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u/ByeFaleesha · 3 pointsr/RadomActsOfGreed2

I need another 50 degree day so I can air the house back out. I hate when the air gets stale and... gross. NY and MI sound pretty similar right now. Just wet and dark. Also, pork loin is AMAZING. My dad grills it up and its just amazing.

We don't have a trader joes but I ordered some dark chocolate almonds of theirs and holy crap, they are like crack. Polished em off last night. They hit that sweet and salty note because theyre rolled in sea salt and turbinado sugar. I got them the first time in a reddit gift exchange and they changed my life. But between trader joes and that food, I think I may have to come visit.

As far as going full on grizzly on the door jamb, go buy those combs for cats that go on corners. Like this, but sub catnip with weed or something Just get like 40 of them and bear it up.

Also, we do get usps on Sundays. Its always so weird when they show up on a sunday at 11am. Though my m-sat mail doesn't come in til 5pm.

u/boxster_ · 3 pointsr/RadomActsOfGreed2

I love you and I saw this bumper sticker awhile back and wanted to steal it and give it to you But I wasn't sure if it was political and also other reasons, but I adore you my friend

u/orangeapplez · 5 pointsr/RadomActsOfGreed2're saying you don't want to buy me the Dinoland Inflatable Play Center I promised myself my kid???

u/whatelsecouldiwrite · 8 pointsr/RadomActsOfGreed2

She's preparing for a phallic dual of epic proportions:/
Leg Avenue Womens Plus Enchanted Rainbow Unicorn Costume, Multi, 3X / 4X

u/[deleted] · 3 pointsr/RadomActsOfGreed2

Does he have this?

Takes literal seconds to scrub anything including the bathtub.

u/ForLoveOfHumanKind · 2 pointsr/RadomActsOfGreed2

Here are some re-usable straws for Boba drinks.

u/mycello · 2 pointsr/RadomActsOfGreed2

> a Switch and a squatty potty.

Is it bad that I find that an acceptable combination? Ultimate level of dedication to gaming right there. Add in some depends, monster energy drinks and cheetos and you're all set.

NSFW link for anyone who absolutely had to see this, like myself. Bahaha. I'm scared to ask how you even found that.

How have you been? Any good climbs lately?