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u/Brandoskey · 1 pointr/ProjectFi

I got this arkon originally for my nexus 6 because it was one of the few that would hold the behemoth. I liked it enough that I'm still using it with my 6p.

There are a number of advantages I've found.

  1. It clamps a small area so you don't have to worry about it pressing buttons, blocking the camera or the fingerprint sensor.

  2. It's mostly a one handed affair getting the phone in and out, depends how tightly you lock the arm that lets you rotate and tilt the phone.

  3. That tilt/rotate ability. I leave mine just slightly loose so I can preposition the phone's angle and orientation depending on where the sun is, what kind of app I'm using, stuff like that. This is a common feature among car mounts, but this one actually holds the phone in position while still allowing adjustment. No need to tighten or loosen the nut.

  4. The arm is long enough that the phone can be closer to me as well as being angled slightly down. This is great in the summer so I can lower the arm over my vents to keep the phone cool. As we know, when it's hot, you're using navigation and the phone is charging things get hot and phones slow their charge when hot. Being able to actively cool it is a nice bonus. In the winter I can raise the arm up so it's no longer in front of the vents. This is really dependent on where you mount the phone and your car though.

  5. It has one of those super sticky suction cups so it never falls off and it mounts to textured surfaces.

  6. It's pretty unassuming. It's not as bulky as many mounts and is really simple in design.
u/evilf23 · 2 pointsr/ProjectFi

if you don't want something huge i am loving this little ravpower flashlight charger i got on sale for $10 a year ago. i always know where my flashlight is, and it can charge my phone mostly full no problem. flashlight is super bright, and it's nice having the charger have an actual purpose beyond just charging.

another great portable charger i have is their filehub/router/charger - the WD03. it has SD card slots, USB port, and ethernet port on a 6000 mah battery. you can plug in a 256GB thumb drive or portable hard drive, connect to the driver over wifi, then stream/copy/paste wirelessly. ethernet port means you can plug into a hotel ethernet port and have your own wifi network, works great with a chromecast on a hotel TV. it uses standard protocols like DLNA so you can use any file explorer, no need for proprietary apps to access the drive like the other wireless hard drive products. this thing was a godsend when i had my 32GB nexus 5, not so much these days with a 128GB 6p and a tablet with a 200GB SD card in it.

u/bhez · 3 pointsr/ProjectFi

The one I was looking at is

What I ended up ordering is

I'll post back here when I get mine and get it working, but take a look at the amazon reviews, there has been some success with using this adapter with Linux. Hopefully it's pretty reliable while using a Fi data sim.

u/zerozed · 4 pointsr/ProjectFi

TBH, I haven't even tried either of those scenarios. But yeah, the SMS integration is the one area that needs some improvement. That said, I quickly adapted to just using the GV app for SMS. It has been a very small price to pay for the convenience of using my GV# instead of the one I got assigned on TMO.

While I'm yacking about GV, let me throw this out as well. I've used an Obihai device that I've used with another Google Voice number as my landline for years. After I ported my Fi phone number back to GV I was able to add that number to my Obihai as well, so now my cellphone calls come through on my landline as well. And the Obihai even allows me to set a distinctive ring for each line. Although I'm not a big proponent of Fi these days, I remain a big fan of Google Voice.

u/Pacoboyd · 1 pointr/ProjectFi


I really wanted one with a boom mic, I feel like they are superior.


So what I do with this is it's connected to my router via Ethernet and then via RJ9 (regular phone cable) to a wireless phone base. I have three wireless handsets, just traditional phones. For the cost of $50 bucks for the hardware you basically have free VOIP via Google Voice for life.

u/Sir_Joseph_Dirt_ · 10 pointsr/ProjectFi

I've been using this case since I got the phone, pretty minimal but has protected it from a few drops.

u/remembertosmilebot · 1 pointr/ProjectFi

Did you know Amazon will donate a portion of every purchase if you shop by going to instead? Over $50,000,000 has been raised for charity - all you need to do is change the URL!

Here are your smile-ified links:


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u/chef_vader · 1 pointr/ProjectFi

this is what I ordered. No band 12 but is that really a huge deal?

I don't need a crazy fast connection, this is for an Android head unit that needs data to run maps and maybe stream a little low quality music on Play.

u/onemanwufpack · 1 pointr/ProjectFi

I use the Spigen Neo Hybrid case on my P2. I was a bit concerned that it would add bulk, but I dont notice any significant bulk added. I plan on keeping this phone 2-3 years atleast, and this case will help make that happen. Plus, it has a premium look to the back of it.

u/0ut1awed · 1 pointr/ProjectFi

But then you would have two separate devices instead of 2 cords? If that's not the case then you would only need to have the one USB to USB C cord and not two right?

Also you don't need another cable either. Something like this will work too.

u/biznatch · 2 pointsr/ProjectFi

I have these and can verify that they all Turbo Charge the X4, should work fine for the 5X as well:

u/ColinOatley · 1 pointr/ProjectFi

Yes. I've installed a Project Fi data-only SIM in my Nexus 5. It works.
You will need an adapter. This is the one that I bought:

u/TheGogmagog · 1 pointr/ProjectFi

OK, I found this ZTE MF61 Unlocked Mobile Hotspot Broadband Device for $50.

Also some discussion last year about the sim needing an adapter for the ZTE64. Not sure if it would be needed for this one.

u/xythrowawayy · 1 pointr/ProjectFi

I got it a couple of years ago off of woot I think -- I'm not sure it is available new anymore: here is what I think it is:

u/mclamb · 1 pointr/ProjectFi

They make a version of that adapter that will allow for charging, but the reviews indicate that it doesn't work for everyone.

You could also use the wireless charging on the phone, those have become very cheap.

You could also probably find a wireless bluetooth receiver that you can plug your headphones into. The one below is wired, but would work if you are stationary.

u/MasinleaveMealone · 3 pointsr/ProjectFi

People who use their phones for streaming need to be on a plan that fills that need without worry. That won't be Fi unless you find a compromise with offline music and video.

I'm considering getting a multi-function FileHub. I like/need some of the other features and the streaming using a large capacity microsd will be gravy.

u/PM_ME_BOOBPIX · 2 pointsr/ProjectFi

Not sure about a physical store, you can try:

  • Craigslist
  • one of those stores that buy/sell used phones/electronics, there's usually at least one in each city. Once you're done you can re-sell it to them and you can think of the price differential as your rental fee.


  • $199 Nexus 6 at amazon link
  • $ 59.99 BLU R1 HD at Amazon this will only work for Data, voice in/out will be through hangouts; not ideal but it's something.
u/CodenameJ · 1 pointr/ProjectFi

No problem. Thanks for Gold :)

Also another charger I really like is this one:

I one of those on my desk in my office and it works great as well. It's a little big since it will hold the nexus 6 but I have never had a single connection problem with it no matter what case I've had on it.

u/SpeclalK · 1 pointr/ProjectFi


Range Extender

I live in a small town that is down in a river valley. There is barely any cell service because of the surrounding hills, and I have a little over an acre of property. The main reason why I switched to Fi was to have wifi calling/texting available no matter where I am on my property.

u/O1O1O1O · 1 pointr/ProjectFi

That's too bad considering it is essentially the same phone with more battery (which I love). There's an international version with 64GB of storage and 4GB of memory and a good price. If it was Fi compatible I'd get it... I'm assuming the lack of CDMA which means no Sprint is what kills it for Fi: