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u/Bradderall420 路 1 pointr/QuittingTianeptine

Of course! Here ya go

Agmatine Sulfate -
-1-1.5 grams once in the morning and once at night.

Kratom (Try and get a Red Bali strain) -

  • Take 7-30 grams as needed. I would just use the 'toss and wash' method, where I'd just take a giant spoonful or two of the powder, pour it in the back of my mouth, then rinse it down as quickly as possible with something to drink. It doesn't really taste bad, it was just difficult because my stomach was in knots from withdrawing.

    Phenibut -
  • The dosage of this is difficult. I took about 4 grams at a time. It's quite similar to xanax, so be careful. It also takes awhile to kick in, so take it before your withdrawals start if possible. Also, don't make the mistake I did and think that it's not working after a couple hours, it honestly takes like 5-7 hours to really start working, but it will absolutely fuck you sideways if you take too much, no joke. I straight blacked out like I had just eaten 20mg of Xanax.

    Most Importantly(Besides Gabapentin or Lyrica)
    Loperamide (Immodium) - Science lesson everyone! Loperamide, or more commonly known as Immodium which is an diarreah drug, is an Opiate you can buy over the counter! Now, the reason it's OTC is because you have an enzyme in your liver that metabolises and sweeps up Loperamide from your blood stream before it ever has an opportunity to cross the BBB (Blood Brain Barrier). If it can't pass the BBB, then it can't stimulate and bind to your Opiod receptors. However, there's a way around this!! I don't know if you've ever noticed or heard before on some drug commercials they'll say "do not take with grapefruit juice". That's because grapefruit juice inhibits a metabolizing enzyme cytochrome P450 3A4 (CYP3A4). CYP3A4 is a metabolizing enzyme for almost 50% of drugs, and is found in the liver and small intestinal epithelial cells. You can take 400mg of Loperamide and it won't do shit to help you, but you take 60mg. with some grapefruit juice and you can legitimately get high. Seriously, google it if you like. There are plenty of people on forums all over talking about having done this. Now, none of you will get high from taking this Loperamide, but that's only because your tolerance to Opioids is through the roof right now because of Tia usage. However, it will IMMENSLY help your withdrawals. If done correctly, this alone can take away between 65-90% of your withdrawals. Once I learned this trick, I had 'detoxed' / withdrawn several times using just this method. Of course, I'd always fall back into using it, because I'd be waiting for an order I had already ordered and when it finally arrives on around day 2 or 3 of withdrawing, I'm still way too weak to just throw that shit away lol, so I'd dive right back in. Anyway, seriously, the Loperamide method is absolutely legitimate, WHEN DONE CORRECTLY. There are instructions on how / when to take certain things to optimize it's ability to pass the BBB. If any of you have Gabapentin as well, you can seriously use just the Loperamide method with the Gaba and you will be 99-100% free of withdrawals (apart from a little possible depression / dysphoria depending on how long you've used Tia). If you do have both Gaba and plan to use the Loperamide method, I still highly recommend getting the other things, it'll just insure that you're free of withdrawals on the off chance that you don't react the same way to one of the other things the way most people do. Anyway, there are 3 things you'll need to buy for the Loperamide method and all 3 of them can be bought at Walmart for $20, give or take $5. Here are the 3 things you'll want to buy, then I'll give you the instructions.

    *Loperamide -
    • Make sure you get the gel tabs and you get the one with 120 of them!!
      *Grapefruit Juice -
    • This is the only grapefruit juice that Walmart sells that's NOT from concentrate, and that's important!! So make sure you get this exact brand. Maybe get 2 of them.
      *Tagamet / Acid Reducer - or
    • This is really only to help your stomach not hurt when you take large doses of Loperamide. I've done it several times without this, and only once or twice had some discomfort, nothing too bad, but I'd get it just to be sure anyway. Just make sure the active ingredient is Cimetidine

      Okay, first off one of the most important things to know about this is that for whatever reason this method doesn't work nearly as well if your withdrawals have already set in. So you must start this an hour or so after your last dose of Tia. I have no idea why this is, but I've encountered the issue a handful of times!! Okay that being said, say you have all 3 of the items. First, take 600mg (should be 3 pills) of the tagamet (the anti acid) with the grapefruit juice. For the next 45 minutes, continue sipping the grapefruit juice ever 3-5 minutes. At the 45 minute mark, take anywhere from 40-100mg of Loperamide with grapefruit juice. Continue to sip the grapefruit juice for the next 15-30 minutes after that as well. It's gonna seem sketchy taking that much Loperamide, trust me. I was really nervous to shove that many pills in my mouth, even though I've tried nearly every mainstream drug out there as well as several RC's lol. It's sketchy because the Loperamide gel tabs are only 2mg a piece, so if you're going to take 40-100mg, that's 20-50 pills lol. If you feel uneasy about it I encourage you to google it, you'll see dozens of reports of others doing this just to get high lol. This should hold you off for 6-10 hours, and you really only need to do this for the first 2-3 days. It's also great, because it'll help with the diarreah you get when you withdraw lol.

      I'll also just make mention of Vitamin C. It never really worked for me, but there's a ton of evidence that "mega doses" of Vitamin C helps inhibit Opioid receptors. Something like 5 grams 3 or 4 times a day. I've tried it, didn't really help, but I thought I'd throw it out there.

      If any of you can get your hands on any Blood pressure medication or beta blockers such as clonidine, this will help immensly too! Just be careful to not take too much, you don't want your BP to drop too low.

      If any of you need instructions on the Gabapentin, just let me know, but really you just start taking 2.5-5g of it as soon as you have withdrawals, and continue to take that much whenever they start to creep up again.

      LASTLY, there are 2 things that are still going to possibly plague you. Depression and a lack of energy / exhaustion. There is a very easy way to get / have speed at the same level of Adderall. If your lethargy or anything is that bad, message me again and I'll tell you how to get this. It's no shit, really really easy, but I don't like to encourage using it because it's very easy to switch addictions. And this stuff is quite addicting! I've always had trouble with speed myself (duh, see username), so I know it's potential for abuse.

      Anyway, I really really really wish you all the very best at overcomming this monster!! It's no fucking joke and I feel for you guys, but you're all closer than you realize right now at just finally being done. The misery is seriously very temporary. And if you're one of the fortunate ones who don't end up suffering from debilitating depression, then you'll honest to God have no problem. The above things should 100% rid you of the physical withdrawals, and those only last 3-7 days based on length of use and amount of daily use, and so once that's over, it's all over. If one of you are like me, just be prepared to have some depression / dysphoria. It really caught me off guard one of the first times I really got clean. This too is very temporary. I honestly don't think it lasted even a month, so just do your best to tough it out, you will NOT regret the decision to do so!
      Again, I wish you guys the best!! Take care and let me know how you all do!!! Also, if you have anymore questions, feel free to PM me anytime!!
u/livinglovinlaughing 路 2 pointsr/QuittingTianeptine

Very interesting to hear /u/r/KratomDaily.Were you able to find this at a local store like GNC or did order online?
I mean..if the Agmatine works with potentiating tia, then obviously this might be a helpful tool in tapering?
I saw this on Amazon:

and if you read the reviews, there are 2 reasons why people use this and that's either (a) to help their body recover from a workout or weightlifting session or (b) to use it for potention and pain relief purposes. One reviewer uses it with his kratom while another uses it strictly for nerve pain and yet another says it's "calming, pain reducing and potentiates many other meds"

Even though I have tried and researched every possible tia potentiator that is out there with no luck, I will probably give this a try.

u/ImHerefortheArticles 路 1 pointr/QuittingTianeptine

Went right back on it with work and class lol. Fortunately (kinda) I was forced to rapid taper after less than a week by running out. I have some f-phenibut coming in but that should hopefully be easier to manage. Getting low on tia as well. Wait, I can save money AND my brain by letting it run out! 馃

I know this looks like stupid sharper image shit but it's reeeally helpful for forcing a taper or just using responsibly. Just lay out some mon-fri doses and toss the rest in there.

u/mg521 路 4 pointsr/QuittingTianeptine

Maybe you need to be taking higher doses 2-3 times a day then. Also, here is what I use because I hate the taste and filling up capsules too: Oblate Discs - Japanese Edible Film, 200pcs

You鈥檒l really thank me for that haha. I do 4 of those and fill them with like 3 grams each. It does take a few times to get used to it and you鈥檒l struggle at first, but I鈥檓 a pro at it now. You basically just have to roll them up into a little balloon and twist the top, dip them in water then quickly put them in the back of your throat and wash it down. I barely taste a thing and it鈥檚 infinitely better than any other Kratom delivery mechanism. I got this idea from the Kratom sub and it鈥檚 a game changer!

u/therankin 路 1 pointr/QuittingTianeptine

I've only tried the NutriCost brand (Amazon search, first results page) I do like how those are in Pre weighed capsules.

Have you tried them?
Nutricost Agmatine Sulfate 1000mg, 120 Capsules - Gluten Free, Non GMO, 500mg Per Capsule