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u/Mikazah · 5 pointsr/ProductTesting

That's awful... a way to help it from scarring is to keep it moist and not to scratch at it.

Using a good natural moisturizer like Shea butter or cocoa butter works wonders. I've had a lot of luck using Cocoa butter to fade scars, and my mother has had a lot of luck using shea as a moisturizer. She uses this one. It's hard, but you can warm it up a bit to make it softer. Just make sure to get the natural stuff with whatever you get.

Also, make sure to check with your doctor to make sure they won't interact with the infection. I don't think they would, but just in case.

Try to have her lay off the makeup if possible as well. I know it's terrible going out in public with something like that, but makeup always ends up making things worse. You want to keep it moisturized and aired out. That will do a lot to help avoid scars.

u/greatfulalways · 1 pointr/ProductTesting

Free Products for Amazon Reviews. We need Reviews on some of our new products.
We have headbands, Mascara, and a new Makeup Brush Organizer, Magnifier Glasses. Great if you also do you tube videos. - Eyelash Extension Mascara - Circle Makeup Brush Organizer -- Square Makeup Brush Organizer - -Magnifier Glasses Headband -- Headband Purple -- Headband Blue --Headband- Blue Diamond

The headbands we will have to choose which one and they ae so much fun because you can wear them over 50 different styles in under 1 min. They are so easy to put in and do a style great for moms on the go students or that messy hair day now gone in just 1 min. Just twist your hair here is the You tube link to show you.

If you are interested and can leave a photo in your review for Amazon then please write me at:

[email protected]

u/pocket3362 · 1 pointr/ProductTesting

lol.. I bought few . However I am not sure if they put super urls on the purchase button.
it is like this

I just pushed it and bought it . ... lol that is so stressful. I think it would help if review trading site can post for reviewers to avoid super url. =( . I wish they do not ban me for this few occasions that happened.

u/RubberReptile · 1 pointr/ProductTesting

Omg, yes, run far away! Low native resolution, poor light output, loud... For less than $80 you can get basically the same projector bought outright, but I'd recommend getting an Epson HC2030. It's worth the extra cost for REAL full HD, better colour output, quieter operation and higher brightness (but it's $400 more lol). This is not a thing to cheap out on.

u/GuitarGodGavin · 1 pointr/ProductTesting

I wonder if that's new. I've been using my $1 no-rush credits on Xbox gift cards for the past few months without any problems. I just did it about a week ago and it worked fine. Did you buy it here:
Or did you find it else where? I always buy it from here. I just click add to cart, proceed to checkout, then I click "use promotional balance" which is my no rush credit, and then click to go to the final page. It will show me that it uses promo "no-rush" credit and that it won't cost me anything else.

u/Reapter · 3 pointsr/ProductTesting

Also for all you know you could be rubbing arsenic and lead on your skin instead of baby powder and lotion.

Also lol at OP's post company name. Hope they enjoy having this with their name. (NSFW and don't ask why I recognized the name)

u/Enfin_Mon_Dieu · -4 pointsr/ProductTesting

Why would a real customer want to spend $24 on your product when they can get a 12,000 maH Jackery for the same price?

If I received your product free, the max I would be able to give it would be 2 stars since it's ridiculously over priced (3 if I was feeling super generous).

Does the hot pink color somehow account for it being twice as expensive as it should be?

u/really-i-care · 4 pointsr/ProductTesting

Okay, here I am channeling my inner Grady Harp. It isn't polished, I did it in about 6 minutes. It is on this book, which I do hope to read at some point: Evicted: Poverty and Profit in the American City

Matthew Desmond's critically acclaimed book, "Evicted," came with lofty expectations. First, several media sources have heavily praised and promoted Desmond's book even when he seemed almost reluctant to do so. Second, the heavy criticism that befell Alice Goffman's ethnography work has made readers skeptical of the style.

Desmond has met these expectations and perhaps gone beyond them. The book follows several families in abject poverty, including Arleen who is a single mother doing the best she can to raise her two children on $20 a month after paying for rent at an apartment that she would not choose but for pure desperation. "The rent was $550 a month, utilities not included," Desmond writes, "Arleen couldn't find a cheaper place, at least not one fit for human habitation, and most landlords wouldn't rent her a smaller one on account of her boys. The rent would take 88 percent of Arleen's $628-a-month welfare check."

The book also profiles the landlords who seemingly control the lives of their poor tenants. One landlady, Shereena, is benevolent at times while a shrewd businesswoman at others. "'I'm gonna have a hard time doing this,'" Shereena tells a handicapped man she must evict, "'I feel bad for the kids. Lamar's got them little boys in there.... And I love Lamar. But love don't pay the bills.'" Whether she takes advantage of the tenants or is their savior when they cannot find any other shelter is left for the reader to decide, as Desmond writes in an observational, naturalistic style. He seldom takes moral positions.

Landlords and banks are evicting tenants at a higher rate than ever before, and Desmond makes a compelling argument that this is a crisis that will significantly impact the lives of all Americans as it can lead to economic despair and even to crime. I enjoyed every single page of this book, which I read carefully and did not in any way do a quick Google search, look at the first few pages, and paraphrase the synopsis.

really-i-care March 6, 2016 ©

Edit: Ever important name and date.

u/2centsdepartment · 7 pointsr/ProductTesting

The watermelon slicer, lol. I already own to many single-food tools as it is. I saw that listed and was like no, totally unnecessary for the 1 watermelon I talk myself into dragging up the stairs once every 2 years. Besides, I just had to box up a drawer full of things such as; pineapple corer, meat tenderizer, vegetable steamer, rolling p citrus squeezer, egg slicer, garlic press, and a pastry cutter because I use them once, realize a knife or a fork would have been just as easy and I never use the tool again. I do use an apple slicer a lot as well as onion chopper and potato masher (use it for mashing up avocados for guacamole, perfect consistency). When I bought the veggie steamer I had big plans to steam veggies every night! Times I've actually used it = 0.

The watermelon slicer reminds me of the reviews of the banana slicer that crack me up every time I read them. I'm convinced these were all product testers before the disclaimer became mandatory. The one about his banana curved the opposite direction of the slicer kills me.

But yes the beauty products are what drew me in. I'm turning 40 in less than 2 months and fighting the aging process every step of the way. Hyaluronic acid really does work, when used right. I'm obsessed with skin products but I try not overdo it on these sites.

Part of me is disappointed because I keep hearing how sellers will contact potential reviewers.......I've yet to receive a single solicitation from a seller. Why wouldn't they want me to review their products? I'm the right age, right spending habits, right amount of disposable income, right ethnicity, I'm their target audience. What am I doing wrong, I ask myself. But then I stop and think only my ego wants the attention. It would be nice to be asked but I really don't want to be contacted or pressured. I do things the way I see fit and that is good enough for me. One day would be nice to be offered mid to high end products but I'm not holding my breath.

For the boxes, cut them down and get them recycling ASAP. Clutter is stressful and getting rid of them is a nice physical way to reduce stress. Do a few at a time, take them to recycling and then you'll be motivated to do a few more.

u/semmem1 · 1 pointr/ProductTesting

I would love to test out and review the Magnifier Glasses Headban

u/Darthmalt · 1 pointr/ProductTesting

And inside is this Colour Changing Egg Timer Perfect Boiled Eggs

So you spend the next hour trying to figure out how it's supposed to even work then say screw it and toss it in a box with other useless stuff.

u/Heartskittens · 1 pointr/ProductTesting

In addition to what /u/ddnutnut says, most gaming keyboards are backlit for use in low light, have reprogram able macro and function keys and additional function keys, which requires software to program. Higher end ones are usually mechanical keyboards. My Logitech keyboard has an lcd screen attached with software that syncs to games and media to use that screen as a stat display. Mine has additional USB ports. Aesthetically they are often different. This is my main keyboard

u/Mountain343 · 1 pointr/ProductTesting

LED Warning lights for vehicles. Dash, roof , primary and secondary emergency lights