360 deg protection case that has a few reviews saying that the Pixelbook fits like a glove is this. But it would have a bit more give on the sides and possibly mold more to the shape

u/Nayre_Trawe · 2 pointsr/PixelBook

I got this one a few months back and I really like it. I only wish I had gotten a different model that supports two external displays since this model only supports one. Otherwise, it works great. I have a monitor, keyboard, speakers and a usb-a drive connected to it and I haven't experienced any issues whatsoever. It connects all of that stuff and charges my Pixelbook through a single usb-c cable.

u/g_throww · 1 pointr/PixelBook

Recommend this guy:

The capacity could be a bit bigger, but it's got everything you'd want, for a reasonable price: 45W output, USB pass through, good dimensions, and bonus feature if adding USB-A ports when you need them.

u/jasonbeenjamin · 2 pointsr/PixelBook

I have this Lenovo pen (GX80K32882):

It works great with Squid and Google Keep, but I haven't really used it for much else yet. I've read there are a lot of latency issues in certain apps with all pens (including the official one) - there's probably some threads on r/Pixelbook with useful info if you have a specific app you want to use.

u/ConsecteturLorem · 1 pointr/PixelBook

I've used this one for a couple of months and really like it. You can charge your PB while it is in the case by unzipping slightly. Quality is better than I expected and has some actual padding for protection.

I also have my free pen loop attached to the side of my screen and it fits nicely in the case with the pen attached to the side but isn't too big as to feel like the PB swims around inside of it.

u/MannyOfManchester · 1 pointr/PixelBook

Ordered a refurbished Logitech T630, and it works pretty good. The back and fourth swipe gestures work, as does the two finger tap for the app drawer. It's a little on the small side, and scrolling is a bit choppy. Overall it'll work until something better comes along.

u/Cybarrius · 1 pointr/PixelBook

That's an awesome looking case. The loop for the pen and the lock makes it even better. Having space for the cable is a plus too. I might have to buy this as a backup

Current case for me: Tomtoc Ultra Slim 13-13.3 Inch

u/TheWill42 · 2 pointsr/PixelBook

I got this case and it works great for holding the Pixelbook and the pen. I might get the next size up though, it's pretty snug.

Tomtoc Ultra Slim 13 - 13.3 Inch MacBook Air | MacBook Pro Retina 2012-2015 | 12.9" iPad Pro | Surface Laptop Sleeve [Felt & PU Leather] Bag with Accessory Pocket, Support up to 12.8 x 8.94 In

u/Rastuasi · 1 pointr/PixelBook

I use the Bellroy clip and this sleeve, tis perfect!

2017 Surface Pro Tablet Sleeve, Evecase Water Repellent Shockproof Carrying Neoprene Sleeve Protective Case Bag with Accessory Pocket for Microsoft Su

u/nt4cats-reddit · 3 pointsr/PixelBook

/u/StillMind2010 's link didn't work for me, but here is the link for probably the same product from my Amazon purchase history.

Here is what to look for: It has to support USB PD. It has to have a high output wattage (30W is good, the wall charger that comes with the Pixelbook is 45W). Multiply the Volts x Amps to get the Watts -- this battery will do 15V at 2A or 20V at 1.5A.

u/PlatinumX · 1 pointr/PixelBook

I like the cablematters docks. There's a dual DP one that has charge-through, as well as a USB hub and ethernet.

There's also a dual HDMI version that works just as well.

u/Nawlo · 1 pointr/PixelBook

I have used various Plugable(R) docks and they all worked great. However they are only 4k@30hz. This is the one on my desk right now.

u/Oscarcjc · 1 pointr/PixelBook

I know!! The case compliments the laptop perfectly. Very nice. There was a Tech21 Evo Adapt case for Pixelbook but sadly I could find one that existed 😔😔 there's also this one but I didn't want a case that is always on it.

u/LessThanThreeMan · 1 pointr/PixelBook

Here ya go: Lenovo Active Capacity Pens for Touchscreen Laptop for Lenovo Yoga 730, Yoga 720, Flex 6, Flex 5, 2 in 1, Miix 720, Miix 510 and Yoga 900s Laptops, GX80K32882

u/funakibh · 2 pointsr/PixelBook

Looks like /u/jahnnybgood is talking about this one.

You can see Chromeunboxed talking about the case in this video.

u/StoicBrzrkr · 2 pointsr/PixelBook

I do the same thing as you , but went the cheaper non official route ; pixelbook fits like a charm and I lay the keyboard on it whenever I take it out .

I don't think they make anything that attatches to the pixelbook itself OP I could be wrong though .

Tomtoc Ultra Slim Apple 13 Inch New MacBook Pro A1706 & A1708 Sleeve Case [Felt & PU Leather] Laptop Protective Bag with Accessory Pocket, Support up to 11.97 x 8.36 In, Classic

u/tookanumber · -2 pointsr/PixelBook

I use a 2$ stylus. All it needs is a capacitive tip to work. Worth a try when you save $98! Not using a pixel but Nexus 9 tablet. It would be weird if it didn't work though.
Edit added link

u/SerdaJ · 2 pointsr/PixelBook

Order some 3M vinyl from Amazon and just wrap that thing yourself. I'm thinking about doing the same but I might buy this case instead after seeing a post here about the bottom.half of the case, unofficially, doubling as a keyboard cover. mCover case ($21.99)

u/SomePlantFern · 2 pointsr/PixelBook

Here is what you are looking for

u/LiQuidZero007 · 1 pointr/PixelBook

Only 20 bucks.. This is the 13" model for the MacBook Pro (not the 13.3" size)

Sleeve on Amazon


u/UUBBBRR · 2 pointsr/PixelBook

I got tired of waiting and ordered this one. The Pixelbook fits perfectly, not loose but not overly snug. It actually seems to give some drop protection too.

u/cccoltsicehockey · 1 pointr/PixelBook

I had problems with my RavPower one charging always. The other issue with having to use the button to change the charge method and then telling the Pixelbook what to do as well as you can't use it if your Pixelbook is completely dead. During PrimeDay I picked up this pack. The best part about it is it also charges at 45W so it charges the Pixelbook just as fast as the wallbrick does. You get 1 full charge out of it and it has a bit more after that still but I haven't tested to figure out about how much yet. However if you get 7-8hrs out of your pixelbook and then a full charge out of the battery that should be more than enough for a full day.

u/1dundundun · 2 pointsr/PixelBook

Tomtoc Ultra Slim 13 Inch New MacBook Pro Retina 2017 Sleeve Case [Felt & PU Leather] Laptop Protective Bag with Accessory Pocket, Classic

u/puppyyawn · 1 pointr/PixelBook

If you're going to pay that cost, you should go with.....

It is bigger but you can charge more things at once. I've used this on my C302, it charges faster than the actual cord that came with it. I just bought a Pixelbook, so I'm all set.