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u/0therSyde · 2 pointsr/RX8

I've blown about $7,220 total so far on my supercharger kit - here's what I've bought and spent so far:


Used Pettit SC Kit


Full SuperCharger Compressor Unit Rebuild at Kenne Bell


Ryan Racing 6-Rib Pulleys - Full Set with wider belt plus 8-PSI and 11-PSI SC Pulleys, Anodized Blue


GReddy CAI, Custom-Built Version for Pettit SC Applications (slightly different from Turbo version on their site)


KOYO Radiator from Black Halo Racing, All Aluminum


MAZMART RE-Medy Water Pump With Thermostat to Replace Shitty Stock Series 1 Version


12"x12" Gasket Material to cut UIM->LIM Seals From (old gaskets on SC unit are all burnt up/shredded from previous uninstall job)


I still have a few more little odds and ends to get, but I've essentially bought all the big stuff. When all is said and done, total expenses will likely be around $8-9k overall. Put in perspective, I bought my 2007 RX8 for $9,500 in 2013 with 34k original miles on it under a salvage title; it's probably worth half that much now. So yeah, my SC kit is worth way more than my car lol. Oh well, so goes the life of the obsessive modder/HP junkie. I still love it. I can not WAIT to get his thing installed!

u/NotAPreppie · 1 pointr/RX8

Nothing yet. I've been toying with the idea of doing a quick DIY on RX8Club.

I've got a pair of modified banjo bolts tapped with 1/8 NPT fittings in them. I have a K-type thermocouple intended for EGT measurement installed in the bolt on the front cover and a 150 psi pressure transducer in the return line. A second 150 psi transducer is installed in an Aeromotive fuel line adapter. A MAX6675 thermocouple analog-to-digital adapter lets the Arduino Uno measure the temps. A 20x4 LCD displays the values numerically.

I taught myself how to code the Arduino and make everything work in about 6 hours on a Saturday. The hardest part was trying to figure out the LCD and MAX6675 connections. I can upload the libraries and sketches somewhere if you want to copy my work.

Edit: look at that, it was already on my google drive...


Edit2: Wow, looking at my code... I even documented things like what each line does and where to connect wires. I don't remember doing it but if drunk me wants to be a good programmer, I'm okay with that.

u/Dracs · 1 pointr/RX8

It’s behind the glove box, which drops out to give you access. It’s super easy. YouTube video shows how here:

Got the new filters on amazon.

u/jaydubsvape · 1 pointr/RX8

I believe that fuse in particular is a 30A pink female maxi (FMX) fuse. Here's one on amazon:

Pretty much any auto shop should have it too.

However, I read in a couple spots that the ACC fuse being blown prevents your car from starting too.. I'm not sure how true that is, but this is the only fuse I could find that shares all the components that aren't working. I guess the quick check is to just pull that fuse and see if it starts up. If it won't start up after pulling that fuse, that means that it does indeed run the ignition, and that fuse isn't the problem. :(

u/KWheelr · 1 pointr/RX8

Much better price, and they are legit, I bought some earlier this year. And I also recommend the BHR coils.

u/Golfer13579 · 5 pointsr/RX8

Posting from mobile is difficult. Anyway. $25 and 2 hours of work later I have an aux jack with no exposed wires other than the cable itself hardwired into the radio without any crazy soldering necessary. Even has an on off switch to make things super easy.

This is the device I used.

u/Lknate · 3 pointsr/RX8

I had the same issue. The clutch pedal was broke and master cylinder was shot. Got a both on Amazon. Judging by the age of you car it is possible it is just the master cylinder. I got the rebuid kit and it was pretty straight forward.

u/SharpieInThePooper · 3 pointsr/RX8

I changed my starter and battery when I changed my coils and plugs. Starts instantly now and there's no more hot start issue.

The starter was cheap, like $100. Don't buy the starter from Mazda, they quoted me $400 for it. But the battery was about $160. Just make sure your battery has enough power.

Here's the battery I got

Optima Batteries 8020-164 35 RedTop Starting Battery

u/stevedaveracing · 1 pointr/RX8

If you think that’s cool. Try this for the window Three (3) Aquapel Glass Treatment Applicators

Makes driving in the rain a breeze. Pair that up with the piaa silicone wipers and you’re set.

u/i0nicx · 2 pointsr/RX8

I picked up a 3M kit, here's the link

u/clairvoyant5190 · 2 pointsr/RX8

Did you completely destroy the flywheel? With typical wear, it should be able to be resurfaced without issue.

As for clutches, go with the OEM or Exedy kit (same thing, basically). I got mine from Amazon:

Just went through this 3 months ago when the throwout bearing took a dump.

u/Shnifty · 3 pointsr/RX8

Don't listen to this guy. WTF? If the battery is getting drained that has nothing to do with compression. The most likely scenario is an alternator issue. A brand new battery will work great until it gets drained and then it will stop working. What I would do is buy a $20 trickle charger and leave it on the battery. If it continues to start fine, it's because you're keeping it charged with the charger and that would imply that your alternator isn't charging your battery. I have had similar issues when not driving mine for a while because the battery will slowly drain over time from the onboard computer and alarm. My alternator works though so i just use the charger when I'm not driving mine.

This is what I bought and it works great:

Seriously dude... why would this guy start saying scary things about compression when that has literally nothing to do with a constantly draining battery?

Edit: I missed the part about it not starting again even while jumping it. This is possibly because of flooding. If you don't let rotary engines warm up all of the way, they can flood. Best way to avoid this would be to leave the car running until it the temp gauge gets to the middle where it is straight up and down. I still think you main problem is the alternator though.

Another question I have is whether or not the engine is turning over or if your starter is going bad.