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u/swervicus_rex · 3 pointsr/ProAudiovisual

Seems to make sense to me, just make sure whatever you are tapping your speakers can be supported by your amp. (I typically give it a 2.0 Safety Factor for power.) Try to avoid sharing outlets of your audio system with anything else (like PC or other appliances.) If you do, you may need one (or more) ground loop isolators

Good luck, building a speaker setup, like a PC is a great learning experience!

u/MostlyBullshitStory · 1 pointr/ProAudiovisual

Now, whenever you post the "correct" way of doing things, you expose yourself to further improvement comments, I'll be that guy:-)

That audio is night and day of course, but still very boomy and live on good speakers. In post, you could help that with cutting some of the lower frequency (High pass filter).

A better solution is to put something facing you that absorbs some of that audio. The cheapest / mobile solution would be hanging some cheap thick velour drape on a background kit. I use this all the time for interviews.


For closer vlog type setups, you could look at this:

u/fureddit1 · 7 pointsr/ProAudiovisual

If you only have one source, then you don't need a matrix switcher but I do recommend getting a switcher so you can switch to logo when you change presentations or video so the audience doesn't see the desktop or you launching the file. Also, having a switcher will allow you to add more computers if need be.

What you need is a solution for your long video runs and a way to distribute that signal.

The cheapest route would be to use 75ohm Coaxial Cable with BNC connectors but we'll call that HD-SDI cable for short.

So what you're going to need is:

[SDI to HDMI converter] (

[HDMI to SDI converter] (

[SDI Distribution Amplifier] (

HD-SDI Cable

BNC Couplers

You can only couple HD-SDI two times before you lose signal. Also, HD-SDI is good for up to 300 feet so I suggest getting some 1x2 SDI Distribution Amplifiers and put them inline at 300ft if you need a cable run longer than 300ft.

Also, the converters I linked to don't include power supplies. You can buy them with power supplies but it's cheaper if you buy some generic power supplies and Micro USB cables. Also, if the TVs have USB ports, you can power the converters off the TV so you don't need power supplies for those.

The HD-SDI cable is probably going to be a few hundred dollars. The couplers are cheap.

u/freakame · 1 pointr/ProAudiovisual

Here are my 2 cents... phone is a decent way to get a reading below 90dB. What exactly are you doing that you're concerned about? The easiest thing to do is just to get flat response ear plugs - it's just going to turn down the volume on everything, but you'll still hear like normal. I wear these to all of the shows I go to that are hitting in the 90s and above:

Use your phone to get a general baseline, but I get erring on the side of caution. Figure out about what sounds like it's not good for you, pop in your ear plugs, don't stress it.

u/WhatYouDoDefinesYou · 1 pointr/ProAudiovisual

I just picked the first speakers that came up on Amazon but any speaker that has its own power, and RCA connectors should work.

Edifier R1280DB Powered Bluetooth Bookshelf Speakers - Optical Input - Wireless Studio Monitors - 4 Inch Near Field Speaker - 42w RMS - Wood Grain

You could also connect to an amplifier that has RCA connectors and use that to power speakers that don't have their own power. Like this:

Wireless Bluetooth Power Amplifier System - 200W Dual Channel Sound Audio Stereo Receiver w/ USB, SD, AUX, MIC IN w/ Echo, Radio, LCD - For Home Theater Entertainment via RCA, Studio Use - Pyle PDA6BU

Again, I'm not endorsing these products, I'm just using them as an example.

u/iConoClast04 · 0 pointsr/ProAudiovisual

What you need is a set top box media player.

I own the older version of one of these and it plays practically any type of video file except the new 4k stuff:

Western Digital doesn't make these anymore so you're going to have to look around a little if you want a new one.

You could also try a different media player but I can't vouch for anything other than the WD TV Live. What I suggest is to read the reviews on the other media players that Amazon carries and buy the one where the least amount of people complain about.

u/theeeric · 1 pointr/ProAudiovisual

We've got four of these. They work great.
One word of caution the output is exactly 60 fps NOT 59.94.
Your monitor won't care but if you try to feed something that needs 59.94 you are out of luck.

u/DanCBooper · 1 pointr/ProAudiovisual

That Edifier one looks like its exactly what I am looking for! However it is much too expensive. I have a few of these displays that I want audio on but I don't care about the quality. Small size and low cost speaker would be ideal.

What keywords did you use to find a speaker with that connectivity?

If I use a lowcost amp like this one -- i still run into the issue of finding speakers to connect to it. I haven't seen any small and low cost speakers that have this type of connection to an amp.

u/UnmannedVehicle · 1 pointr/ProAudiovisual

Is this the Behringer one you're talking about? Is $250 what I can expect to pay for something like that or does it go any lower?

I guess what I'm looking for then is just a "digital mixer" with enough XLR inputs to accept however many mics I need.

Yeah, wireless definitely not required for the panel but it's much more convenient that way.

u/bladeau81 · 1 pointr/ProAudiovisual

Those are speaker outputs not line level. You will need to find the speakers that suit the display or use an HDMI audio extractor and some self powered speakers.

Or you could get something like these 8ohm passive speakers and make a cable. Would need to know what size jack that is and get some speaker wire.

u/meest · 1 pointr/ProAudiovisual

I have 6 guitar cabinet stands I had made for this 6 years or so ago.

Bought 6 of these.

Cut the top part off, welded it to the triangle on the bottom. And now I have Confidence Monitor stands.

I use some 55" LG's and some 42" LG's on them. Here's a picture of a board meeting setup for example.

u/4kVHS · 1 pointr/ProAudiovisual

What input do you need? Another HDMI? If that’s the case something like this will work

u/talones · 1 pointr/ProAudiovisual

I assume those are speaker level outputs with just TS connectors. You’ll need some sort of converter and you’ll need to either make custom TS plugs or just buy a mono 3.5mm to 3.5mm cable and cut it in half and use its wires to directly connect to a converter.

Speaker RCA Line Level Converter Adaptor High Low Hi Lo with Gain Control Add

u/GrandSilverado · 1 pointr/ProAudiovisual

As the other user said, it's a separate power supply. The cable run to the camera from the DVR is usually a siamese cable with two halves. One for video and one for power. Either of these type of power supplies is normally used.