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u/cbiscut · 2 pointsr/SagaEdition

Wraith Squadron series is what I get a lot of my inspiration from. The X-Wing series as a whole is pretty fantastic and, while it OOZES the Star Wars setting, it's not so mired in Luke, Leia, and Han, so it shows a bit more of what the average group of rebels or imperials might be up to.

u/Sorcerer_Blob · 2 pointsr/SagaEdition

During the release of Solo: A Star Wars Story, there was a release of a game not-so-cleverly called "Star Wars Han Solo Card Game."

It’s essentially Sabacc and has Sabacc cards. Maybe it’s not 100% the in-universe game, but it looks like a solid stand in. At the bare minimum you get a Sabacc deck!

(Sorry for the formatting, I’m on mobile.)

u/Ok-Hold · 2 pointsr/SagaEdition

Really the only things you need to get started is the main book( Link ), dice, pencil and paper. Here is the Official Character sheet if you would rather use that.

u/BenSwolelo · 5 pointsr/SagaEdition

The sounds of Star Wars has about any sound effect you could need, and then I use Spotify for the music. I use a lot of Gustav Holst’s planets themes because they supposedly inspired John Williams.

Sounds of Star Wars:

Gustav Holst’s Mars (Clearly inspired the imperial theme):