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u/Ihavenotseen · 1 pointr/PublicFreakout

Okay, good luck with that. I’d be amazed if you read them.

Mondo Lucha A Go Go

Lion’s Pride

Those will give you some history of Lucha and Puroresu respectively.

u/FuturePigeon · 3 pointsr/PublicFreakout

If you're interested, there's a great book about how the Chinese people in San Francisco during the Bubonic Plague. It was eye opening and beautifully written.

u/Nemnel · 1 pointr/PublicFreakout

The best books on the history of science are mostly topic specific. Like Chaos: Making a New Science.

For philosophy of science, Thomas Kuhn is excellent. He's problematic in some ways, but he's very provocative. He actually goes into some detail about the staying power of Newtonian Gravity and the logical hoops that people would go through before GR. Also Karl Popper is great.

u/jayAreEee · 4 pointsr/PublicFreakout

3M makes all kinds of good masks, but in general they come with 'attachments'. So you buy the filters and screw them on both sides.

I have both particulate filters (non gas) and gas filters (that also do particulates) but there's a huge range of different ones for different purposes.

This is a very common model and works well.

Here's an example of filter 60926 which does gas & vapor, organic, acid gas, ammonia, methylamine, and formaldehyde. Would most likely cover pepper spray too.

u/Noobtastic14 · 1 pointr/PublicFreakout

You're right, This mask combined with these cartridges will let you walk through tear gas like you're invincible.

u/Walkallroads · 0 pointsr/PublicFreakout

(you should read this)

(you should watch this)

Now I feel that it bears mentioning that I did say IIRC because I was on my phone and didn't feel like finding sources. As a result my statement wasn't completely accurate. They didn't STEAL 14.2 billion, they siphoned it. They lined their pockets with it while supplying "aid". So I guess in that sense, you're right. Congrats. Worth stalking me for a couple days?

But you know what? Even if you can prove definitively that they didn't directly steal 14.2 billion from the Haitian relief fund, there is simply too much blood on their hands and too much mud in the water for me to possibly concede that they aren't evil. The child trafficking, the e-mails, Bill's countless rape allegations, Project Veritas, voting fraud, her seizures, her shady af past, Lolita express, her ties to Saudi Arabia AND Russia (uranium deal), her collusion with MSM during the election, her collusion with the DNC to steal the election from Bernie, her ties to pedophiles and suspected pedophiles.

So yeah good job bud, you won an argument based on a technicality.

We done here?

u/NaughtyMallard · 2 pointsr/PublicFreakout

Read this book it's a great read which talks about internet vigilantism.

The guy is a fucking muppet and should be dealt with by the police and not the internet vigilantes that are calling for blood.

u/DANleDINOSAUR · 1 pointr/PublicFreakout

Great, this post ruined what my presumptions of the word "Snog", which only existed because of this.

u/Drizzt396 · 1 pointr/PublicFreakout

Well, that's a step up from their most recent top google result.

u/Cherios_Are_My_Shit · 3 pointsr/PublicFreakout

i read it in blink

i can't find the actual quote because i don't have the book with me, though. i promise it's a real thing that i'm not just pulling out of my ass. here's a law enforcement forum discussing pros and cons of 1 man vs 2 man cars and someone else mentions the same source there, too:

>Malcolm Gladwell, in his book Blink, talks about how officers in one man cars use better, safter tactics than officers in two man cars. Reason being (and it's probably obvious to everyone here) is that when you're alone, you're more careful. When you have someone with you, you have a false sense of security and tend to let your guard down a little. I don't recall the specifics of the study, but it's towards the end of the book.

u/earthyTara · 4 pointsr/PublicFreakout

I just finished reading this: Hold On to Your Kids: Why Parents Need to Matter More Than Peers

Thing is, its not just inner city culture but across all levels of society today...

u/jofo · 2 pointsr/PublicFreakout

Or read this book which features her story

u/naturalborn · 6 pointsr/PublicFreakout

You can probably find a cheaper one at half price books

u/brando56894 · 2 pointsr/PublicFreakout

Give this a read

There are only so many fucks a person can give in one day.

u/liatris · -2 pointsr/PublicFreakout

It's interesting to look at the groups who have pushed for minimum wage laws in the past. Economist Walter E Williams, who happens to be black, has written a book on the topic as it relates to South Africa. He points out the during apartheid white unions, who would never allow blacks to join their unions, were the biggest proponents of minimum wage laws. Why would people who hate black people push for minimum wage laws if not for the reason that they create barriers of entry for black people?

Economist Thomas Sowell, who also happens to be black has written than minimum wage laws began in this country as a tool of racist. When the first minimum wage laws were passed, the Wagner Act, black Southern men were moving North and undercutting wages of white Northern railroad unionist. The black guys didn't have the training to work on the railroads and were facing racism from employers. In order to get jobs they were willing to work for less than unionist who wouldn't allow them to join their unions anyway. This willingness to work for less made them more appealing to employers and allowed the black men to gain training and experience. This upset the unions so they pushed for minimum wage laws. When racist railroad employers were forced to pay everyone the same basic wage they stopped hiring black people. Sowell writes that black unemployment before minimum wage laws was lower than that of whites and since the laws were passed it has been higher than whites even up until today. You still see that black teen boy's unemployment rate go up as minimum wage increases.

You saw he same thing in Australia who passed the original minimum wage laws in order to prevent natives from undercutting white salaries. Also in British Columbia, whites pushed for the passage of minimum wage laws to prevent Chinese people from competing with whites in the lumber industry. From British Columbia Male Minimum Wage Act In 1927 "In 1925 there were 55.20 per cent, of white employees and 44.80 per cent of Orientals. In November, 1926, there were 65.70 per cent of white employees and 34.30 per cent of Orientals. "In October, 1927, there were 68.86 per cent of white employees and 31.14 per cent of Orientals. (That is a job loss of 13.66% for Orientals and the same gain for white workers after the minimum wage law was passed.)

>"These figures show plainly that the amount of employment in the thirty-one mills has increased considerably since the Order was made, and that there has also been a marked decrease, both actually and relatively, in the employment of Orientals."

Economist Walter E Williams Minimum Wage As A Racist Tool

Why Racists and Unions Support Minimum Wages - Walter E Williams

Economist Thomas Sowell Why racists love the minimum wage laws

The racist history of the minimum wage: Good intentions aren’t great for black employment

Jim Powell writes that 500,000 black Southern workers lost their jobs when FDR mandated the minimum wage laws in the textile industry.- (How FDR Prolonged the Great Depression

>"African Americans were the major victims of the NRA. The labor codes, drafted by craft unions that excluded African Americans, specified above-market wages, which effectively outlawed price competition in labor markets. Since large numbers of black workers were unskilled, their best hope was to work at a lower rate and get on-the-job experience that would increase their skills and their ability to compete.

>"Because of the NRA, wages in the South's largest industry, textiles, increased by almost 70 percent in five months," reported George Mason University law professor David E Bernstein. "Employers responded to such massive wage increases by investing in mechanization and dismissing their unskilled workers." Some 500,000 black workers were estimates to have lost their jobs because of the NRA's minimum wage codes."

>"Black workers were big losers under the National labor Relations Act, hailed as the "Magna Carta" of compulsory unionism. "To the extent that the Wager Act raised wages and labor standards beyond market levels," wrote Bernstein, "it had the same effect as a minimum wage law in eliminating marginal African American jobs."

u/rerational · 1 pointr/PublicFreakout

On Killing: The Psychological Cost of Learning to Kill in War and Society