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u/Kam13lle · 4 pointsr/SALEM

It's actually pretty laid back, especially when starting a new campaign and creating characters. Everyone helps each other.

You should lurk over on /r/DnD. They have a wiki with resources. You need access to some form of the basic rules or even better, a Players Handbook.

If you are able to get a copy of the Players Handbooks (PDF versions exist), start reading it! It explains the various races, classes, weapons, tools, etc. It will walk you through making a character. Also, I highly recommend the app Fifth Edition Character Sheet because it lets you plug in what you want and does a lot of the hard work for you.

Of course, to begin you are going to need a set of pretty dice, like these. Picking out dice is fun! They should feel special to you- there is a lot of superstition about your personal dice and luck :)

By the way, I am not affiliated with Borderlands even though my name is Kamielle (it's got a 'K' not a 'C'), but they have all the books and lots of dice and stuff for DnD. I am sure someone there, an employee or a patron, would be excited to talk to you about it.

Answer: One person runs the campaign, the dungeon master (DM). DMing is doing that. They often create the campaign themselves and play the monsters that the group fights.

u/AmericanAssKicker · 2 pointsr/SALEM

Not speaking for OP here but I agree with u/Beccachew 100%, at least with smart dogs. Smarter dogs eventually learn to be shits if they are not being handed a treat all the time. Not all of them but certainly the majority of them. Every shitty smart dog I have ever known has one or two things: shitty owners or good owners who still use treats for everything.

We started both of our dogs (Aussie and Aussie-doodle) on treats as pups but quickly replaced treats for praise. It took, on average, just 10-15 minutes to teach our dogs a new trick - all without treats, just praise. We never had to have them on leashes, ever. They never ran off no matter where we were. They never chewed anything. When it came time for us to eat, they automatically moved themselves to the kitchen. They never begged, not even with strangers. They stayed by our sides with us when we went hiking. When at a new place, we'd walk them around and tell them 'limit' and they never crossed the line. They only ever barked if someone new was at the door or on the property - or the occasional cow and deer at our current place. Best dogs ever... Fuck I miss them.

There is a fantastic book out there that I would consider a must for all dog owners, (u/Beccachew), it's called The Art of Raising a Puppy written by The Monks of New Skete. If you've ever watched Cesar, you'll come to realize that all he is doing is putting to practice what the Monks of New Skete taught him... (EDIT: They also elaborate more on why treats and training are a step, not a lifetime thing.)

u/1The_Mighty_Thor · 2 pointsr/SALEM

This under armour hoodies repel water pretty well in light to average rainy days. (basically not standing in the rain for 30 minutes). I've had a few for 2 years now and love them. Anytime they get wet I can just brush it off with my hands and it's all good. Even when I get caught in a heavy downpour I can just go inside, shake the hoodie out and it will be wearable again.

u/accio_boobz · 2 pointsr/SALEM

I have this book, that has led my dog and I to some pretty great spots. Last places we explored were Tamanawas Falls and Tom Dick and Harry Peak, both near Mt Hood, about a 2 hour drive from Salem.

u/duncanbeevers · 1 pointr/SALEM

OMSI viewing party is way way sold out. I'm sure there's going to be all kinds of stuff for sale around then, but those looking to turn a quick buck might order some eclipse-viewing glasses now, and run around selling them in August. I got a cheap 10 pack of these for me and my buddies.

u/GraytoGreen · 4 pointsr/SALEM

starters ain’t too bad. could be something as easy as having a dead battery. cranking amps are a thing. take the battery out and take it to a auto shop to get load tested. that’s a decent starting place

Edit - or better yet buy a battery tender and give it a charge. If it sounds like its trying to turn over or at least "clicks" then you need a new battery.