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u/Aaron8828 · 1 pointr/Pokemonexchange

hi i just made a thread😅 im offering a legit jarvis' gengar for amazon gift codes xD and now i saw your post. can we negotiate the price? and 1 question: do you send the codes via email from this site?

u/GoodMuse · 2 pointsr/Pokemonexchange

If I spend $40, would you be able to throw in a proofed Rocky Lycanroc wifi in addition to the Victini? Can you still SR for the Victini and provide proof of redemption?

Edit: If you can also PM me the proof for the SUM2013 Dialga, I'd appreciate it. Also I see you have a Shiny Wishmaker much do you value that, and is there proof for the RNG?

Edit 2: Just making sure this would be the sort of gift card/payment option you're looking for?

u/subtract30 · 1 pointr/Pokemonexchange

haha no worries, yeah I just woke up not too long ago so I'll be available for a pretty good while!

You might want to check one of these (1st gen) or these (n3ds/xl) out btw ;)

u/PHILCUPCAKE_tm · 1 pointr/Pokemonexchange

Yes a digital gift card. You can use this link to buy one and send me it through email. I will send proof and the email you send the gift card to.

u/3Camels · 1 pointr/Pokemonexchange

Do you use:

  • custom firmware or software
  • external device like THIS
  • save managers

    Please tell me.
u/dquan205 · 1 pointr/Pokemonexchange

It seems gardevoir and gengar are kind of different. I remembered someone said gardevoir can get multiple codes with 1 DS and multiple ROMs but gengar only get multiple codes when you have multiple DSs :)

I think I can get zard codes from purchasing books directly. One question, I am not familiar with JPN. Is this the book with zard codes?

u/littlecobra · 1 pointr/Pokemonexchange

OK. You can send Amazon balance.

If no then pls wait to I get new PayPal account.

u/iSnuggelz · 1 pointr/Pokemonexchange

Since people are selling them on Amazon for $40 shipped: Link

How does $30 shipped sound?

Sorry, I'm not looking for bootlegged games. My friend lost all of his rare pokemon on a cart he thought was legit.

u/TORNADO03 · 0 pointsr/Pokemonexchange

Get your facts straight buddy.

Here is the amazon link for AR 3DS. And then look at my prices.

u/Matt2310 · 1 pointr/Pokemonexchange

here is a red one brand new 120$, there are different sellers with different prices but if you have prime some of them will be delivered in 2 days....

u/zealousear · 1 pointr/Pokemonexchange

Ok so, I wasn't familiar with the price so I decided to do a little research.

The lowest price on Amazon (for used) is $67, but that's with the Pokewalker and I feel it's overpriced.

So, can you do $35 + shipping?

u/SpikeKintarin · 2 pointsr/Pokemonexchange

Okay, I went to try the replacement on the GBA cartridges, and unfortunately I do not have the right screwdriver bit (tool) at the moment.

I need this screwdriver to open the GBA cartridge. I can order it sometime next week (my next paycheck) and update you then on how the repair goes?