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u/UnalphabetizedThings · 2 pointsr/PrimeDay2016

Well, that's pretty much as unfancy as the questions get when talking about even the most basic home theater.

The room size pretty much determines the throw. If you have a big room (eg 12'+), then you can go with a medium throw projector, but if the room is <12', you'll have to start looking into short-throw projectors which are crazy expensive. "Throw" or "throw ratio" is essentially the distance a projector needs to be away from the wall to show a certain screen width (throw ratio = distance from screen/width of screen). eg. If you want a 6' wide picture in a 12' room, you'd have to have a projector with a throw ratio of at least 2. The smaller the throw ratio, the larger the picture you can have in a smaller room. Another way of thinking about it is if you have a room that is 10' and the projector has a throw ratio of 1.5, the maximum screen width will be 6.66' (10/1.5). If you put that same projector in a 15' room, the maximum screen width would be 10' (15/1.5).

If you are planning to blackout the room, you can get away with fewer lumens, but if you plan to leave the windows uncovered or only partially shaded, then you'll need far more lumens to get a decent picture.

How you plan to mount the project determines the connections and image alignment. If you need wireless connections, that eliminates a lot of projectors. If you plan to mount the projector from the ceiling vs mid-wall, you'll need to be able to adjust the image. Some have pretty basic controls, but depending on your plans, you may need something better.

For my home theater, I have a BenQ W1070. It's 14' room with black-out window covers, and it's mounted mid-wall. However, I only spent ~$500 on it because when I bought it the newer version had just come out. The newer model W1075 is actually cheaper than the older model, but still one of the best in its class. My uncle builds $40k+ custom home theaters for a living, and in his opinion, the next projector better for my set-up was just shy of $15k.

u/1dirtypanda · 1 pointr/PrimeDay2016

A total of 7 separate orders. It was a bit annoying because I was mostly on my phone and the mobile apps/chrome wouldn't load properly. Also I would have preferred to bundle orders but oh well. or try to use more coupons but they only give you so many minutes in the cart and sometimes the next item that you're waiting for a deal to start is right outside that window.

u/trevor3693 · 3 pointsr/PrimeDay2016

Combining Prime Day, Amazon Student, and Prime Now I got it down to $3.33 without even paying for prime.

Prime - Free for 6 months for college students. Also happens to stretch perfectly to spring semester's textbook buying season.

Base price - $33.33

  • -$20 with Prime Now promo GETITNOW

  • -$10 from Amazon Student signup credit when using a referral

    Final product price - $3.33

    Make sure you disable re-subscription if you don't want to pay for prime. The above link is a referral and will add $10 to your account, and mine when you sign up for Amazon Student with it. If you want to avoid this Here is a non-referral link.
u/tehRandomAccount · 6 pointsr/PrimeDay2016

I'm also wondering this.

  • It's a bit suspicious given that this model can't be bought anywhere other than amazon.

  • This model only has 10 reviews. It's almost like it was just added to amazon for this sale. The 650 has over 2000 reviews.

  • The thetracktor page for the 614 has very little fluctuation in price, which is a bit suspicious imo. The thetracktor page for the 650 has a lot more regular price movment.

    I'd say that although it's a reasonable deal for a Roomba, I don't think it's as good a deal as they'd like us to believe.

    edit: According to the the Amazon page, the only difference between the 614 and 650 is the scheduling feature. I'd say it's a pretty decent deal. I may end up going for it.
u/johnkiniston · 7 pointsr/PrimeDay2016

I bought a 7 foot long bean bag chair/couch thing!

I sat on a lovesac (Maybe a fake one) at a friends friends house once and thought it was pretty cool so I'm hoping this is simiar.

u/Lore_Walker_Cho · 1 pointr/PrimeDay2016

Which model? Here's the Amazon one and Here's the Best Buy one. They're both the same model (UN55KU6300FXZA), aren't they? Sorry, I'm confused!

u/omnomanom · 3 pointsr/PrimeDay2016

FYI I got the Roomba 650 yesterday from best buy by price matching this $270 one (which is from a new unknown Singapore seller with no feedback..)

u/crumb0167 · 1 pointr/PrimeDay2016

Picked up the MXL 770 Condenser Mic for home studio use. Excited to try it out!

u/xelf · 3 pointsr/PrimeDay2016
u/timstm · 1 pointr/PrimeDay2016

The top rated one on amazon, Astor CB-1000 Bidet. I dont think it was a prime day sale, but I did in fact buy it on prime day.

u/bigdadiofgoats · 1 pointr/PrimeDay2016

According to camelcamelcamel, this product has not been in stock with Amazon for the last couple days.

u/RRichie09 · 1 pointr/PrimeDay2016

A Lego Star Wars TIE Fighter.

For those unfamiliar with this, this isn't like the Lego sets we grew up with. These are aimed at adults and are huge. This one has 1,685 pieces.

u/Bostonchefchix911 · 7 pointsr/PrimeDay2016

I couldn't even imagine a human eating one.... let alone 25.

The deal is over, I paid 30 bucks, here's the link...