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u/aLilLexConversation · 3 pointsr/PlannerAddicts

Just recently got this same deal too! I’m turning it into a budget planner for my mom and opted for this snap on pouch (I couldn’t find the link to it on the Michael’s website, but I found it in their store with the other regular priced Happy Planner stuff) It matches the pattern and the size really well and sits really nicely against the back, and felt like a better alternative to the stick-on pen loop I was gonna get for it, since you can use it for multiple, different items. They were having a 40% off sale on all planner stuff when I went last week, so it made the planner feel like even more of a steal.

I also picked up an awesome large list/ sticky note pad from that same section that I think acts as a good place to jot down notes without having to add too much weight and extra paper to the small rings.

& It also never hurts to add a dashboard to pop any cute sticky notes onto! here are some pictures I just took because I was too excited about this not to share! 😂

u/HoldingMarysHand · 6 pointsr/PlannerAddicts

I fully agree. My fave is the the vintage floral which came out this summer. I am in my dirty thirties and work in a professional environment. The black and vintage theme allows me to take it to meetings and not be fully eccentric. I liked the new lay out other than the boxes. I love daily check lists a lot more and the ability to have a few monthly checkers. I found many amazing vintage floral stickers (other than their sticker packs) from that made it fully look like I pressed flowers throughout my planner. If anyone is doing the home body theme and likes a creative/random look, I highly recommend looking up floral stickers under this link!
Vintage Washi Sticker Set (4 Pack, 240 Pieces) Retro Floral Green Plant Fruit Mushroom Flower

u/applejade · 3 pointsr/PlannerAddicts

I start with what I want/what I need. I use Google Sheets. I make all the columns the same width as the row height, then draw/re-draw experimental layouts. Then I try to find something that will fit. The backup plan is always to get a blank dot grid journal and draw in my own layouts, but I think it's nice if there's a pre-printed one that's not too expensive where the pages won't go to waste.

My latest thing is for my daughter when she starts Kindergarten in September. I need something that I can put all her school dates and reminders in, so I can't live without some sort of future log. It didn't have to be a Ryder-Carroll-style future log, just somewhere that I can write down future stuff.

I used to track the weather in her Baby Log books (pic 1: newborn to 9 months, pic 2: 9 months to 2 years). I'd like to do it again if I have room.

She's starting piano lessons in September, so I want somewhere to log whether she practiced that day or not and whether I feel like she's getting anything out of it. I'm worried about her eating lunch by herself at school, so I want somewhere to keep notes about whether she ate or not, what worked and what didn't.

I know that her Kindergarten class does a Word of the Day. I thought it would be cute if I kept a log of her words every day. And she picks 4-5 books for her bedtime story, so I'd like to log her reading too. She also constantly borrows and returns books from the library, so we need to stay on top of it (school or public library, book title, check out date, due date and return date, blank means we still have it) to keep the overdues to a minimum.

I ended up with the Katie Daisy 2019-2020 planner. For every month, there's a Month-on-2-Pages view plus 4.5-ish Week-on-2-Pages views. I'm going to use the monthly views as the Future Log for the year. The weeklies are a horizontal layout, each box for the day of the week is going to get sectioned off into something that looks like this.

And I have the Library Book tracker layout that I want, but I'm still thinking about how to work it into the planner. The current plan is to just print out a 5"x7" sheets and glue them onto the September 2020 - December 2020 pages that I won't be using.

u/urbansuburbangirl · 1 pointr/PlannerAddicts

Hi there! It's Amazon's felt tip pens: See amazon link here :)

I love them. My work bought some for the office and I knew I had to buy my own because I didn't want to share. lol ;) #plannergirlproblems

u/drinkingshampain · 3 pointsr/PlannerAddicts

I've been making my own stickers! All you need is sticker paper and something like Word or Mac's Pages to create your own. I really loved this YouTube tutorial on making your own stickers. With the sticker paper, you can also buy print outs for a few dollars from Etsy if you're not feeling creative yourself!

u/ChelseaSchreiber · 1 pointr/PlannerAddicts

Love my Stabilo Pens, and also found lots of fun stickers on Etsy!

u/masteryofnone · 1 pointr/PlannerAddicts

I'm using the tempus planner. It's a daily planner quite customizable with plenty of space for notes/tasks/mind mapping. I got mine from amazon . Awesome tool!

u/pixtiny · 1 pointr/PlannerAddicts

Sharpie Ultra Fine Tip Pens work really well on washi tape. I’ve never used anything else that has worked nearly as well.

u/unready_ocelot · 1 pointr/PlannerAddicts

It sounds like the Panda Planner weekly would be perfect for you. It's A4, all in English. The downside is it's undated.

u/juleess · 1 pointr/PlannerAddicts

This is the planner I use, happy planner. they are pretty decorative and can be cluttered for some. I know staples has something that are much more similar in looks to yours pictured. That planner I linked is the monthly then weekly spreads, I buy a separate daily docket from the same brand that I stick in for days I feel I need the whole day planned, it's this one- here.

u/Maquesta · 3 pointsr/PlannerAddicts

If he were into bullet journaling I'd point him to the Stealth edition. Here is the boxed set journal and guide. Excellent book. The Bullet Journal Method Collector's Set

u/anooci · 2 pointsr/PlannerAddicts

I would use any paper you can get that's 32lb. I used this stuff to print my own planner and it's very similar in feel to MAMBI's paper.

u/martijnvkeulen · 2 pointsr/PlannerAddicts

Of course! In this video I mostly used my tombow brush pen hard tip, here is a link:

And the yellow one is just a tombow brush pen, but I think you are familiar with that one.