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u/dare2smile · 5 pointsr/Psoriasis

I'm gonna apologize now - I'm on mobile and formatting an slinks are hard.

So personally, I use three things - a daily shampoo, a weekly shampoo, and a scalp scrubber thingy.

Daily shampoo - a gentle nice shampoo that o use as often as I wash my hair (usually daily, but every other day in the winter). I've been using the L'Oreal Paris line with the parables and sulfate free formula is awesome. It does not HELP but scalp, but it also does NOT HURT it, which is a major deal. No tightness, no itch, I'm good! I've used almost all the different kinds in the line, but I'm going back to this green one since it's the best for me. You're not me, so your needs are probably different! :) L'Oreal Paris Hair Care Ever Strong Thickening Shampoo, 8.5 Fluid Ounce

Weekly shampoo - I used to use the tar shampoo, and the salyclic (?!) acid shampoo as my weekly. As my scalp has realized I mean business, I've switched to a (again) paraben and sulfate free dandruff shampoo. I get a big glob and add a little of the daily shampoo, since none of these weekly shampoos like to lather like I like. JASON Natural Cosmetics Dandruff Relief Shampoo, Rosemary, Olive and Jojoba, 12 Ounces

Scalp scrubber thingy - mine is purple! I use it always with the weekly shampoo, and any time during the week that I feel like I need it. It's great for getting flakes moving so you can wash them or brush them out later. I don't really like the finger hole thing for it, but I don't complain since it just feels sooooo gooooood. Scalpmaster Shampoo Brush, Purple

u/BlindLemonLars · 2 pointsr/Psoriasis

Have you visited a dermatologist? What treatments have you already tried? There are a lot of effective medicines available these days, I wouldn't do anything drastic like shaving your head without trying some of them.

For the scalp, I highly recommend some form of clobetasol propionate. There is a liquid form (available as generic) that is watery and easy to apply to your scalp. It dries very, very quickly and leaves no sticky residue at all. Even better is the alcohol based foam version (brand name Olux-E) but most insurance will only cover the generic liquid.

If you want to try coal tar, this shampoo is MUCH stronger than other brands on the market. The older version of it left you smelling like gasoline all day, but they've reformulated it and it's fairly pleasant smelling now and gentler on your hair. My scalp is 95% clear now (thanks to Otezla, Olux-E and Enstilar) but I still use this shampoo once a week to help keep it under control.

Best of luck to you, I'm confident you can get a handle on your psoriasis without shaving your head!! Above all, don't be shy about seeing a my extensive experience, few OTC products or other home treatments are of much help, you really need stronger medication to successfully treat this blight.

PsoriaTrax -

u/ryannapoleon · 1 pointr/Psoriasis

Fuck man, Ya that looks like psoriasis. But if you don't have it on the shaft/head that's a good thing. I've had good luck with this coal tar ointment

Now, the directions say not to use it on your genitals, but the stuff is so basic, inert, and non-reactive that I'd be willing to give it a shot. It has cleared up my shit immensely. I had a few spots on my shaft and it took care of them. It's kinda greasy, and it smells slightly like bicycle grease, but it alleviates the itching and stinging pretty much immediately, if not in a couple days. It honestly works as well or better than the $600 taclonex suspension liquid the dermatologist prescribed. And for 11 bucks, I'd give it a shot. I was so pissed (and extremely happy at the same time) that I had spent $200 for the co-pay for the prescription stuff, when this "homeopathic" remedy worked fucking fantastic.

Best of luck brother.

u/SpiritWolfie · 3 pointsr/Psoriasis

Ouch - that does look painful.
Sorry to hear you're suffering.

Sometimes we really do just need to whine and complain a bit. No worries. I think we've all been there.

I'm sure you've probably tried all different kinds of things but have you gone for some oily options? Something like coconut oil, aquaphor or something similar?

I've been very pleased recently with the Eucerin Daily Hydration lotion. It goes on easily, isn't greasy, really has no smell (not like many others that have a faint scent, this has NO smell) and it has a very light weight feel on my skin....which I LOVE. I use it often and it's really helping.

Anyways, just some ideas for ya. Hope you feel better soon.

u/piccolo1228 · 4 pointsr/Psoriasis

I agree with acronymopolis. Shorter hair helps with the flaking. I use tea tree shampoo and it helps a bit.

I also have several other shampoos that are prescription and OTC. I used the T-gel stuff with coal tar, but that didn't work for me. A shampoo with salicyclic acid is pretty easy to find in the grocery or drug store. This is the one I use. I use that in rotation with this shampoo as well. Then I also have clobex, but that is a prescription.

I've heard that some people rub oils and whatever into their scalps. You could research that. Join up and get some heathcare and make an appt with a dermatologist. Better to catch it early.

u/lobster_johnson · 10 pointsr/Psoriasis

Sorry, but while I genuinely appreciate that it worked for you, I advise people to please do not buy this book and please stop advertising it in this sub. It's pseudoscientific nonsense from beginning to end.

The author, John Pagano, was not a doctor, and certainly not a dermatologist. Very little of the science attempted in the book is real. For example, Pagano claims psoriasis is caused by a "leaky gut" (not a real thing) and toxins (not a real thing either in the sense he's talking about it) migrating from the gut to the skin; all of these ideas have long been debunked, and this sub should not encourage bullshit, magical thinking like this.

The mechanisms behind psoriasis are much better understood than Pagano claims, and the causes are not what he thinks they are. He thinks the spine is involved, and devotes an entire chapter on it. Why? Because he's a chiropractic. Psoriasis is an autoimmune disease. It's not related to the spine.

The diet suggestions in the book are not new or specific to the book, and are arguably the only sensible area he touches on. Psoriasis sufferers are better reading other, more thorough sources, such as the autoimmune protocol.

The other remedies mentioned in the book are a waste of money and time. Steroids, coal tar, vitamin D, UVB phototherapy, weight reduction, exercise, meditation, abstaining from alcohol and cigarettes — these are remedies that are known, scientifically, to work. Not correcting your damn spine.

If you want a great book on psoriasis, get An Atlas of Psoriasis by Professor Lionel Fry, a dermatologist. You can get used copies for as little as $18.

u/MakTheBlade · 1 pointr/Psoriasis

My insomnia is all due to chronic stress, so I empathise with you on that. I had a blissful 3 months a while back where I improved my living situation, money and so on, and the effects were so great.

I slept well, and woke up feeling refreshed and happy. My skin cleared, even my hair felt like it had a new lease on life. Then that situation ended and back came all the bad stuff. It is a massive part of how our bodies run, yet we so often neglect our happiness because of 1st world responsibilities.

As for waking up groggy, I always thought that happened to me because of the antihistamines I take to help me sleep, but it turns out it may be adrenal gland fatigue.

That is the first site I saw that explains it well, but from some research it really is a stress-related condition that can only be treated by relieving the stressor in the first place.

I follow this book on zen warrior exercises and in particular I do this exercise called GuanQifa, part of qigong.

I do meditate when I can, but I find I get best results when I do qigong because I focus on the breathing and movements, and my mind stays quiet more often.

As for exercise, let's see: 2.5 to 3.5kms a day, usually at jogging pace, kettlebells twice a day, 50 push-ups, 100 crunches, squats till my thighs go weak and bridge-ups for lower back relief.

But I still don't sleep well, some nights not at all.

u/r_salis · 1 pointr/Psoriasis

The combo that works for me is MG217 (coal tar) and Dermarest (salicylic acid shampoo), switching between them every few days. I prefer these to the T-Gel and T-Sal shampoos, I just prefer the consistency better. As someone else mentioned, using a very fine-toothed comb -- like a lice comb -- you can get the large flakes out. Good luck! :)

u/JustinBieberNaked · 1 pointr/Psoriasis

What are your symptoms? Inflammation clearly, what else? Ask him if there are any gentle topical steroids that you can take now, even though you had the shot given to you.

Ask about the one that I use and keep talking about on here--- fluocinolone acetonide 0.01% scalp oil. It's very gentle, they even use it on babies with cradlecap, so you might be able to use it even though you had the steroid shot--- check with the derma.

My current regiment that my derma put me on is alternating between Keto 2% and this shampoo

and then I put Dermasmooth (the fluocinolone oil) on every other night and I use a vitamin D3 topical foam on the other nights.

This has kept me completely clear and my doctor said this is a good long-term routine for maintenance.

u/Veearrsix · 1 pointr/Psoriasis

They also make a coal tar ointment that has worked wonders for me previously.

I have a rather large patch on my leg that the ointment all but got rid of. Once it was gone, I stopped using it and it stayed away for a long time. Eventually it came back, and I tried it again but didn't have as good of luck, it partially went away but not completely. I do feel like I'm in the middle of a break out though, so that might be part of the problem.

If you do decide to give it a try, I feel it works best when there is minimal to no scales. My application process was something like this: I found that the scales would rub off with some scrubbing in the shower (after spending some time in there) with a scrubby shower brush. After getting out of the shower I would apply the coal tar ointment. I tried to leave it on as long as possible. Thankfully being on my leg I was able to have it stay on most of the day as my leg doesn't come into contact with much. Other parts of my body are more difficult to keep the ointment from rubbing off - but in those cases can be reapplied a few times a day.

Basically just keep this up - after a few days of useage the scales should be all but gone and hopefully the red patches will also start fading.

u/damnlooneyhats · 1 pointr/Psoriasis

I honestly don't know if it helps, but I religiously buy Dead Sea Salt and add two cups to my daily bath - it's very relaxing at the very least and soaking in a hot tub at the end of the day helps alleviate itch and is part of my self-care routine with some heavy Cereva anti-itch moisturizing creamafterwards.

u/brentus · 4 pointsr/Psoriasis

Yes! Castor Oil has been the best thing I've done to control my psoriasis. I have it on my hands and castor oil is incredibly refreshing when applied. I've tried a few different types and have been most satisfied with this kind:

u/electroskank · 2 pointsr/Psoriasis

Of course! I didn't realize there were multiple kinds. :)

Revitaderm I use :

And here's the soap:

I would shop around for better prices. I just grabbed the first result on Amazon. I buy them at CVS. I think Amazon had it for like two dollars cheaper than I've found it in store.

u/Lolgabs · 2 pointsr/Psoriasis

This seems like something that might work? I've not got it very bad on my back so I've not had this issue. /u/notfoursaken suggested a wooden back scratcher but maybe something like this might work a little better? It's only like $7.

u/rboymtj · 1 pointr/Psoriasis

This Eucerin or This Aquaphor.

It looks like they sell it in tubes too, but I just buy the tubs. I don't notice a difference between the two brands, to be honest. I use it almost every day and a tub lasts me like 6 months.

u/twbassist · 3 pointsr/Psoriasis

Regular use of Psoriasin has helped out quite a bit for me. Pretty much only have a few super minor patches. I would say it went from ~5% of my body having some psoriasis to well under 1%.

u/ifeelnumb · 2 pointsr/Psoriasis

Trail and error with moisturizers. I use this daily in the morning and it seems to keep my face in check. I just added The Ordinary Vitamin C twice a day and a vitamin E mineral oil at night and my face is pretty happy with it.

u/Jack_Strident · 1 pointr/Psoriasis

I've been following Dr. Ely's supplements on my own for about 3 weeks now. I haven't been able to get the antibiotics yet. So just this part:


u/aquastorm · 1 pointr/Psoriasis

Try this. Most coal tar ointments / creams smell extremely strong and are too greasy for the face but this is more of a cream texture and doesn’t have that strong scent.

Dr. Blaine's RevitaDERM Psoriasis Treatment, 4 Fluid Ounce

u/00doggybiscuit · 1 pointr/Psoriasis

I can tell you from my experience I have found the most relief with these two products.



These have reduced my body psoriasis by about 70% and my scalp psoriasis by 90% if not 100%.

Just looking to help anyone out that is in need of advice!

u/mmmuffles · 3 pointsr/Psoriasis

Non-prescription this helped me. Disclaimer though I don’t have guttate so I’m not sure what works best for that type.

u/angie6921 · 2 pointsr/Psoriasis

I use these scalp comb things.

I use them when I shampoo and before I shower. Then after I shower, I take a wide tooth comb to get the tangles out and then a fine tooth comb to get most of the flakes. I have thick hair that goes down to my waist so it is time consuming. I have gone to washing my hair once a week sometimes twice.

u/MacTaker · 2 pointsr/Psoriasis

You can get Eucerin with 10% urea on Amazon . It helps with the scales and makes me feel a bit better, but it doesn’t stop flare-ups.

u/mary8kw · 1 pointr/Psoriasis

MG217 Medicated Tar Ointment...

I find this helpful. Helps with itching softens the scales.

u/ktbug3445 · 4 pointsr/Psoriasis

They actually make products just for this purpose! I love mine. I don't have to rely on my husband to put my lotion on my back every night.

u/guinnythemox · 2 pointsr/Psoriasis this is what we started using today, and its only been about 3 hours since we put it on, and the plaques are already falling off. Plus it doesnt look nearly as greasy on as some of the meds weve tried have. AND it seems to be accomplishing the same things the meds have without having to use creams with possible side effects etc. since none of the meds have done anything more than loosen the plaques (they always come back) for now were just going to try treating the symptoms.

u/gilguren · 1 pointr/Psoriasis

I place a plastic storage bin to stand in while I shower. I use a pumice stone to remove loose skin that is peeling. Slather up with a petroleum base jelly A&D, Bag Balm, or
Apply your zinc oxide wrap and
Then put my socks on. In the mornings I pull the plastic off put socks on and wear the wrap all day.

u/aditwo · 1 pointr/Psoriasis

Psoriasin has been really good for me on my face, however hasn't worked for me anywhere else. I have 80% coverage on my legs/core/arms, but for some reason this works on my face/neck. Other parts of the body are easier to hide, but when it gets to your face, you're kind of fucked.