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u/hammerprice 路 9 pointsr/ProEDmemes

For what purpose? Taste-wise, I do actually like agave as a substitute for honey. Maple syrup also works for that. Agave is the same if not higher in calories though.

For a sugar-free/low-cal substitute, your best bet would be a sugar-free syrup. I use Queen's sugar-free maple-flavored syrup as a substitute in cooking and baking and it honestly works pretty well, but I have built up a tolerance for sweeteners, lol. I have never seen a specific sugar-free honey substitute, but a quick Google shows that they exist, though I can't attest to how they taste. Have a look around stores in your area and see if they carry any sugar-free or low-sugar syrups or alternatives.

Edit: That's not to say of course that there are no benefits to honey or agave or maple syrup over plain sugar. I would argue that all three are "healthier" for you than plain sugar in that they have additional health benefits, however slight, so any of those might be "better" for you if you're coming at this from a health angle and not a calorie angle. I would also say, even as someone who sucks back artificial sweeteners like I'm being paid to do it, that any real sugar in moderation is probably better than sweeteners in excess, lmao. For sweeteners I think xylitol is considered the "healthiest" (other than stevia?) but it's also surprisingly high in calories.

I also just remembered that "coconut nectar" exists, which Google suggests is comparable to sugar or agave.

Calories in 15ml (.5oz / 1TBSP) of...

Honey: 65
Agave: 43
Sugar: 49
Coconut nectar: 55
Sugar-free maple-flavor syrup: 8~

Different brands will of course vary. But point is, agave and especially honey aren't "sugar-free" or "low cal" alternatives to sugar, it's more about taste and general preference, and I worry for people on diets (or especially who need to avoid sugar, like diabetics) drowning everything in honey or agave based on advice like this. 馃槦

u/GohanCake 路 5 pointsr/ProEDmemes

This reminds me of the sugar free gummy bears that everyone was warning against. But for me it鈥檚 like, sweet! Sweets that act as laxatives?? Sign me on!

u/deconcerte 路 5 pointsr/ProEDmemes

It comes with the scale I bought from Amazon.