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u/Unfortunate_Dildo · 3 pointsr/SCP

Some links to the mentioned mangas for those interested. Please actually support Junji Ito if you can, but I haven't found all of these translated and for sale:

Splatter Film (Honey)

Uzumaki (Spiral) Or Buy it

Do you mean Red String?

Hanging Balloons

The Coldness / The Chill

Hellstar Remina

While not all inclusive, here is a great index to read fan-translated works.


Yeah so I got most of the stuff off amazon, including

WOLFBUSH Tactics Vest Phantom...

2pcs Foundation Special...

TClian Skull Mask Balaclava Ghost...

ATAIRSOFT PJ Type Tactical...

LIVIQILY Helmet Accessory...
(This is just the attachment. Not the monocular)

The rest is just
White paint
Black jacket
Black pants
Black socks

Other thing that aren’t in the pic include

FREE SOLDIER Men's Tactical Boots...

Also I couldn’t find the link for the gloves

u/veritropism · 1 pointr/SCP

If this is a general SCP-like media referral thread, the "Lost Room" Miniseries from 2006 was pretty amazing and the room felt like a complex SCP.

u/pieisablessing2me · 1 pointr/SCP

Oh yes. It takes the events and history of Plum Island, and narrates them to you extremely well. The book reads like a thriller. I can't speak for the complete accuracy, and I hear that its a sensationalized, conspiracy-theorist's wet dream, but it was still a fun read.

Amazon link.

u/Rich700000000000 · 3 pointsr/SCP

I was waiting for this thread.

Ok, so, you're all going to hate it, but this:

I read it as a little kid, and it always stuck in my mind as being really good. I finally realized why a few months ago: it's pretty much a Nickelodeon-ized version of the Foundation, to the point of being a rip-off:

  • MTF Teams? Check
  • advanced tech? Check
  • "We must protect mankind"? Check
  • Human cost acknowledged? Check
  • Makes governments their bitch? Check
  • Hundreds of different types of anomalies around the world? Check
  • Fake front corporations? Check
  • Global locations & bases & bunkers? Check

    It's kinda silly, but still really, really, good.

🅰️ AMAZON Wenger 16999 Swiss Army Knife Giant by Wenger

> 87 implements
141 functions

^([ )[^PM]( "send a private message to this person")^( | )[^FAQ]( "questions that I frequently ask")^( | society , community , progress | v0.30 ])

u/galletto3 · 4 pointsr/SCP

A few things come to mind in addition to what others have said.

Change the belt to a darker one ( i cant tell if your pants are navy or black though).

Maybe a prop of some kind or a gun holster on your hip like a guard would have.

Also grab one of these for your ID card

And this for your ear.

If I see you at NYCC I will def shake your hand

u/N8theSCP · 3 pointsr/SCP

They already have something similar to that. It's called the scp foundation handbook. Got a bunch of scps a few tales. Thinking about getting it for myself for Christmas as soon as I'm not broke as hell.

u/Mughi · 1 pointr/SCP

It's the first SCP to have [its own line of action figures and a PSX game!] (

u/THE_reverbdeluxe · 2 pointsr/SCP

Not exactly the same thing, but Horrorstor fits the "spooky Ikea" criteria.

u/buttputt · 2 pointsr/SCP

Classic Tom Scott.

Anyway, according to the description this is based on a couple novels: Everyone in Silico and Postsingular

u/PootLife · 1 pointr/SCP

If you enjoyed this, you should read the book Seed by Ania Ahlborn. It's a quick read, but it's really enjoyable. Terrifying and touching.

u/MEKHANE_irl · 11 pointsr/SCP

Here is the one I use. The proper name of these long-beaked masks is a zanni mask from Commedia dell'arte, making it a little more difficult to find than the shorter plague doctor masks.

Note that the mask is traditionally only a half mask. For my cosplay version, I took a wide isosceles triangle of black cotton and stapled it around the lower edge to hide the rest of my face, though glue might work as well. Another wide strip of the same material pasted around the top edge should cover your forehead too if you need it.

u/jack2kia · 3 pointsr/SCP

Ayy, a list:

Chest Rig:



The rest is small little bits that I won't remeber, over all custom made patches and a rubber m9 Bayonet, I was running a 1911 pistol with a black holster, knee pads and elbow pads. I'll be running a full Sig 552 when i get it. Also just plan work boots, i allsssooo had a m50 gas mask hooked up to a dump bag on my side.

but those linked are just the basics you need.

u/Skullkan6 · 15 pointsr/SCP

I've been tracking on this one for a while now whenever it shows up on /r/SCP to deliver some things you may not know about SCP-993.

  • The first and most often stated being that it's very similar to a very good, cherished Creepypasta, Candle Cove. This one is the most often shouted out with bitterness as some feel it ripped off such a well executed story as Candle Cove.

  • The second is something I dug up just this past year and I believe said it about once here in a post on /r/SCP, which is that I feel I may have been the more prominent inspiration and close to Bobble itself, which is the 1998 book by John Christopher, When The Tripods Came. The book is a surprisingly smart prequel to The Tripods series by the author by the same name, something that I didn't know when I first discovered it. (My Copy had this cover) The concept is a lot closer to Bobble itself and a lot more intelligent than one would usually think a book intended for teens and children to be.

    Personally Written Plot Summary: "The initial Tripod attack consists of two Tripods being sent down to earth, both of which are almost laughably easily defeated as they are taken down by simple tanks and artillery. If I recall, a year later after most of the extraterrestrial attack has been forgotten about, a mysterious TV signal appears with a new strange animated program called "The Trippy Show." This show the main character and his family soon discovers albeit not soon enough that the show is a subtle brainwashing broadcast sent out by the tripods to brainwash the residents or in this case children of earth into worshiping them. Blocking of the signal is attempted but merely stalls the approaching uprising, at one time a child stabbing his parents to death overseas (America this time, the main characters being in England if I remember correctly.) after they try to take her away from the show, something mirrored by the main character's little sister becoming extremely upset when he forgets to tape an episode. The family flies to Switzerland which in and of itself is starting to become overrun with both "Trippies" and people fleeing their countries alike. But obviously, this doesn't last for long and the family is forced into the wilderness, surviving off what they can find. Here the book ends as the fate of humanity seems extremely bleak.