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u/dd543212345 · 1 pointr/Ruckus

First and foremost no chain is cut proof nor is any lock un-pickable. With that being said what you're really shooting for is simply deterrence. Consider where you'll be parking it a majority of the time, and any place you consider to travel to. Ideally, at any location you'd have a secure anchor point. Any such place that'll allow you to loop a chain around or through will work.

When I have it parked outside during the day I use this particular chain to secure it around a fire escape. I use the smaller version to travel with if I know I have a small enough anchor point at my destination. As others have said I'll occasionally simply wrap it through my rear tire in a pinch but it's really a horrible idea. Two people can easily throw it right in the back of a truck if you've "locked" it up this way.

I like those "cinch" type chains as you get a lot more usable length out of them. I've drilled a ~2.xx" hole in my rear plastic and installed a grommet to pass the chain through, locking my frame. (See SpoonKiller's post here to see it in detail.)

As far as locks go there's a million options to choose from. I'm not really that well versed on them so I don't think I'm the best resource. I'd simply look for a lock with a shielded and hardened shackle and some common security features implemented in the core. Here's a great article on the subject. Take a look at #4 on page 4 where it discusses different pins and their effects on pick attempts if you want greater detail.

I've heard multiple people speak to the effectiveness of the stock steering column lock so I always lock that as well. I also used a cover when I had it parked outside which is another low-cost/effective deterrent.

u/rmagnum55 · 3 pointsr/Ruckus

Based off of The Ruck Shop and many people who I have talked to about builds have all recommended the NCY gas tank cover


TRS I recommend this one as TRS is super supportive and will make sure that your build go the way you want

u/Grape_Ape_Sex_Tape · 2 pointsr/Ruckus

For the battery I got one of these and I'm really happy with it so far:

It's pretty clean and simple to add the acid, so as long as handling that doesn't spook you, you're getting a brand new battery that's guaranteed not to have been dying on a shelf for months before it ever gets installed.

u/Cuda14 · 2 pointsr/Ruckus

Since you stretched, get a nice shock to support the new extra. The Forsa shock is nice and fits the stock airbox.


Do you have rough roads, go off road? Get some Boppers for the road if you're not doing those things. Then a gas tank cover! (130 or 120, some do 120 in front. I run 120 on both.


Looks good! I like the smaller stretches, as a no-stretcher currently.

u/TheGoingVertical · 1 pointr/Ruckus

Get these Battery Tender 081-0069-6 Ring Terminal Harness with Black Fused 2-Pin Quick Disconnect Plug

Battery Tender 021-0123 Battery Tender Junior 12V, 0.75A Battery Charger will charge and maintain your battery so that it is ready to go when you are! It's lightweight, fully automatic and easy to use

They also sell them as a package at most battery stores. I can't tell by the description if the tender includes the adapter as well.

Every time you get home plug it in and leave it plugged in.

u/Mikebyrneyadigg · 2 pointsr/Ruckus

Thanks! It's just your run of the mill cable wrap. I think I got it off Amazon, better looking than the electrical tape the stock harness has.

u/Drathanas · 2 pointsr/Ruckus

I used rustoeleum spray paint. Sanded the body down first and then applied 3 coats. The black looks great. I also used a glossy red which hasn't held up nearly as well. PM me for a picture.

u/Omanjarrez · 1 pointr/Ruckus

It's this

And it's pretty loud. But yeah after I added the trickle charger cables I must of not tightened the bolt well enough and it came loose. I got a slightly longer bolt and now it all works fine now.

What a rookie mistake to make.

u/BoyGotBlues · 1 pointr/Ruckus

Yeah! I have the password JDM pegs on but, I use the floorboard too often to take it off.

u/gilzow · 1 pointr/Ruckus

The NCY CDI is a like a new computer brain for your Ruckus and removes the stock rev limiter. Allows you to push the rpms past the factory limitation. I don't know much about it other than that. I'll let others with more experience chime in. They're ~$100. I'd ask if he still has the OEM.

Trickle charger just keeps your battery charged when not in use. If you don't use the ruckus daily, your battery can deplete and then won't start with the electronic ignition (same thing happens to riding lawn mowers). A battery tender costs ~$25.

looks like always removed the front plastic and installed some pegs.

mileage seems about right for the age. Price seems high to me but it's heavily dependent on your market.

u/triggerhappytranny · 2 pointsr/Ruckus

If your going to switch your speedo get one with a tachometer too. this is the one I would go with.

u/Santa_Killer75 · 3 pointsr/Ruckus

Used for sure. Plan to spend 1800-2000. I got my 2017 for 1800. I wouldn't go older that 2006. And here, buy this 💯 Wsdcam 113dB Wireless Anti-Theft Vibration Motorcycle Bicycle Alarm Waterproof Security Cycling Bike Alarm with Remote

u/computeroperator · 2 pointsr/Ruckus

I'm not sure about the mod but I've heard that these little batteries don't like sitting for a few weeks/months. I'd swap it out with a new one and then put it on a battery tender if you are going to not ride it for an extended period of time.

u/Dusters17 · 1 pointr/Ruckus

Trail Tech 72-A00 Silver Digital Tach/Hour Meter

This is the one I bought off of Amazon for like $20, but it's no longer available. Just search trough the similar items and you should find one. Mine simply wraps the wire around the spark plug wire, and doesn't require batteries. The only con is that it doesn't have a backlight, making it difficult to see in the dark.

u/Chojiki · 7 pointsr/Ruckus

> Is this necessary?

Not really.

> Are you supposed to replace the springs too?

The spring isn't associated with changing the Variator. It's for the clutch.

The variator is connected to the driveshaft on the engine and the clutch is connected to the final gear which is connected to the rear wheel. The belt goes between these two and is what transfers power between them.

As the variator spins, weights inside it force a plate in or out and this in turn pulls the belt higher or lower on the variator.

The belt in turn pulls the plate on the clutch in or out depending on how high it is riding on the variator.

If the belt is high on the variator it is low on the clutch, and the opposite if the belt is low on the variator it is high on the clutch.

The ratio between the diameter of each part where the belt is riding is basically the gear the Ruckus is in.

How the spring plays into this is: as the variator spins the weights are thrown outwards due to centripetal motion but without some assistance there's no way for them to return to their base setting other than gravity. This is where the clutch spring comes in. The spring provides a constant force pushing the belt on the clutch to it's widest point on it. This in turn pushes the belt on the variator to it's narrowest point there. This helps reset the weights inside the variator.

Just like it's a pain in the ass to try and drive in 3rd gear from a dead stop it'd be much the same without the torque spring. The Ruck would constantly be in a much higher gear than needed.

Heavier Torque Springs reset the gear ratio much quicker than normal but also slow down how quickly the gear changes.

Lighter Torque Springs take longer to reset (relatively) but go through gear shifts much quicker.

On a normal Ruck, the standard spring is good enough for most applications.

For heavier riders who need lighter weights to get better RPM's, a heavier spring will help delay how quickly those weights will variate.

A lighter spring will also give a better take off response because the majority of the power produced will be available much quicker.

All in all, Torque Springs are not something that's necessary for someone who's doing the standard upgrades. They're more for people who have fine tuned their Ruck and want to narrow down their performance even further.

If anything look into getting a set of 16x13 Variator Weights so you can tune your Ruck to your individual weight.

The Polini Variator I believe comes with 2 sets of weights (5.6 g and 6.8 g) Which allows you to tune at 5.6 g, 6.2 g, and 6.8 g. That's not a lot to work with.

The set above will work from 3.5 g all the way to 13.5 g.

u/DirtieHarry · 3 pointsr/Ruckus

No need. I just popped this on in 15 minutes last night:

Edit: u/Sylux120 check this out! (There is also under-seat storage boxes: Click Here)