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u/SealingChemicals · 2 pointsr/ResearchMarkets

The concentration is in the description of the item; not difficult to find. 200-400ug isn't difficult to measure out with an oral syringe, available at walgreens or walmart. If you want a more specific amount, I suggest you get a micropipette. There's a distribution center near me for the return address I used, so I don't think it's fair to take off two points. Either way, we've since altered our stealth methods and when you place your next order, I guarantee you'll be giving me a 5/5. Thanks for the review.

u/zosoleary · 6 pointsr/ResearchMarkets

holy crap this is scary as fuck! please please please be careful. it's very obvious you don't know what you are doing. remember 2 grams is 2,000 pills. don't try to eyeball doses or keybumps or anything like that. first step: get a milligram scale!!!! you said earlier you have a gemini 20, that's would work just fine. then you are going to need a graduated cylinder, and some PG. i do 2mg per 1 ml of pg. so i weigh out 100mg of etizolam, carefully measure out 50 ml of pg then mix the two in a vial. just shake it hard core then let it rest overnight then shake it some more (takes it a while to dissolve in PG). make sure to store the vial outside of sunlight because that damages the etizolam (i wrapped electrical tape around my travel vial). then get a transfer pipette or oral syringe and make your dose (half a ml for 1 pill, 1ml for 2 pills). tastes horrible, best to put it in a drink or have a chaser handy. PLEASE BE CAREFUL!!!! it's hard to measure out under half a ml accurately so 10mg a ml means you HAVE to do at least 5 at a time. it's just a good recipe to extreme and dangerous addiction and would make it even harder to taper off.

u/reductase · 2 pointsr/ResearchMarkets

Milligram scale all the way. They're not expensive to acquire and help immensely with harm reduction. Even if you want to do volumetric dosing, you're still going to need a scale for your substance AND graduated cylinder for your solvent to calculate an accurate concentration.

Do not mix powders together for dosing (e.g. NBOMe w/ dextrose, etc) because mixing powders evenly is very, very difficult to do and not even perfected by science yet.

Edit: something like this is perfect. Just remember to preload the scale into the 5-10g range and tare it for maximum accuracy. These rinky-dink milligram scales are not that sensitive at their minimum or maximum ranges, so throw a couple quarters down and put your weighing platter on top to get it into the middle of its linearity range.

u/[deleted] · 1 pointr/ResearchMarkets

Lab story. Dissolve in alcohol or PG to a fixed ratio. Use something like this for accurate dosing.

u/ConspiracyChemicals · 2 pointsr/ResearchMarkets

Yeah he is definitely wrong. I have test weights that I bought separate from scales and my $44 jewelry scale ands extremely accurate. I'll find it on Amazon really fast

edit correction $49

u/SickleInThePickle · 2 pointsr/ResearchMarkets

Should check out High Price by Carl Hart. It's technically an autobiography, but Hart is a neuroscientist known for debunking commonly held beliefs regarding addiction. He started getting recognition when he was unable to, in a laboratory setting, reproduce the media's exaggerated reports of methamphetamine effects. I saw him speak at a conference on addiction a few months back.

Some good people in the scientific community trying to give chemical health a much-needed shakeup.

u/TryptamineWizard · 3 pointsr/ResearchMarkets

I personally use the Gemini-20. It's cheap, accurate enough for most purposes, and includes two calibration weights and some tweezers. I picked it up since I've seen it recommended on several psychedelics forums.