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u/Cubones_Momma · 2 pointsr/SKY3DS

I searched and searched for card type issues and am honestly at a loss.

I'm using a sky3ds+ (With newest firmware) with a 64 gb microsd and formatted it to Fat32) and am on the New 3DS XL also. I do not have these problems at all.

I honestly am suspicious of the formatter program you might have used and the download quality of your roms, but if none of the programs give you good results and all the roms end up with this problem then you have 3 possible issues.

  • Your Micro SD card is one of the brands/versions that just do not work well with sky3ds+

  • You have a defective sky3ds+

  • A combination of both.

    I your cheapest check would be to get a new micro sd card to try out. I suggest you get a class 10 card from a reputable brand. Searching myself I found a nice Samsung 32 gb Class 10 card for about $7 in the Amazon Warehouse Deals.

    If you get this card, or any other new card to try and you are still seeing this issue then I would reach out to your sky3ds+ re-seller and ask for a new one/see what they can do for you. If they can't do anything for you then you may have to keep messing with the settings on the sky3ds+. I mean, you got one game to load and save so there is still some hope.
u/ZBuster · 1 pointr/SKY3DS

Thanks man. Would this be the best type of SD card?

I keep reading it's better to get 16/32 G version of this because too many games makes scrolling annoying.

u/AetherPrismriv · 2 pointsr/SKY3DS

Good luck with that. You're asking someone to never play online again on a original game that they bought with money.

A powersaves costs £12. Buy one and extract your own private header. You can never be sure if someone will play the private header game again. If they do, both parties get banned.

u/-baiji- · 1 pointr/SKY3DS

Could you clarify what a "save manager" is? Is it a downloadable software, or is it a physical product like this or this?

u/astrangeone88 · 1 pointr/SKY3DS

There is an option to enter the amount into the gift card, with delivery to the email address of the receiptent.

$12 - which one would you like?

u/Telespentry · 0 pointsr/SKY3DS

get a class 10/uhs 1 card or a uhs 3 (not needed)

This is the best at only $12.

u/NotJimIrsay · 1 pointr/SKY3DS

I was in same boat as you. Bought the Sky3DS+ and a 64Gb Sandisk MicroSD.

I went back and ordered a Skydock so I could extract a private header from an original game cartridge to play online games. If you don't plan to play online games, you don't need this.