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u/random12356622 · 2 pointsr/Roadcam

There are two types of parking modes: Excellent and Lackluster. Excellent parking mode is: Automatically engaged/disengaged when parked, Buffered - able to record a few seconds before motion sensor/g sensor is activated and after, and has built in low voltage cut off feature (Voltage/Timer based) adjustable.

Lackluster is missing one or more of these features.

  • When spending over (150 USD), I would expect - Excellent build quality, Excellent parking mode, Good/Fair video quality dash cameras only. Veteran dash cam buyers spend the big bucks, and Build quality/Parking mode very important, video quality only matters to Good enough.

  • Below ($150 USD) exists - Excellent video quality, Lackluster/No parking mode, Fair/Poor build quality dash cameras. These are geared toward 1st time dash cam buyers, that are price conscious, and value video quality. These buyers have yet to realize Build quality is supreme, and parking mode is very important because most are not in vehicle 90% of the time. They over value video quality because they think it will capture plates better, but this expectation is wrong. Expectation should be, read the plate out loud, and record it via audio, also write it down, and call the police. If your vehicle is in good working order, follow the driver at a safe distance/speed. Plates do not always catch criminals, but damage to your car isn't worth yours or someone else's life.


    Dashcam + Micro SD card + Hardwire kit = cost. Different vendors offer different things included/excluded.

    1 ch systems (Front): Excellent build quality, Excellent parking mode, Good/Fair video quality. - Lacks Wifi/cellphone app.

  • Thinkware F50 1-CH ($89.99 USD) - Fair video quality, Excellent build quality, Excellent parking mode. - Lacks a Wifi/cell phone app, but format free technology helps and reliability is top notch. - 1080P @ 30 FPS - There is a coupon code for this one in the video description. Discount Code: blackboxmycarf50 to get $10 off from - Minor flaws with the Thinkware F50, G sensor can be lowered, but not disabled, and at the low setting is too sensitive for some. Firmware updates might fix this, but it is unknown to me at this time. Vehicles with rough rides will trigger the event recording and lock files continually, eventually filling the Micro SD card.

  • BlackVue DR450-1CH ($119.99 USD)


    Excellent video quality dash cam, fair/poor build quality, and lackluster parking mode: Expected life span 3 months to 2 years.

  • A118C ($50-$60 USD) - Where to purchase + Known Problems of A118C - Similar problems to A119, similar average build quality, similar parking mode (lackluster), fair/good video quality.

  • Mobius ($80 USD) + USB Mini hardwire kit ($13 USD) + adhesive mount ($7.95 USD) + recommended but not required Super Capacitor ($7.95 USD) instead of lipo battery. - Good build quality, Good video quality, lackluster parking mode. - This dash cam comes from the RC/drone world, and it shows, it is almost endlessly modifiable, but you have to want to do all these things, and it is very hands on do it your self.

  • A119 V2 ($80-100 USD) - V1 had minor flaws but is cheaper - V2 corrected some of those flaws and had firmware improvements. + Known problems of the A119 Excellent video quality day/good night/good shadow, good/fair build quality, lackluster parking mode. Discreet.

  • A119S V2 ($100-120 USD) - This one has more potential but currently equal to the A119 due to lack of firmware improvements. - Currently lacks parking mode.


    2 ch systems (front/rear): Excellent build quality, Excellent parking mode, Good/Fair video quality. - Lacks Wifi/cellphone app.

  • BlackVue DR430-2CH ($169.99 USD) - 720P @ 30 FPS Front / 720P @ 30 FPS Rear

  • BlackVue DR470-2CH ($189.99 USD) 1080P @ 30 FPS Front/ 720P @ 30 FPS Rear

  • BlackVue DR490-2CH ($209.99 USD) 1080P @ 30 FPS Front / 1080P @ 30 FPS Rear

  • Thinkware F100 2CH ($159.99 USD) - ($10 USD) Discount code = ($149.99)


    Excellent build quality, Excellent parking mode, Good/Fair video quality:

    These have wifi/cellphone app:

  • BlackSys CH-100B 2-Channel ($219.99 USD)

  • BlackSys CH-200 2CH ($299.99 USD)

  • BlackVue DR750S-2CH Cloud ($319.99 USD)

    BlackVue over the cloud feature part 1

    BlackVue over the cloud feature part 2

  • Thinkware F770 ($229.99 USD) - Where to purchase

    Thinkware F770: superior night vision & Dual Save mode Maximum SD Card 64GB (Micro SD)

  • Thinkware F800 Pro ($429.99 USD)

    superior night vision & Dual Save mode Maximum SD Card 128GB (Micro SD)


    Discount code: Receive $10 off with "top5blackboxmycar" when shopping for a dash cam over $99.99 at

    Note: I pulled a lot of links from, but look around for the best price, I just wanted you to be aware of the discount code.


    There is a huge amount of buyers remorse in dash cams. What I can say is fully research the dash cams you want, and the dash cams you don't, so at least you understand your decisions. Picking Excellent build quality, Excellent parking mode, and good/fair video quality dash cams is a lot less hassle, above I listed only Excellent build quality, Excellent parking mode, good/Fair video quality dash cams, but there are Excellent video quality, Fair/poor build quality, lackluster parking mode dash cams out there that is worth knowing about. Anyways good luck in your decisions.

    Edit: Prices change rapidly in the dash cam market, however, the copy pasta does not. I have seen prices rise rapidly, and fall just as fast, for no apparent reason, even as newer models have been released.


    A note for Micro SD Cards: Sandisk Ultra is not made for Dashcams.

    What is recommended for dash cams: Transcend High Endurance, or any MLC card.

    For more on this issue:

  • What Micro-SD Should I Buy for my Dash Cam?

  • Dash Cam 101

  • and the best resource:
u/theproftw · 9 pointsr/Roadcam

Mod of /r/dashcam here,

> Should I opt for a capacitor version and hardwire it if I'm planning on leaving it in my car? On that note, do you leave it in your vehicles almost 24/7, or do you remove and reattach it every time you get back in and if you do leave it in your car, have you had any issues doing this (theft, hardware...)?

Always get capacitor over battery unless you're willing to get another cam within the year of ownership, batteries used in dashcams are not the best out there and thus tend to wear out rather quickly, especially on very hot or cold weather, plus if you were thinking of using the dashcam entirely on battery, you'd get 10 minutes tops.

Hardwiring is entirely your choice, I personally don't do it, but it's relatively easy to do.

> Is there an advantage over the "wedge" style ones that are stuck right to the glass vs the ones that hang from a mount like a GPS does?

It's night and day, I had a G1WH and now I have a Street Guardian SG9665GC, which has a wedge design. G1WH you could easily see, but the SG doesn't look like a camera at all, one could even think it looks like a sensor of sorts, and unless you're looking for it, you won't see it.

> Makes and models you've owned with pros and cons maybe?

G1WH and the Street Guardian mentioned before,

G1WH has a battery, so I wouldn't recommend, and the one on it barely lasts 20-30 seconds now from fully charged after 7 months of usage. The shutdown delay is 10 seconds, so you can see where I'm going, there's a high chance I'll get corrupt clips when turning off the engine in a year. The battery used to last about 10 minutes.

It has good daytime video, decent non-saturated audio with high volume, but it does have a bit of background noise from the charger when the car is silent. Night video is ok, not mind-blowing but I think it does its job right.

Street Guardian has better audio and night video, and the daytime video is sharper than the G1WH's, that one has a capacitor so I don't need to worry about that.

> Any advice, input, and answers will be greatly appreciated, also any suggestions of what camera would awesome as well.

What I'd suggest for you, since you're worried about theft, get an A118C. It's pretty much like the G1WH in terms of auido/video quality, but it has the discreetness of the Street Guardian, and since it has the same mount as the SG, it's super easy to remove, you just slide the camera and it comes out. It also has a capacitor instead of a battery, so that won't be an issue.

Edit: Thanks for the gold!! :)

u/TurboTertle · 9 pointsr/Roadcam

You can get a decent dash cam for about $50, but honestly you're better off spending at least $100. I bought this one:

The reviews were somewhat mixed. It seemed like you had a 50/50 chance of receiving a good one or a bad one. Luckily I got a good one, but even so the menu is SUPER difficult to use, the light will randomly turn on at nighttime, out of every 100 times I start my car it won't turn on so I have to unplug it and replug it in. The video and audio it records is great, but I wish I had just spent an additional $20-$50 and had something 3 times as nice.

I don't know much about dashcams, but I just wanted to share my experience with you. Since you're pretty much going to spend at least $50 to get any kind of dashcam it just makes sense to save up a little more and get way more bang for your buck. With that said if you can only afford a cheap one you will still be better off than not having one at all.

u/Peylix · 3 pointsr/Roadcam


Your ST looks really nice too btw. I peeped your history. Never liked the older ones, but the newer ones like yours and the RS. Sweet Jesus the RS haha.

My dashcam is the A118-C. Got mine off Gearbest here. Which is actually on sale for $50 right now. It's a great entry level dashcam. Only issue I have with it is lens warp. The housing around the lens is plastic and when heated warps slightly. Which causes some focus issues.

Some of my videos during the day on my youtube show this. It's the right hand side that suffers for me. Other than that, it's an amazing cam.

Some other great entry level cams are the G1W and the Mini 0805.

If you like the form factor of the A118, but want better recording quality and build (metal lens housing that eliminates warping). You can buy the Street Guardian SG9665GC. Though it is a little pricier at $200. Worth it though. Here is a comparison between my A118 and the SG9665GC.

I am actually thinking about upgrading to the Street Guardian for my front and move my A118-C to the rear.

Dashcamtalk (link with comparison) is a great forum to get info about cams. There are many more than what I listed. So browse around and research some before buying.

Hope this helps.

u/rolfraikou · 3 pointsr/Roadcam

I have a dashcam for this reason.

EDIT: Actually, what am I doing?

If I'm going to suggest people get one, I'll tell you what I got, and why I got it.

Despite it's mixed reviews, I've had an outstanding experience with my Black Box G1W <--- this link seems to always sell legit units. I got mine Here <--- a decent number of people get fakes on here.

It's incredibly cheap. It takes microSD, up to 32GB. You can choose different resolutions, but even at the highest, it takes a while before the first video gets deleted.

And that is correct, it records in increments of a few minutes (I set mine to 3) and when it fills up, it just deletes the oldest video first, and will continue to do so.

Video quality is great in daytime, and ok at night. It will pick up a license plate that your headlights shine on, anyway. I wouldn't expect much better unless you get a very expensive dashcam though.

It is powered via USB. I went ahead and purchased this to facilitate all my cellphone charging and dashcam needs.

I've been using it for half-a-year now. I've taken it home and had fun watching some random drives I've done. It can pick up sound, but if you are like me, and have your windows down a lot, I will tell you, you will mostly just hear wind/static or your music sounding way louder than everything else.

Might be worth leaving on if someone shouts at you from another car, but for the most part, not great audio pickup.

The quality control seems low, as you can see people get DOA units. But the price is so low. The next best thing is $200. You could buy three, and still have saved money. I've had no issues with mine yet, and the added comfort I get from knowing what is happening around me is being documented is entirely worth the price. I'm even thinking of setting one up for the back window too.

I hope this advice helps someone. If you have any questions, I'll try to answer them.

u/wicket20519 · 8 pointsr/Roadcam

I currently use a Spy Tec A118 ( that looks pretty good during the day but the nighttime quality is not that great. When I have the funds I'll be upgrading to the Street Guardian SG9965GC ( as it's the same exact form factor as the A118 but has much better internals, which in turns results in better nighttime footage.

Here's a great detailed report of the SG9965GC: One of my friends just installed this dashcam and it's definitely worth the upgrade.

u/NB_FF · 5 pointsr/Roadcam

I'm a personal fan of the Vico-Marcus 3, but I've heard good things about the A119, and the G1W (or the G1WC)

Get something in your price range, and make sure it has the features you want. Do you want GPS? Ultra-high-res/FPS? Amazing night-time sensors? Automatic crash detection with saving?

Take a look at for more info about pretty much any dashcam you want.

u/meva12 · -19 pointsr/Roadcam

So I get that the ditch is owned by the city , but please buy a $20 reflectors .. like I know it is entertaining, but I feel like you belong in the imatotalpieceofshit community. reflectors

u/Ruxinator · 3 pointsr/Roadcam

It is one of the best purchases I've made. Here is the camera I bought:

Full 1080p HD video recorded to a MicroSD. I mounted mine with a suction cup mount to the right of my rear view mirror, and used a bicycle tire lever (can also use a flat head screw driver with electrical tape over the end) to hide the wire in my headliner, down the A-pillar, and into my fuse box so that it comes on and off automatically when I start my truck. This is an advanced method, as most people just use the supplied adapter that plugs into your cigarette lighter.

There are tons of resources online that can answer any question you have better than I possibly could. DashCamTalk and DashCamStore are both awesome resources.

u/CoolHandLukeZ · 1 pointr/Roadcam

If you want another option that is cheaper than what the other person can check out the Auckey. I just installed it on my daily commuter a couple weeks ago, but I already think it runs better than the A119 I have on my truck. I am sure that BlackVue is much better though.

u/Bananapepper89 · 5 pointsr/Roadcam

Spy Tec A119 is what I use. Had it about 6 months now and really like it. Daytime quality is excellent, night time I would say is a little above average, and I love how discreet it is.

u/tbonetaylor · 5 pointsr/Roadcam

Edit: Amazon says it’s unavailable but there is a newer model I believe.

I’ve had a few different cams, but this one is by far the best. Also records the rear camera as well.

NEXGADGET Dash Cam, 5.0" 170° Wide Angle Full HD 1080P Dual Car Camera Video Recorder for Vehicles Front and Rear Mirror DVR with Parking Mode G Sesor

u/_Keo_ · 3 pointsr/Roadcam

Viofo A119s. It says at the bottom of the video ;)

I got this particular version as I think it has a Sony sensor which is better at night. It's done pretty well so far but the detail drops of pretty quick. You can only read plates up to about 2 car lengths. Still damn good for $100.

u/iammandalore · 3 pointsr/Roadcam

Copying my response from elsewhere. This one:
$76, front cam and screen are built into a mirror that attaches over your existing one. Not the highest quality camera out there, for instance the rear cam is only VGA resolution, but for the price it's pretty good. Small internal battery allows it to have a parking mode, where if it senses a shock it starts recording for a minute or so. I think it's worth the price, myself.

Edit: Review and photos with setup details

u/eraider · 1 pointr/Roadcam

I've been using this and it's been great so far. 1080p and fairly cheap considering your budget. Probably a good idea to tack on a 32GB memory card also. Should still come under $70.

u/-__-_--__--_-__- · 1 pointr/Roadcam

It's the Viofo A119. Really good bargain for what its capable of

u/Why_Is_This_NSFW · 1 pointr/Roadcam

How do you provide power to it? Do you just run a USB and slam it in the door or is it self powered? If you're looking into a dashcam I gotta recommend the A119. Relatively cheap nowadays and records 60FPS video with a plum. Most people suggest a high endurance card to go with it, but when I got my A119 my local microcenter didn't have one so I ended up using a 64GB Samsung Evo and it's been fucking perfect. If you have any questions head on over to /r/dashcam or you can just ask me.

u/TacticalBeast · 3 pointsr/Roadcam

Might I suggest this bike horn
I just bought one a couple weeks ago and it has already saved me multiple times. Super loud and makes people jam on their brakes.

u/JuanTwoThree4 · 2 pointsr/Roadcam

I bought this one two weeks ago and I love it. It has a mount that sticks the the window and the camera itself can slide write off when you want to store it! Amazon Link

u/krebstar_2000 · 2 pointsr/Roadcam

Street Guardian or the best bang for the buck option A119

u/TeddyDaBear · 0 pointsr/Roadcam

You need a better potato. I bought an A119 a couple years ago and the quality is MUCH better. I saw your other reply about only spending $40 on it and remember you get what you pay for.

u/curiositie · 1 pointr/Roadcam

That cam is glorious.
It says street guardian, is it this one?

u/Compromised_Identity · 5 pointsr/Roadcam

Rexing V1 Car Dash Cam 2.4" LCD FHD 1080p 170 Degree Wide Angle Dashboard Camera Recorder with Sony Exmor Video Sensor, G-Sensor, WDR, Loop Recording

Have 2 of them, have been very happy so far.

u/NashvilleDashcam · 6 pointsr/Roadcam

This is the one I use. There are plenty of cheaper ones out there but I decided to go with this one because of:

  • Quality (night vision isn't the best, see some of my night time videos)
  • Price
  • Loop recording
  • Auto-on

    If I buy another for my other vehicle then I'll probably spend a little more for something with better night quality.
u/Saiyurika · 1 pointr/Roadcam

I have this one, I've seen videos posted form it that look pretty good

Used to have G1WH, it was total crap. try to get capacitor based one if you live in hot climate, batteries are the the first thing to go.

u/chriskmee · 1 pointr/Roadcam

This is the camera I am using. I actually bought it in person from Jon, who is the USA distributor of Street Guardian cameras (he lives in Carson city).

I used to have the Mini 0803, then the 0805, and now this. The mini 0805 wasn't a bad camera, it just had reliability issues and would randomly stop recording. I wanted something better, and the Street Guardian came highly recommended.

Since we have the same car, I can tell you more detail about where I ran the wires and where I mounted the camera, just send me a PM.

u/Travels4Work · 1 pointr/Roadcam

In addition to /r/dashcam you can check out It sounds like you want an out-of-the-way install, like an A118C next to or behind your rear view mirror. Add to that a hardwire kit with low voltage cut-off to prevent draining the battery if you park for a few days. The power cable will tuck behind the headliner and pillar and go to the fuse box. You'd need to know how to install that or have someone do it for you.

u/CurtleTock · 2 pointsr/Roadcam

I think OP has the same camera as I do.

I read around this subreddit before buying a dashcam, and this was considered to be the best cheap entry level dashcam. So far it's working well for me, but I did read some reviews saying it got hot and melted in hotter climates.

u/Redraider1994 · 3 pointsr/Roadcam

It looks like a Spytech A119 dashcam. I looked at the number on the bottom right. Video records at 1440p.

u/er0k · 1 pointr/Roadcam

Check out this book if you are interested

u/soyov · 3 pointsr/Roadcam

Most cameras have a small display screen, well at least mine does. Your able to replay back video, save videos as your driving by pressing a button, also take pictures with it if your involved in a accident. Just pop it off and it has a battery to do as you need for your records. I got mine off amazon for like 100$ and it has recorded bad drivers which none have hot me yet.

Link: Rexing V1 Car Dash Cam 2.4" LCD FHD 1080p 170 Degree Wide Angle Dashboard Camera Recorder with Sony Exmor Video Sensor, G-Sensor, WDR, Loop Recording

u/tinselsnips · 3 pointsr/Roadcam

I left my A118 plugged in for ten days in January in Canada while I was on vacation - car started fine when I got back.

u/nsgiad · 2 pointsr/Roadcam

The seller seems legit and it's fulfilled by amazon.

Is there a quick way to see if it's a fake or not? I thought all these cameras were from china to begin with?

u/enigmamonkey · 5 pointsr/Roadcam

Specifically this one (that page only shows the one camera and the amazon link doesn't work for me):

u/Lukeyy19 · 2 pointsr/Roadcam

I have this one - and it seems to perform very well, I can't compare it to the F770 though as I haven't used it, but you can see some footage from the linked one from other buyers and judge the quality for yourself.

u/Reapter · 8 pointsr/Roadcam

It was like a 10-15$ one when I originally bought it. It's this one.

The lens protector was removed and the quality was slightly better when I first got it. It seems to have degraded a bit from when I first got it due to the sun, although, the quality wasn't to amazing to begin with.

u/raiderxx · 6 pointsr/Roadcam

This is my video. Glad to hear about this sub, didn't know it existed! For anyone interested, I am recording on a Rexing V1 driving in Pennsylvania. The driver's brakes were fine, he just wasn't paying attention. I was lucky enough to be checking my rearview at the right time. I didn't move further into the right lane because I was thinking that there may be someone there. Thinking back, I probably should have just hauled ass into the right lane anyways vs risk the semi driver not being that far over to the left and catching me between him and the dumb truck in front of me. My Corolla would not have fared well.

u/sanguinesquirrel · 1 pointr/Roadcam

I agree, it is getting crazy.

as for the camera, it is a Rexing

u/numberthreepencil · 2 pointsr/Roadcam

Been using this one for over three years with no issues

Black Box G1W Original Dashboard Dash Cam - Full HD 1080P

u/Shappie · 1 pointr/Roadcam

Get one with super-capacitors, they can withstand much higher temperatures than ones without.

This is the one I'm planning on getting once I can afford it.

u/ddeluca93 · 2 pointsr/Roadcam

I've been using [this one] ( without issues since September. It is really cheap and isn't spectacular, but it gets the job done.

u/scrubadub · 30 pointsr/Roadcam

An 'airzound' the button / horn mounts on your handlebars and you can pump it back up with a bike pump

u/alterbyme · 13 pointsr/Roadcam

It's the Anker Roav A1 Dashcam that I had replace my old Mobius action camera due to a sun-damaged lens.

u/No_Chest_Hair · 2 pointsr/Roadcam

I’ve had this one for about 9 months.

u/tommyTONG · 1 pointr/Roadcam

Husk at køb et memory card (det skal være High Endurance, ellers ødelægger du SD-kortet pga. kontinuerlig skrivning). Jeg købte det her: SanDisk High Endurance 64 GB

u/ContextOfAbuse · 1 pointr/Roadcam

> I've considering making an LED sign on a wood board to put up in my window...

It's 2016, go high tech.

u/AVeryHeavyBurtation · 2 pointsr/Roadcam

When I was a kid I always imagined my car would have LED marques front and back.

EDIT: turns out they exist

u/Itkovan · 1 pointr/Roadcam

I believe the G1Ws give out because they use batteries for very short term power and the batteries can't stand the high heat. There is a capacitor edition but I upgraded to an A119.

u/striker1211 · 1 pointr/Roadcam

I had one of the cheap $12 640x480 ones that were labels 720P (like this ) that lasted me over 2 years. My friend bought the same camera from a different seller and it lasted him 45 days. I gave him my old one and upgraded mine. Chinese cameras are a crap shoot but if yours has been working that long it will probably continue to work.

u/whatsaphoto · 37 pointsr/Roadcam

Aukey duel dash cam. It was the highest quality duel cam set up that also shot 1080p30 that I found at the time of purchase earlier this year. It has insanely high quality low-light capabilities and was a wicked easy set up. Highly suggest it.

u/kempff · 6 pointsr/Roadcam

Yep, I do the same thing.

Most people don't understand that tailgating is what causes waves of stop-and-go traffic.

More info:

And I am dismayed that so many people don't understand this concept:

u/hometowngypsy · 25 pointsr/Roadcam


We have those. My neighbor keeps them in bulk in his garage. They're hard to see in the video because they face the road, but they regularly get broken by incidents like this.

u/rossitron · 4 pointsr/Roadcam

Horn + Battery + Switch = Horn on Bike

Hell, you could fit all that into cargo pants and be a pedestrian honking at cars.

Or on kickstarter.

u/bstock · 8 pointsr/Roadcam

Erm... no, they're not?


High Endurance

Formatting will help identify and block bad cells from being used, but the fact is that high endurance cards are made to endure more write cycles than a standard card, which a dashcam does constantly.

u/itsref · 1 pointr/Roadcam

VIOFO A119S V2 Stock headlight on a 2002 civic. Would of been a bad day if I hit it!

u/backstab · 1 pointr/Roadcam

2.5-inch HD Car LED IR Vehicle DVR Road Dash Video Camera Recorder Traffic Dashboard Camcorder Only costs ~20 bucks, minus the SD card. only problem is that I can't get the loop feature to work, so I have to format every so often. Others have it working though :\

u/FlyingPhotog · 3 pointsr/Roadcam

If you read the book "Traffic," it specifically says that vigilantism like what the Civic attempted just breeds contempt in the eyes of bad drivers, and doesn't actually serve as any sort of corrective measure. The truck may not have thought he did anything wrong, despite the Civic.

u/SoFlaKicks · 1171 pointsr/Roadcam

Cross-posting from r/idiotsincars.

The driver of the white car had his friend come to the scene of the accident and give a false report to the police officer, making himself a “witness to the accident“. The cop interviewed both of them first and then came to me, I told him that I had dash cam video but he wanted me to explain what happened first. I did and the officer looked very confused and asked to see the video. Apparently, the driver who hit me and his made up a wild story about me driving erratically and weaving in and out of lanes, ultimately ramming into his car. The officer was very close to criminally charging the “witness“ for providing false testimony to a police officer. Needless to say, the driver of the white car was cited for the accident and I was not. The officer did say that the DashCam video saved me from being at fault as he would have had to rely on the driver and “witness“ account of the accident which was wildly different from what actually happened.

Because people were asking in the other sub, I’m using the Roav DashCam A1, by Anker

Edit: Song is Invincible by Aminé