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u/DoctorCroooow · 2 pointsr/RedLetterMedia

I don't think so, but I'd have to break out my CDs. I just checked my iTunes and looks like I never ripped them.

On Amazon the track is listed as "Victory Celebration/End Title" instead of what OP mentioned was on iTunes: "Ewok Celebration and Finale" which is Yub Nub

EDIT: This got me off my ass. I got out my CDs (I haven't opened them up in 15+ years) and yes, "Victory Celebration/End Title" is the smooth jazz replacement for the iconic Yub Nub music that everyone loves. Luckily for me, I also have the “Star Wars Original Trilogy Soundtrack Anthology” set from the early 1990s with the original music.

u/pablumatic · 3 pointsr/RedLetterMedia

Are you wanting free recommendations on Amazon Prime? I don't have the service, but I recommend everyone watch the 70s animated classic Fantastic Planet.

u/Cyrius · 41 pointsr/RedLetterMedia
u/Hunchback85 · 1 pointr/RedLetterMedia

^^ product link if anyone cares to see for themselves
EDIT I see that Christopher Iengo is the star, not director, but it's still just as funny

u/Iowa25 · 3 pointsr/RedLetterMedia

They use three-camera-set-ups for Half in the Bag and Best of the Worst discussions with this type of camera (my best guess based on seeing glimpses of the camera in some Best of the Worst episodes):

Don't know what they use for VFX and animations.

u/pmmeyourpussyjuice · 5 pointsr/RedLetterMedia

That's probably the most logical explanation. But why would the writer of the Chuck Tingle style book "Mated to a Military Drone" update VCR Repair Virgins a year later to include the latest fantastic Rem Lezar references?

u/officerkondo · 1 pointr/RedLetterMedia

I had this many moons ago, but this seems quite a bit more robust.

Where are the cameras that recorded the saucer separation?

u/Tachysx · 3 pointsr/RedLetterMedia

They actually recently made a Han Solo comic which is about Han Solo being in a spaceship race, it takes place between A New Hope and Empire Strikes Back

u/mckay949 · 3 pointsr/RedLetterMedia

And the names of the protagonists are Mick and TeeJay, and the name of the store is Fast>>>Forward VCR Repair , lol.

One of the author's other books, [Mated to a Military Drone] ( , looks even more bizarre.

u/ericerikkedod · 8 pointsr/RedLetterMedia

If you read the copyright stuff at the beginning of the book seen here the writer gives credit to Creating Rem Lazar - apparently the characters critique it in this "novel", and he uses quotes from the movie. This was published in 2018, and the Rem Lazar episode just came out... wtf?

u/ChuckCarmichael · 3 pointsr/RedLetterMedia

You're right, edited it. I checked, and those cameras are Panasonic AG-AF 100 plus lenses, so that shit is expensive. Though maybe they bought them used, then it would be about half the price.

u/ProfessorStupidCool · 19 pointsr/RedLetterMedia

Mike's shameful past being a clown's boyfriend.

^(edit: this joke isn't based on anything, I have no clue what mike's connection with laughing laury is aside from editor and cameraman)

u/BriansHandle · 1 pointr/RedLetterMedia

Unlike Blood Street, the semi-sequel to Low Blow with Leo Fong again playing private investigator Joe Wong, Killpoint is not some rare VHS-only affair; it is readily available on a Mill Creek set (which also includes Low Blow and a few other entertaining movies).

Anyway, Killpoint is not particularly entertaining. It is yet another relatively competent but unmemorable action B-movie. Nothing worse than middle of the road, as Jay says.

The only memorable parts, IMO:

u/CradlePouncer · 3 pointsr/RedLetterMedia

If you're after a bad movie specific book then I highly recommend The Bad Movie Bible by Rob Hill.