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u/[deleted] · 1 pointr/Porsche

Yes, there is a manual called the Bentley Manual that shows you how to do EVERYTHING.

It costs $75 but will save you hundreds.

Besides that, there are forums that help out with everything. The best 986 forum is, well,

u/schadwick · 5 pointsr/Porsche

Beautiful car, and great photos!

Clear side markers are available here, and install in minutes.

Also, if you need to temporarily attach a front license plate when parking (e.g. street parking in VA cities), these work well.

Enjoy your new ride, and I hope the break-in period goes quickly!

u/drr777 · 3 pointsr/Porsche

Buy this and read it.

Then just get ready to search alot, do not be hasty to buy. When you do find one it must get a PPI from a highly recommended shop(I paid for 5 PPIs before I bought a 930). Then negotiate from there.

It's 50 year for 911, prices are a little inflated right now, and seem to be going higher at least for rest of year. After that hype its possible some of non-enthusiast that are turned on to 911 this year will wash out and drop the prices a bit, but don't bank on it. At this point I am not sure 20K is getting you a "nice clean driver" 911 unless it has huge miles already on it.

Go hangout on rennlist or pelican parts, and with the book I recommended you will get a good idea of what you are getting yourself into.

u/soupychan · 4 pointsr/Porsche

First, you should check /r/autodetailing

There's lots of options and everyone will have their favorites based on experience. One thing's for sure though, stop wiping down with ONLY water as that is probably making things worse other than getting some dirt and grime off. It makes the leather dry and prone to even more cracks. You need some sort of leather-specific PH-balanced cleaner and a conditioner to follow it.

My favorite value option that's easily sourced from your local Advance Auto/AutoZone is Lexol. Amazon has a kit that's pretty cheap for you to see if you like the results:

Gliptone is also another well-liked value option:

There are other higher end brands like Leatherique and Leather Master, but the results just didn't feel it was worth the price difference.

As for the dashboard, avoid junk like Armor All. Go with something like Einszett Cockpit Premium:

u/equiraptor · 9 pointsr/Porsche

If you're interested in continuing to talk with him about this, ask him how weight impacts tire grip, and how the force needed to turn plays into that.

You see... more weight does mean more grip from the tires. The problem is, the added grip provided by the weight is less than the added grip needed to control the weight. So more weight means less grip:force for the same move. Adding weight to the car means its maximum cornering speed is lower.

If you're interested in more, Think Fast has a good breakdown, without being overly heavy or technical. Speed Secrets is another good book on the subject of performance driving, but my memory is that Think Fast does a more effective job of succinctly explaining technical/engineering realities in an easy-to-understand fashion.

u/DaPanda13 · 2 pointsr/Porsche

A good starting point, if you're really serious about the car, Get it to an Indy Porsche mechanic and do a PPI. Also, get this book while you are at it. It should have every major and known issue in it. Then check the maintenance and repair history; a good binder / folder full of receipts is a pretty good indicator. If anything is rebuilt, including the steel widebody, check for paper work.

In short: Check maintenance and repair history, compare it to the book, and if there is anything you are unsure of, get a PPI done and mechanic should tell you.

Edit: I wish I could help you more, but I don't own one. I researched into 80s 911 SC when I was looking for one, and above is what I learned.

u/tsmith944 · 2 pointsr/Porsche

I forget exactly which bazooka I got. I got it used on ebay many years ago but this seems close:

I would look around to see which one is best for your needs.

As for the amp, same deal, I bought it many years ago and cant remember the specs but unless you're going for a ton of bass, any cheap amp should do the trick just to give your sound a bit of decent bass so it doesn't sound so "trebley" .

u/gothorsesintheback · 1 pointr/Porsche

Got it off of Amazon: Does the trick quite well! I also got a 5pc set of various pads. Since the pads it came with are quite cheap and tore very easily.

u/doggscube · 4 pointsr/Porsche

The Complete Book of Porsche 911: Every Model Since 1964 (Complete Book Series)

Not a bad price. I added it to my wish list and maybe I’ll get it for xmas

u/G35 · 1 pointr/Porsche

Yeah, I hear you. I'm considering this.

Can you share which one you went with?

Right, the Nav is $650 USD all by itself.

u/MacNugget · 3 pointsr/Porsche

Peter Zimmerman's book, The Used 911 Story covers just about everything you want to know.

u/i_dont_love_reddit · 1 pointr/Porsche

I got a 30 pin stereo Bluetooth adapter to use on the iPod interface, works like a boss. No issues being paired to this and the car at the same time.

Bovee 1000 Wireless Bluetooth Music Interface Adapter for in Car iPod Integration

u/ArcanedAgain · 1 pointr/Porsche

I would first try applying 10+ layers of this:

Let each layer dry and it will fill in the scratch with a transparent layer, then reapply once its totally dry to keep building up the layers and filling in the scratch.

u/UnicornPumaShark · 5 pointsr/Porsche

This is what I have. It's the same as the official one sans the branding.

u/KPexEA · 2 pointsr/Porsche

TEKTON 5546 4-Ton Power Puller - $39.00 - just attach the tow hook in the tool bag to the front bumper and drag it into the garage.

u/Sithslayer78 · 1 pointr/Porsche

It's a Tamiya kit. I found it on amazon. However, it's actually an automatic transmission first gen 986 Boxster. I had to move the shifter, add dual exhaust, and make an S out of epoxy to make it close.

u/TX50BMG · 2 pointsr/Porsche

I had a 335i that was subject to the Takata recall and I had to park it until the replacement airbag arrived (literally, NO miles allowed). That translated into almost 6 months of the car not moving, so I was looking for a battery maintainer to use while it sat.

BMW has a similar offering to the Charge-O-Mat, with similar pricing, but both are made by CTEK. I just went and bought the CTEK MUS 4.3 for quite a bit less and it performed flawlessly. I now use it to maintain the battery on my Cayman in between drives.

At this point I have over 18 months of daily use on it and nary a hiccup. I even accidentally hooked up the terminals backwards a couple of weeks ago and it simply threw an error. I corrected my mistake and it started charging as normal.

It looks like Amazon has it on sale: