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u/TheSlothhh · 1 pointr/RocketLeagueExchange

[H] Crates, or Heatwave or a Choice of 2Painted Exotics [W] £25 Xbox Live Gift Card Only.

I have 25CC4 and 5PCC Crates.
Taking each CC4 at $0.9 and each PCC at $2.5, this is $35 worth of crates I believe. Converting this to GBP this is £28.04, but I need the £25Gift Card.

If you don't want those crates, I could trade 50CC3 for the gift card. Taking each CC3 at $0.7, this is $35 worth of crates I believe. Converting this to GBP this is £28.04, but I need the £25Gift Card.

The 3 Painted Exotics I have are Sky Blue Discos, Purple Discos or Orange Zombas. You can pick 2 of these for a £25Gift Card. If you are only interested in one of these, I could add 25CC3 to one of these wheels.

If you don't want the crates or the Painted Exotics, I could trade you a heatwave for the £25 Gift Card.

If you are not from the UK, you can still buy this code online and get the code emailed to you.

I would prefer the buyer going first as I have decent rep, but we could always use a Reddit middleman. If you are willing to go first, I will throw in a ZSR to cover the tip that I would pay the Middleman.

My Rep:

Link to buy the Gift Card UK:

Gamertag:Luukee xD

u/unitedicecreampizza · 1 pointr/RocketLeagueExchange


Hellfire - $25
Fireworks - $15

Both - $36 with amazon Xbox gift card

I accept both PayPal f&f and Xbox gift cards and right now amazon has 10% off the gift cards so your price can be $36 if you buy this gift card for both:

We will either use a Reddit mm or buyer goes first I do have pc rep upon request.

u/INEEDZHAHLP · 2 pointsr/RocketLeagueExchange

Yep, it's this one, had it for at least a year now and no problem, I love it. I'd say the only downside is that you cant have a remote for it, so you've gotta switch the input and do volume and setting with buttons on the side. If you wanna ask me anything about it feel free to PM me :)

u/WrK_OG_PRIEST · 1 pointr/RocketLeagueExchange

you'd be going first either way since i'm a MM lol but you still have the capability to get your money back via paypal which is why i'd rather not take the risk based off your account.

for an amazon code, you can just go to the below link and enter the amount you want the code for. you'd be paying with a debit/credit card tho, not paypal...only do it if you want to tho

u/Artiih · 1 pointr/RocketLeagueExchange

It's 2 bucks on Amazon. =)

Let me know if you want to make the deal!

u/x3000gtx · 1 pointr/RocketLeagueExchange

Buy a $35 e-gift card from here and send it to your email address so you have the code. Then you can give me the code in private message or on PSN and complete the trade. I'm available now if you want to do it.

u/Chippy569 · 1 pointr/RocketLeagueExchange

Also Hot Wheels has blue and orange octanes, I found a blue one at Target a couple weeks ago. They're nice

u/SupermaniaXD · 1 pointr/RocketLeagueExchange

I use to be active a lot, but I got busy with school and hobbies. I'm trying to sell my keys, I don't plan on leaving Rocket League, just trying to get a new tennis racket. I prefer an official Reddit middle man for our trade, I will not accept PM offers unless you reply to my comment. I'm doing Friends and Family only!

[H] 30 Keys [W] $.80 each

I also have a shit ton of crates that I could add if you want some.

The racket I'm saving up for:

u/NeuralDecay · 1 pointr/RocketLeagueExchange

360 controllers have an adpater from Microsoft that would allow for wireless (not sold by MS/Amazon/Newegg anymore, only really sold by sketchy ebay sellers). All Xbox One controllers can use this adapter. If you have Xbox One S controllers they are compatible with Bluetooth adapters.

Although the portability argument still kills the TV usage, unless you routed a really long hdmi cable through the wall which doesn't seem worth it tbh.