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u/ZiplockedHead · 3 pointsr/SFV

if this if what you bought you should know it's an amazing board game (one of the best ever IMO) and I'd love to teach you guys how to play. But to be fair it take a bit to understand, takes long to play (3-5 hours) and really becomes fun when you have 4+ people playing.

So while it's amazing it has a few requirements to be able to fully enjoy.

u/betamaleorderbride · 2 pointsr/SFV

I bought this guy from amazon a few years ago and I liked it so much I used to look for vacant homes in my neighborhood to mow. It was so easy to use and you literally cannot find a more eco-friendly option. Old school push mower with modern technology, can't beat it.

u/agent-99 · 1 pointr/SFV

the sawyer with picardin one did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING for us, even though we really thoroughly slathered it on!
skin-so-soft with picardin, however, DOES work!

u/FawmahRhoDyelindah · 6 pointsr/SFV

I just checked and it's still up for me. Try going to "Prime Video" and searching for it there, or try this link: