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u/jesse_dylan · 1 pointr/RedWingShoes

Got it! Thanks! I'll try that. Mine is just the Red Wing Heritage Neutral Boot Cream. It's supposed to buff to a shine, which I think it would, and it's supposed to hydrate as well... but yeah, it just gets filmy. It truly might be me doing something wrong. The jar went really fast, so maybe I'm using too much. Four boots was half the jar.

Hopefully that link works. It's just an amazon link for the paste.

u/juicyjuicyjuicyjuicy · 2 pointsr/RedWingShoes

FWIW, I'm planning on using Lexol as well. I too recently got the 8119's and after reading hours of guides and opinions on leather conditioning, it seems that Lexol is the best for what I want, which sounds like what you want too - moisturize the leather without fucking up the color too much.

Amazon's got a good kit for $12 Prime.

u/Thechosenjon · 1 pointr/RedWingShoes

Also, you can try running a thin insole in them if you decide to pull the trigger on those ones you found at the second hand. Something like this. I'm debating on trying something like this as well to try to plant the ball of my foot more and lock my heel down in the 1155's.

u/FrancisBaconator1561 · 1 pointr/RedWingShoes

I just use the Red Wing brand leather conditioner, which can be found here .

I used to use Kiwi brand (here), which did a decent job, but I read something somewhere that silicone bases conditioners like Kiwi can cause wear on the leather.

Also, I mentioned earlier to take it by a Red Wing store. They'll condition any Red Wing shoe for free.

u/logan_ladue · 5 pointsr/RedWingShoes

These are my first pair of Red Wings and I love them to death! I went into the store originally looking to buy the 8083's but came out with these instead. Really open to any tips or constructive criticism if the leather looks off because of my own wrong-doing.

I'm normally a 10.5, but a 9.5E for the Iron Ranger. I think I have at least another month or so before they're fully broken in, as I don't wear them every day.

In the meantime I'm looking at getting a pair of insoles for some extra support, but the boots already fit fairly well and don't have much room. So if anyone has any tips for that, it'd be appreciated as well. Currently, I've been looking at

u/CT-3636- · 1 pointr/RedWingShoes

Are you a lady or a guy. Ladies engineers are still on the heritage site, but the men’s aren’t. They are all on the Japanese market now, out of reach for Americans and Canadians for that matter.
You can find engineers factory Seconds on Sierra Trading

And Amazon

I’d imagine there are other places to look if you look hard enough like eBay and less popular websites

u/jaba1337 · 6 pointsr/RedWingShoes

A tongue pad will probably help them fit a little better

u/dangerhayes · 1 pointr/RedWingShoes

These have been great so far. Helps fill a little volume and adds a bit of cushioning.

Spenco Rx Comfort Thin Lightweight Cushioning Orthotic Shoe Insole, Women's 11-12.5/Men's 10-11.5

u/CertifiedPublicAss · 1 pointr/RedWingShoes

My go to are the Darn Tough Men's Solid Basic Crew Light ( I wear these with 8 last boots. For 23 Last boots, I can get by with thicker socks which are a little too snug for me in the 8 last. Their hiking line works for those boots but I find they are unbearably warm during warmer weather. Winter socks only:,

u/TzarDemous · 1 pointr/RedWingShoes

No clue on the pen. However you could stamp it in with one those leather stamping kits. That would be permanent and look pretty cool too.

Example of one of the kits: TEKTON 6610 5/32-Inch Letter and Number Stamp Set, 36-Piece

u/wrinkled_funsack · 3 pointsr/RedWingShoes

I have some of these and think they’re quite nice.

u/BiomedDood · 1 pointr/RedWingShoes

I have multiple colors of these leather laces (use them on my Thorogood Dodgevilles and Magnanni leather sneakers). They've held up fine so far. And these are thick as well so excellent for boots. I have the blue, tan and black. Quality wise, very close to my TG stock leather laces which is high quality.

These come in standard 72" size but you can trim them off as needed.

u/unicorn-beard · 1 pointr/RedWingShoes

I've had these boots for a few months and have used this stuff on them a few times. What natural leather conditioner product are you referring to?

u/TheMikeGrimm · 1 pointr/RedWingShoes

Try Leukotape wherever you’re getting blisters. Just a small piece cut to size and applied like a bandage. Use this for hiking long distances and it works like a charm anytime I’m feeling a hot spot come on.

My experience is mainly with trail runners that are broken in but it reduces friction and moisture which are two big causes of blistering.

u/grim_f · 1 pointr/RedWingShoes

Lexol Leather Cleaner and Conditioner and Sponge Kit, For Use on Leather Apparel, Furniture, Auto Interiors, Shoes, Handbags and Accessories

u/IguanaRepellent · 2 pointsr/RedWingShoes

You'd probably have to go into the store to get it if it's not on their site. Otherwise, here's a link to the Lincoln brand!

u/evilduck · 1 pointr/RedWingShoes

You're not wrong, but I think thats just Brooks Brothers who made the error. There's other listings of this model that call it Antique Cigar and it obviously the color isn't anything close to whats currently sold as Cigar (unfortunately RW themselves doesn't have a 9017 listing).

Red Wing Heritage Beckman Chukka Boot,Antique Cigar Featherstone,13 D(M) US (different model, but the same leather name and color)